Hot! The “Kitty, Daisy, Lewis, and Gina” Skirt

There are so many directions one can go with this challenge. When I bought this leopard print fabric I was going to make a dress with a little cutout at the shoulder a la Debbie Harry. I didn’t go that direction because I couldn’t imagine wearing the dress much and I really wanted to make something that I could wear comfortably to work without feeling like I was about to go clubbing.

I really wanted to use the colors from The Strokes’ album “Angles” but didn’t have any luck finding a good black and white pattern or the right blues, purples, and yellows. I had the best outfit floating around in my head though so it’s too bad.

I know you’re thinking I went with Amy Winehouse. Close but not quite. I chose Kitty, Daisy and Lewis a cool little family trio from England. Their music and style remind me of home back in Texas. Kitty and Daisy look a lot like the girls I grew up with.

They’re the cool kids and what I like about them is that they’re very rough around the edges. I have styled myself as their Korean/Mexican older sister. What do you think?

As you can see I decided to make a skirt. I still don’t have a basic skirt pattern so I decided to use the skirt pieces from the Vogue dress pattern. I added a waistband and lined it in a very pretty pastel blue. Why blue?

The color in the middle of the spots is actually a pretty soft blue. Do you recognize the top? It was originally the dress I made for the Diamond Jubilee Challenge. I didn’t like it much as a dress so I chopped off the bottom and voila! It’s a blouse I now wear quite often. Underneath the top I’m wearing the bathing suit top I made for the Down Under Challenge. You can see it a bit better in the first photo. The outfit is not only 100% hand made it’s also 100% Sew Weekly. Pretty cool right?

We decided to head over to our local Steak ‘n’ Shake to take the photos. I was hoping to find a jukebox there. There was no jukebox. You should be proud of me though-I sucked it up and posed for pictures there in front of the customers and wait staff. The manager couldn’t help himself and had to get in in the fun.

OK-ladies (and gentlemen?). I’m off to bed to dream of my next Sew Weekly creation. See you next week!

The Facts:

Pattern: Vogue 8633

Year: Contemporary

Fabric: 1 1/2 yds (remember-I was going to make a dress) leopard print in a nice medium weight cotton $6 and 1 yd baby blue poly for the lining $2

Notions: One incredibly long zipper shortened for a skirt $1.50

Total Price: about $10

First Worn: For these pictures and then again today to church (believe it or not)

Wear again: It’s too cool not to




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Cu-ute! I love that it has such a modern edge to it!

    OK, I have a terrible confession about Kitty, Daisy & Lewis. I love everything about them, except their style. I think they really need to talk to a vintage stylist and get away from the terrible vintage cliches they usually wear. And then they need to talk to a seamstress about making their clothes fit right. :-S

    Luckily your outfit suffers from neither problem! Maybe they need you to style them! ;-)

    • If you read my blog post (which I will now post-I was waiting for Mena to put this up so I wouldn’t be breaking the rules) I say the same thing. Their looks often leave lots to be desired but at the same time I’m afraid of what would happen if they looked too good-you know? I’d be interested in your comments if you read it.

      • Whew! I wrote that comment without thinking super-late at night and pressed send and then was horrified and worried that you would be offended. So I’m glad you aren’t!

        I’ve popped over to your blog to follow up the conversation. :-)

  2. An all inclusive “Sew Weekly” outfit? What could be better than that? I love how you put these three items together and then shot your photos in the diner. I bet everyone there thought you were a model. Your layouts and pics just seem to get better and better each week. I especially look forward to your posts each week and I’m a faithful reader of your blog. Don’t you just love your animal print skirt? I’m in love with mine, that’s for sure. ;)

    • Wow. Thank you Barbara.

      It’s hard to find the time to style things the way I really like and to find the right locations. I’m not ahead on the challenges so I basically have one week and a very limited budget to see if I can get close. It is a lot of fun to use those gifts though.

      I do love my skirt-it’s pretty cool.

  3. Okay, number one, I want your shoes. Number two, I love the B&W photo of you all tucked into the booth. Number three, you have amazing legs.

    • Thanks Erin. I have a thing for black and white shoes. I’ve got 3 pairs. I’m still playing around with Photoshop so the pictures are getting there. It’s nice to see my legs are still holding up as the rest of me slowly makes its way down :)

  4. Great outfit! I love that you wore it to church. Our church is a very casual jeans and t-shirt type place. When I dress up, as I do occasionaly, I look out of place. I agree with Barbara – you look like a model! And i agree with all 3 of Erins sentiments.

    • Thank you! Our church has a nice range. Some people get dressed up and others prefer casual. We also have a very diverse community so some wear traditional clothing from their countries which is cool to see. I just kind fit in there somewhere.

  5. Hey Gina, love the fact it’s all sewn for SewWeekly, it’s amazing as the year has gone by so fast to look in closet and see everything. I love the fabric you picked for the skirt, it tes chic!

    • Thanks Krista. I didn’t plan it that way and only noticed after I’d gotten dressed. I needed something to wear underneath that top so I could tie it and the bikini top happened to be the right style and color.

      Since I have been sewing every week I love getting dressed in the morning. The fabric is pretty awesome isn’t it?

  6. I absolutely love the photo of you sitting up on top of the booth – cool and sexy. And I bet you made that manager’s day; he probably told all his friends about the model shoot he got in on at work.

    I love all your creations, and you have a way of remaking yourself for every photoshoot (to the extent that for the first few weeks, I had to check if you were the same person. Ha!)

    • I like that photo too. There’s something about the way the everything works together that makes it look more polished. I have grown a lot this year. The first few months were about finding my rhythm and rediscovering my love for sewing. It’s the first time I have ever committed to it in this way. I’m just hoping I can keep it up until the end of the year.

  7. Oh wow you could totally be the third sister, fantastic Gina! love your photos and styling. Did you give the manager the URL? I bet he’s dead chuffed to be standing next to you.

    • The older sister who’s like the heavy. Nobody messes with my family! I did not give the manager the URL. After the shoot I wanted to run out of there. We happened to see a family we recognized from my son’s basketball games. That made it a little harder.

  8. You are so fab. I’m so sad to see the end of the shirt dress, which I loved, but hey if its getting more wear as a shirt then that can’t be a bad thing. That skirt is the bomb. And your styling is so fabulous…I can see why you do this for a living. Those SHOES!!! Want! Those bracelets. Your barrel curl quiff. Fabulous, and seriously impressed at you having the nerve to do your photos in the diner….I’ve been wanting to do that for a while but haven’t had the nerve to ask staff if I can take pics. That pic with the manager cracks me up, cool :)

  9. Thank you Tempest! I do like the dress as a shirt much better but would like to make a shirt dress again in another fabric. I was wearing my ponytail wig for this one. I love to wear it then roll it up into a beehive. That’s how I wore it to church the next day. The same outfit (without the sexiness) that ponytail wig up in a beehive, and a big sparkly necklace.

    I’ll pray you get the nerve-that would be fun to see!