Hot! The “Yellow Cambie” Dress


















Fabric: 3 1/4 yards of yellow quilting cotton
Pattern: Sewaholic’s Cambie dress
Year: 2012
Notions: Invisible zipper, fusible interfacing, thread.
First worn: To dinner with my friends.
Wear again: Yes!
Time to complete: I never keep track, I sew an hour here and there over multiple days.
Total cost: Approximately $35


Hello! My name is Erin and I blog over at Miss Crayola Creepy. You probably don’t know who I am because I have only participated in one challenge this year, ha! I have been busy sewing up pattern’s from Colette’s website, but when I get a free moment I like to work on side projects, like this Cambie dress.














I worked on this dress for over a month and before I even got out my sewing machine I thought the project would be doomed. Why? My pup tore apart bits of my pattern and the pattern envelope :(


















How could I ever get mad at a face like that, though? I salvaged what I could, but some pattern pieces are not a pretty sight. I didn’t have any trouble sewing up the pattern until it came to the waistband. I don’t know if I traced incorrectly due to the torn pattern, but the waistband was a good 1 inch shorter than the bodice and I didn’t have any extra fabric. Luckily when I made the bodice the same size as the waistband it all worked out. It’s a bit tight (no pasta dinners for me in this dress!), but it works.

I look forward to making this pattern again, but with a proper waistband next time! :) The pattern directions were very straightforward and any issues I had were because of me or Frankie, my dog.


Miss Crayola Creepy

In my past life I was a flapper. Today, I am not as exciting. I just like to read, sew, quilt, cook, obsess over Old Hollywood stars, and design things on the computer.


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  1. Oh I LOVE this! Great job.

  2. Extremely lovely dress!

  3. Great dress! The fabric you chose is lovely.

  4. Cute dress and the background blue really makes the color pop.

    • Thanks, Krista. I didn’t plan it with the blue, but I do like the contrast. I have been taking my pictures in front of the garage because it seems to have the best lighting at the end of the day.

  5. Yay! there you are. Superb job on the Cambie, you look fantastic in yellow. Great job!

  6. Darn pup! Glad it all finally came together. It looks really cute. I love the pattern!

  7. So cute.. Proud your salvaged the pattern..

  8. You look gorgeous! The dress is fantastic! I love the print, I hope to find it in a blue hue. Congrats on making the headliner!

  9. Very pretty dress. I love yellow shade and the print really adds to the dress. I grew up with dogs so I know the feeling. They are too cute to stay mad though-

  10. Oh my..I LOVE this dress!

  11. Love this dress! It looks adorable on you.

  12. You are weakening my resolve not to buy new patterns, especially dress patterns! I love this dress. I love your choice of fabric, too.