Hot! The “Sunshine” Slip

The Facts

Fabric: 2 metres of a fine silk/cotton blend, $3/metre
Pattern: Vogue 9350
Year: 1957
Notions: approx 1 metre of ribbon from my stash, ~$20c
Time to complete: about 2.5 hours
First worn: for these photos
Wear again? probably
Bump: 34 weeks

Total price: ~$6.20

Ok, I admit it. This slip was actually the first maternity garment I started making for myself, back for the Pantone challenge in February (or March, or whenever it was). I never got it finished for that – instead, it’s been hanging on the back of my wardrobe door ever since, letting the bias settle and waiting to be finished off.

Conveniently, it’s yellow. And so is this week’s challenge. The Sunshine Slip’s day in the sun has come. (So to speak.)

Despite it’s name, there isn’t any sunshine involved in these photos. They’re taken at night, in our kitchen (what, you mean you can’t tell it’s a kitchen?!? Where’s your imagination!!), where there isn’t even a working light. (For some reason, Steve wanted to take the photos there, and since he indulges me by taking photos all the time anyway, I felt it was only fair to indulge his choice of location.)

This fabric was a bit of a bee-atch to sew. It’s soft and floaty, and has a lot of give along the bias. Which is a downright pain when making a bias-cut wrap slip. I may have sworn under my breath a lot when doing the hem. Gah. Luckily, it’s an under garment, so no one will be looking too closely at how even the hem is, right? *sigh*

(In case you’re wondering, the pink slip underneath isn’t part of this week’s challenge. Modesty dictated I wear a slip under this slip. Just to tie it all in and make it look intentional, I accessorised with pink fake flowers. Pink and yellow – gotta love that combination!)



Kat stumbled upon The Sew Weekly at the end of 2010. Inspired by Mena's creations and dedication to sewing each week, Kat stitched along with all the weekly themes for 2011. Through The Sew Weekly and the girls who contribute to it, she deepened her passion for vintage styles and started amassing a large collection of vintage patterns. Now she needs an excuse to try using them all.


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  1. WOW…look how big babay is getting! I can’t believe it’s only 6 more weeks. The slip is great, you look very comfy for being 34 weeks pregnant : ) This is very exciting, thank you for sharing it with all of us!!

  2. I am super impressed with that blancing on one heeled foot thing. Don’t think I could have done that at 8 months. :)

  3. Just what we need this week in Wellington – a little sunshine! I think I know where you got that fabric – I’m pretty sure I picked it up and considered it, but decided I didn’t like the shade on me. I’m loving the pink and yellow though, my project is pink and yellow too :-)

  4. Well look at you! So nice to see you and in such a pretty slip. Yes, perfect for this challenge. Just wondering how comfortable it is for you to sit and sew these days? Wishing you good health and spirits over the coming weeks. I can’t wait to see pics of the babe later on.

  5. Wow, mama you look great, your beaming for sure. Awesome job.

  6. Looking great.. Sending prayers for you and baby..

  7. Your slip is gorgeous, and so are you Kat! I cant believe how close you are to giving birth! 34 weeks already!?! So exciting!

  8. lovely sleep and lovely you.. and love the tattoo as well :)

  9. Thanks everyone! :-)