Hot! The “Maria von Trapp” Dress and Scarf.

Being that I am a musician myself (sometimes I even get paid for it!) you would think that this challenge would be relatively easy for me. Not so. I had this conversation with my mom the other day which basically led to the conclusion that I am far too well rounded in Music. I don’t have a favourite musician because I like too many artists. When my best friend and I were five and six we discovered the local oldies radio station and fell in love and listened to that almost exclusively until we were in Jr. High. My parents raised me on a strange conglomeration of music, my dad is a huge Billy Joel fan, my mom was in love with Harry Connick Jr, then there was this bad phase of smooth electronic Jazz my dad went through. We try not to talk about that. At 7 I went through my own dark time when I discovered Paula Abdul for about two weeks. It was bad. But then when I was 11 I started taking voice lessons and within three weeks of starting them I was singing Opera (and was quite at it!). Then it was all about Charlotte Church, Josh Groban, Lucia Popp, and a lot of Puccini. Once I got into High School I started to broaden my musical horizons into contemporary music, as well as music of the 70’s and 80’s. Of course being a vintage girl I adore Big Band and Swing music, and my most current musical trend is Scandinavian orchestrated pop. All the while I have been performing in musicals. My music collection pretty much spans the last 1000 years (because when you major in music you end up with a lot of recordings of Gregorian Chant.) I still sing Opera although it is not my passion in life (I did however just finish a production of Mozart’s Magic Flute which was phenomenal!), and I write my own music and put up really bad videos of my singing on youtube. (No i will not post a link.) So I didn’t have any idea where to even start with this challenge.

Pattern: Modified Sorbetto for bodice, none for the rest
Fabric: A thrifted vintage cotton sheet
Time: About five hours but only because I changed the design halfway through.
Notions: Elastic from stash, and a vintage button from stash.
Total Cost: $4. <— I like that number.

Then I made up this dress. I made it in anticipation of a camping trip (which by the way, is why I was at a laundromat on a day when it was 109 in the shade, sleeping bags take forever to dry…) this coming week from an old bed sheet. I’ve made many a clothing item from old linens, but this is my favourite. The print is fantastic, and this dress is so comfortable and easy to wear! It’s been fun to tell people that it’s made from a sheet too. They usually don’t know how to react, but almost all of them settle on disgust. Well if old linens were good enough for Maria von Trapp, they are good enough for Ashley. Initially this dress reminded me of those wonderful 60’s/70’s songstresses, but technically Sound of Music is from the same era. And with the addition of the headscarf (because sometimes a girl just needs a matching dress and headscarf.) I could definitely see myself traipsing over the Austrian Countryside in this. Oh and did I mention I am the eldest of 7 kids? Yes, Maria is a very good inspiration source. Though I don’t think I’ll be making any floral print Lederhosen anytime soon…


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  1. I had that set of sheets on my bed through most of my childhood! How fun that you turned it into a cute dress!

  2. Great inspiration and it fits beautifully. I love that movie, you doesn’t love a good musical to sing along to.

  3. Cute summer dress and kudos to upcycling. I can see how comfy that would be on a camping trip.

  4. I had a set of those sheets too! Love that you refashioned them, I bet that dress is super soft and comfy :)

  5. Oh, so cute! Love the matching head scarf!

  6. So pretty, lovely inspiration. I really enjoyed reading your post