Hot! The “She Got Game” Sweatshirt

As a Wardrobe Consultant I try not to spend too much time running around in my workout clothes. I’m not hardcore about it. I don’t stress if there is no way around it but I do make an effort. You never know who you’ll run into.

For this challenge I knew I wanted to make a sweatshirt. I was thinking maybe some more sports mesh in a bright color with a cool print underneath. Or a referee stripe with contrasting sleeves. I had no luck finding the right colors or prints so I walked around for a while looking for some new inspiration. Phillip Lim designed a raglan top with leather sleeves so I decided to make my own version using faux leather. This fabric with the tattoo print was perfect.

The pattern is pretty simple and assembly was easy so there’s not much to say there. I did have a tiny bit of trouble working with the faux leather but not much. The only thing I would change is the neckband. I would make it a little longer. You’re supposed to stretch it to make it fit being careful not to stretch the neck opening fabric. The faux leather has stretch but quickly bounces right back so the fabric looks gathered where it attaches to the sleeves. It doesn’t look bad but I know it’s there and I think I’d feel self conscious about it if I were around an experienced sewer. It’s pretty pricey stuff so I didn’t have much left over for a redo. I used a piece of stretch cotton left over from my skinnies to make the band. The original design of the top has a rounded bottom so I changed it to accommodate the band.

I like the way this shot looks in black and white. Gritty and raw. Sort of old school too. These are my son’s size 13 basketball shoes-an old pair-that’s why they’re looking pretty beat up. I am also wearing his socks. I’m getting away with it because he’s out of town. We had to be careful where we took these pictures. I didn’t want to run into any of his friends-they’d tell.

Pattern: McCall’s 6614

Year: Current

Fabric: 7/8 yd. faux leather $14 and 1 1/2 yds. gallerie knit $10

Total Price: $24

First Worn: For this photo shoot

Wear again: Yes-when it gets cooler-the sleeves don’t breathe!






Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. You’re old enough to have a son who wears size 13 bball shoes?! You don’t look it!

  2. You are so edgy and I love it!

  3. Well you definitely got game. Nice choice of fabrics and I agree, the b&w has a great look to it.

  4. Love the BW pic. Your projects are always so interesting and creative. Thanks!

  5. You most certainly do got game : ) And don’t worry, I won’t tell your son you borrowed his shoes and socks!

  6. Awesome Gina, you look HOT as in Giddy-Up hot :) I’m yet to sew with Faux Leather do you need to change needles and feet etc?

    • I don’t think I’ve got it down yet. I have trouble when the right sides are touching both the presser foot and feed dog. I don;t know that I can do much about that with my machine. I used my plastic presser foot for this project and my regular one for this week’s and they both seemed to work just fine. I haven’t checked to see if I can play with the feed dog on my machine. It’s fun stuff just gets really warm when you wear it-it doesn’t breath at all.

  7. Love the B&W photo, you look like you could be one of the hard girls in an 80s movie about a teacher who tries to get them to realise their potential before you go onto to win gold….or the final match of the session. Your quiff is ace! Something tells me you son is going to find out. But hey, you wash them, why shouldn’t you get to wear them sometimes. I like the combination of the faux leather and the tattoo print….going off to google Phillip Lim now.

    • I know the movie. The one where I’m good at heart but everyone thinks I’m no good. One of the teachers sees potential and I give it a go only to find that it’s harder than i thought to get along with everyone and change my bad girl attitude. This is the picture where me and the girl that was once my enemy finally join forces and win the championship.

  8. Seriously Gina? You are spicy! These pics are so hot. I love the sweatshirt you made. I love your attitude in the photos. I’m shocked you have a son old enough to wear size 13 shoes???? You are amazingly talented. Don’t ever stop trying to push yourself. The Year of No Fear strikes again!!!!

  9. Fun stuff, Gina! Love your photos and the BnW is really an edgy shot. You certainly could be that girl in the movie that the ladies are referring to….. Your son’s shoes? Hahahah.

  10. What an interesting idea to combine faux leather with sweatshirt fabric. The pics are really cool, particularly the black and white pic.

  11. Here’s a little tip for you and Kazz about sewing that stuff – use tissue paper between the presser foot and the shiny side. It makes doing top stitching a little challenging but the more you do the easier it is. It’s fairly easy to pull away/pick out when you’re done. I’ve tried every foot available to sew that stuff and they all lie : ) They were invented by people who don’t really sew on that plastic loveliness. And make sure you read the instructions on the care, some you still need to pre-shrink (?!) while others aren’t washable at all (“Wipe with damp sponge or cloth and let air dry”). I hope that helps!

    • That helps a lot. I was going to use tissue paper but wasn’t feeling motivated. It’s been a long lazy summer around here.