Hot! The “Smile Jamaica” Yellow Dress

FabricYellow Cotton Eyelet and Banana Yellow Lining
: New Look 6910  – View A
Notions: White Satin Corded Piping, 20″ Zipper and Thread
Time to Complete: 7.5 Hours
First Worn: SOHO Neighborhood in Manhattan
Wear Again? Yes
Total Price: $22.50 – $16 for Fabric, $6.50 Notions

Eyelet Dresses are very popular this season. So I took this opportunity to add one to my closet in yellow. Thought I kick it up a notch by lining the dress with a darker yellow so the color would show through the eyelet holes and inserted satin white cording around the neckline and bottom hem to add a soft detail. I’ve used this pattern before with self drafted sleeves but NYC is feeling like a 100 degrees, so sleeveless it is.

The “Smile Jamaica” Yellow Dress – Detail 1

The “Smile Jamaica” Yellow Dress – Detail 2

The “Smile Jamaica” Yellow Dress – Detail 3

Reggae music is a household staple in our home, and always puts a smile on my face. The color yellow is making me smile as well and so the name of the dress is born! In keeping with the spirit of Jamaica colors we headed down to find red walls in SoHo as our background. With my jade color dragonfly necklace we have the colors that remind me of being in Jamaica – Red, Yellow & Green. Then we decided to walk around the neighborhood and found some other backgrounds that made very interesting compositions.

This summer is going so fast it’s hard to believe it’s August already. With all this sewing my stash and supplies seem to be growing. My husband came home with a surprise to help organize and I am completely smitten. Check out the bucket and see how handy it’s organized. He also got two battery operated clip out lights and bingo, even in low light it’s easy to find the right tool. Inside the bucket I put all my serger threads and rulers.

P.S. Congrates to Usain Volt, still the fastest Man on the Planet, SMILE JAMAICA!!



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. Gorgeous dress!!!! I simply love it!!!!

  2. I love eyelet. It looks good and you.

    • Me to, now – its my first time using this type of fabric and it was very easy to sew. There was a lot of different type of eyelet pattern fabric, it was fun to discover.

  3. Hot weather and eyelet go together like chocolate and peanut butter : ) Loving the purple accessories!!

    • Loran, you’re a women after my own heart, I love peanut butter and chocolate. I actually was the kid that wanted peanut butter and jelly sandwiches very day for school lunch. I got the purple sandals at aerosols, they are so comfy, luckily I had the purse stashed in my closet. I do like the colors combined together.

  4. Very nice! Definitely perfect for this extra hot summer. I especially like the white piping you added.

    • Thanks Jennifer, originally I was trying to find a white leather trim, I got inspired by Gina’s – She Got Game Shirt. So I used the white piping I had in my stash.

  5. Very pretty dress, Krista! I love the piping and the eyelet fabric is simply beautiful. I also like your dragonfly necklace a lot. And don’t even get me started on that cool bucket! Wow. I am seriously jealous.

    • Hi Djamila, hope your week is going well. Thank you, the dress came out great and I’m hoping to get a lot of wears before the summer is over. I have a lot of dragonflies, it’s been my thing since I was a kid. They just feel lucky to me.

      I smile every time I look at the bucket.

    • Djamila, let me know if you want me to pick up a bucket organizer. I can ship one to you if you want. Although maybe you can find a version in your country. My husband found it in Home Depoe which is a huge hardware store.

  6. SMILE JAMAICA!! I’ve been smiling at Yohan Blake all week hehe. Great dress Krista, a perfect fit for you. Love the hem detail and eyelet fabric.

    • Hi Kazz, I know yohan has ja great smile and love his humor. I’m sure there was a huge celebration all over Jamaica for the runners and for the 50 years anniversary of Jamaica independence.

  7. Lovely! That’s a beautiful shade on you, and I really like the eyelet fabric.

  8. Great fabric and color. You did a wonderful job applying the piping. It looks perfect! Just looking at you in this dress cools me down at least 10 degrees. Very flattering fit too.

    • Oh thank Barbara. I’m glad I added the piping, it was fun to play with, I thought in the beginning I would put it into the waistline but I changed the pattern that called for pleats and instead did it gathered.

  9. So cute and cool.. Love the piping.. And yellow looks great on you.

    • Thanks Judy, I tended to shy away from piping because I wasn’t to sure how to sew in. Seeing all the variations of how other sewers used it pushed me to try and now it’s another detail I love to incorporate.

  10. That is a beautiful dress and the colour really suits you. I particularly like the hem – great job!

    • Hi LIz, thanks – originally I was going to put the piping in the waistline instead of at the bottom. When I changed the waistline to gathering vs. pleating as the pattern called for, I thought the piping at the bottom would give it a nice shape.

  11. I love your charming dress, and wonderful job on the fit. I really like the finish on the hem. And Bolt was amazing!

    • Hi JeanneMarie, did you see Volt last night, just cruise through the semi-finals of the 400m. Jamaica must be going crazy, it should be an exciting race to night. I hope he does it.

      I’ve made several versions of this pattern – used it for the Made Men and the Make This Look Challenge. Each time the get to refine the fit, this time I think I finally nailed it.

  12. Oh my goodness I love this dress! And it looks so good on you! It’s like the quintessential hot summer dress! It’s not hot enough in the UK to wear one, but I might have to shamelessly copy this for my holiday in September!!

    • Hi Alexandra, please do, I drafted sleeves for this pattern and sed it for the Made Men and the Make This Look Challenge. I took a cap sleeve from another dress and just lengthen it just past my elbow,
      on the Mad Men dress I inserted the sleeve at the end after I lined the bodice. For the Make This Look Challenge I skipped the lining because I already had 2 layers of fabric. One thing I learned with SewWeekly is you can mix and match fabric pieces or just draft your own, this dress would look great with a full length sleeve with a cuff. Best of Luck and have a great holiday.

  13. I love the softness of this yellow-it’s like butta! So smooth-just like you (smooth-not buttery). I like the pops of color you added with the accessories.

  14. Thank you Gina, yes I liked the yellow paired with the eggplant color. Super comfortable dress, great for the heat wave we had in NYC, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of it in the month of August. Happy sewing.