Hot! The “Tori’s Walk” Dress

The Facts
Fabric: Floral cotton blend $5
Pattern: Simplicity 2209
Year: 2011
Notions: 14″ zipper $2
Time to complete: 6 hours (Olympics coverage)
First worn: For pictures around the neighbourhood
Wear again? I don’t see why not
Total price: ~$7

It took me a really long time to commit to doing this dress. I don’t know why, it just did. At first I wanted to do some alt-rock outfit for the hubs but then we went through all the clothes he no longer wears because they’re not “mature” enough and decided it was a bad idea to contribute to a style he no longer likes.

So I had to come up with a new inspiration. Long story short, I started thinking about the 90s and Lilith Fair and all those lady artists and decided a nice girly floral dress à la Tori Amos’s Scarlet’s Walk album cover.

This isn’t the nicest fabric. I bought it because it was only $2 a yard and I thought I would use it to practice new patterns. I noticed one small flaw just above the selvedge when it was being cut but I didn’t say anything because I’m never one to complain about anything ever! Plus I knew I’d just cut around it very easily. Well I should have inspected the whole thing before I started cutting because there was a long flawed line in the weaving, right in the middle of my piece! Had I noticed it before I could have manoeuvred around it, but alas I only noticed it when I had the largest pieces left and couldn’t fit them in without including the flaw. So I just made sure it’d be on my back. Not that you can even see it in the pictures. But I know it’s there.

When husband saw the dress hanging up ready for the photoshoot he said, “Ooooo that’s cute! You don’t usually do anything with flowers, right?” Which, no I don’t, so points to him for noticing! And when I had it on and ready to go he said, “It’s not ‘you’, but I still like it.” So that’s good I guess!



Liz has been sewing since April 2011 but has been crafty all her life. Her full-time job is as a museum curator at a smallish institution, where her DIY skills often come in handy. Liz likes to sew while watching TV, which she uses to measure the amount of time it takes to finish.


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  1. Love your album recreation! Hopefully despite not being “you” you’ll wear it, because it is cute. But I know I’ve made a few things thinking “this will get me out of my comfort zone a little.” But then I don’t wear them. Because there’s a reason it’s call a “comfort” zone. ;)

  2. Ah ha, as soon as I saw the thumbnail photo I knew what album you had chosen.
    Spot on! The fabric looks great in the photos; like a liberty print or something.

    I’ve had that pattern for a long time, but haven’t gotten around to making it, even though the summer is wrapping up here. I guess I haven’t seen a lot of versions of it, so I was worried that it wasn’t the best pattern to make – how did you find it?

  3. Hi Liz, I like the cute you outfit. It’s really looks great on and I love the album inspiration.

  4. This is a great summer dress. It has a very flattering fit and you look very cute in it. Nice job with putting together the look- a-like album cover. I have to go have a listen.

  5. Kudos to you for trying something new : ) I love Tori Amos, we started listening to her back when records still existed in “record stores” and she wore an onion necklace. It’s a wearable muslin, if nothing else, but I think it looks great on you even if it isn’t quite “you”.

  6. Great job Liz, maybe you’ll grow to like it mix it up as you said. As Loran says kudos to you for trying something new.

    Love your Tori shot.