Hot! The “New Yellow Era” shirt


Believe it or not: In my late teens, early twenties, I was the wold’s biggest fan of yellow. My room was painted bright yellow, I had yellow blankets, yellow shirts, dresses, sweaters, sneakers, yellow sunflowers in my hair and on my pants…Here’s the proof:

My time in England fell into my yellow era and so did a very tragic love affair. When I left my beloved England and had to say good bye to the man I considered the love of my life at that time he told me that he’d think of me every time he’d see a sun flower. I have no clue whether he kept his promise or whether this was just another lie. I have become blissfully indifferent about his fate and views. One thing is sure though: If he saw me now he wouldn’t believe his eyes because of the total and utter lack of yellow in my wardrobe. After England, I started to wear lots of red and pink combined with grey and black. I still loved yellow but I slowly but surely started to eliminate it from my wardrobe. I am not sure why exactly I did this. Maybe, I needed a change (just like some women cut their hair after a life changing event?) or maybe I shouldn’t have gone to that color consultant who told me that yellow is not my color (that same woman suggested I should wear blue mascara…). I don’t know how and why I stopped wearing this color because I LOVE yellow. It’s my favorite color, it makes me happy and cheers me up.

When I read that there’d be a Yellow challenge I was sure I’d skip it because yellow doesn’t look good on me, right? And then I wanted to sew a t-shirt for the Reality challenge and really had trouble with finishing the neckline. I used black polka dot fabric and then I wanted to use some ribbing to finish the neckline and the sleeves. I have a small assortment of ribbing fabric that I keep for making pj’s for my little son. There was no pink or red in the ribbing stash (I would have picked this right away because combining black and red/pink has turned into a habit of mine). Dark green, maroon and navy didn’t work with the black polka dot knit, of course. But then, there was this lemon yellow ribbing left…hmmmm…. I thought: “Oh well, it’s just a muslin anyway,” and so I used the yellow ribbing. I am soooo glad I did this. I so love this t-shirt. Every time I wear it I feel happy and cheerful. It’s such a fun combination and so different from the colors I usually wear. So girls (and guys?), thanks to Sew Weekly, I officially announce the start of my second yellow era. From now on, I’ll buy yellow fabric again and incorporate my favorite color into my wardrobe. Here’s to the yellow era without a broken heart but with a wonderful husband and a cute little son.

You can find old water pumps in almost every street of my quarter. They still work.


The facts

⁃ Pattern: shirt: sewing pattern from a German Burda magazine (around 2005)

-Fabric: 1 yard of knit fabric from stash – was originally about 1.50 Dollar/yard. Plus a little bit of yellow ribbing from stash
-Year: 2005
⁃ Notions: none
⁃ Time to complete: 2.5 hours
⁃ First worn: On July 20.
⁃ Wear again? – Oh yes, all the time.
⁃ Total price: $1.50

PS: And here’s my Berlin bonus of the week. We managed to take the pics in our street and the very next street. I put this at the end of the posting so people who don’t care much for architecture don’t have to bother with the non-sewing stuff. I am a bit biased because I studied architecture for one semester before I realised that my maths skills are so poor that I really shouldn’t be allowed to construct houses. I still have a soft spot for beautiful buildings and interesting information about them. Sorry if I went a bit too much into detail. ;)

This is a detail of a house that used to be an old fire station. Now, there are artists’ workshops and apartments in there.




The entire building of the old fire station.

Another beautiful apartment house.

The water pump in our own street is more beautiful than the other one but the ground around it was “contaminated” with dog poop so I didn’t feel like having my pic taken there. ;)

A typical old Berlin apartment house (from around 1870 to 1910) consists of a front house, side wings and a back house (possibly even several back houses and side wings). They form an inner yard (or yards) and are all connected with each other. In this pic, you can see the inner yards and another gate leading to another inner yard. Sometimes, one finds a wonderful garden in the back.

A beautiful door in our street.

Stucco on the ceiling of the public hallway of our apartment house. It’s not in the best shape – most of these old houses are rather “shabby chic”. Usually, the apartments in the front house have stucco on the ceiling and the ceilings can be up to 4 yards high. The higher the floor you live on the lower the ceilings get – the most expensive apartments used the ones closest to the ground and that’s why they also had the highest ceilings.




Djamila is a German translator living in Berlin, Germany. She is married to an American and has a 4-year-old son who never sleeps. She used to sew A LOT before her son was born. After 4 years of wearing practical sandbox-clothes she finally wants to get her original fashion style back and sew a lot more again.


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  1. Your spotted top is lovely. Yellow can be positively mood-lifting so it’s a good thing to re-introduce it into your life – and the architecture pics are wonderful.

    • Thanks, Jen. :) Yellow is mood-lifting for sure and next time, I’ll make something yellow it will be yellow all over – not just the ribbing.

  2. What a lovely story! I highly approve of your yellow-trimmed shirt, and of the re-introduction of yellow into your life. Yellow is a wonderful colour.

    I love the architecture too. You don’t have to be good at math to appreciate a fantastic building.

    • Thanks, Leimomi. You’re right, one doesn’t need to be good at maths to appreciate great architecture…unfortunately one needs maths though to create it. (All I build nowadays are gingerbread houses around x-mas time. No need to worry about statics there.) But I guess I wouldn’t have liked to build houses nowadays anyway. Modern architecture can be quite impressive but historical architecture is what I really love.

  3. Love your shirt.. so cute on you. And I think you look great in yellow.. Thanks for sharing the photos..such beautiful buildings.
    proud your gonna bring yellow back in to your wardrobe.. Lovely ..happy color.

  4. I love your shots of where you live – such a treat to see something European and a change from the usual. Your top suits you perfectly.

    • Thanks, Marguerite. Good to hear the Berlin shots are such a hit. I was worried I had overdone it a bit…but it was hard to pick only one or two photos. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing such moments of your life — those of the heart and those of the street.

    I love your yellow and hooray for bringing it back into your happy life!

  6. Hi Djamila, hope your week in going well, your photos are fantastic and love to look at architecture. You did a great job on the shirt and I’m glad your going back to yellow, it’s a great. Yellow makes me smile to!

    • Hi Krista, nice to hear from you! I am glad you like the photos. It was really hard to pick just a few this time…I hope I’ll get to another yellow project soon but I am curretly stash busting and there’s no yellow in my stash. :(

  7. Never appologize for adding photos of Berlin architecture – I love it! And I remember when I lived in Rome getting my water from a street pump like that every day. (the water where I stayed tasted weird)

    And I had to giggle a little bit when I saw those sunflower trousers, because I remember having a crepe rayon dress with that border back in 2000 too!

  8. I am happy you like the photos so much. I really don’t know whether the pumps in Berlin provide drinking water. I’ll have to check whether there’s a warning sign. We don’t really use them anymore but they are pretty to look at. And last time, we were on the playground we used one to get water in his little sand bucket and he made a lot of mud in the sandbox. :)
    Were sunflowers a trend around 2000? I actually have no clue…I bought sunflower fabric and used the flowers to make appliques for my pants. They are self-made, just like the top. I made them in 2000, so you guessed the time 100% right. :)

  9. Here’s to the start of the new yellow era!! WhoooHoooo!!! So happy to be here to witness it. Love your top and the pictures-especially the old fire station. It would be so cool to live there!

    • Thanks, Gina. I amd sure history books will report about my new yellow era so you’re lucky indeed to be here to witness it. ;) The old fire station is cool indeed. One of my favorite houses in the neighborhood.

  10. What a nice story….perhaps a little sad for your broken heart :( , the pictures are very cool! and your shirt is very pretty too, I like it!

    • Thanks, Lizzy. No need to be sad for my broken heart. That happened more than 10 years ago and it was lucky my heart was broken. WOuld have never met my husband otherwise.

  11. Wow the architectural pictures are fantastic, I love looking at buildings and all of the wonderful details, those big doors are stunning.

    Yay for reintroducing yellow back into your life, it’s such a happy colour. Great, simple detail, love it.

  12. I love your shirt! I, too, went through a sunflower era, but back in the early 90’s. I still think they’re one of the happiest flowers on earth. THANK YOU for including all the architectural shots. I so look forward to your posts, they give me a little glimpse of a world I may never actually visit but is quite beautiful. Keep up the good work!!

    • Thanks, Loran. Looks like almost everybody went through a sunflower phase. ;)I still love them. I might actually even make another pair of sunflower pants. I still have a bit of the fabric left that I used to make the appliques,