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Wasn’t the opening ceremony the best thing ever? I just loved every moment of it. I thought Danny Boyle did a superb job. The portrayal of the Industrial Revolution I thought was just brilliant, the music era flash-through had me cheering, the lighting up of the cauldron put a lump in my throat. It. was. amazing! This outfit, not so, well, it is what it is. | Olympic Challenge

Ladies I am a sporadic exerciser when it comes to any kind of sport, when this body needs some help I’ll go for a jog or do laps around my local bike path to get fit that’s about it for me, sport! I’m not big on at all. When I was in high school I was a decent long distant runner, I have some trophies in a box in the garage I do. I don’t mind jogging. Tennis! as depicted in these photo’s would be my favourite sport to watch on TV “however”, to play… oh-so-t e r r i b l e. | Olympic Challenge Challenge

Admittedly I shuddered at the thought of doing this challenge I didn’t get excited about it at all. My joggers are so old and dirty I didn’t want them put anywhere near a photo so I wore my boots— not the most practical but looking at Serena’s boots I thought why not. | Olympic Challenge

I spotted this pattern on the internets and said lets just go with that. New Look Pattern 6207 for the pattern pieces, flaring each panel as I cut, serged princess seams, pressed them down flat, placed in the centre back zip and modified the neckline to suit the picture. I picked up some of this great aboriginal printed cotton to highlight the neckline and tennis racket cover—a wonderful representation of our lucky country methinks. I even made some bloomers which I forgot to shoot, they’re rockin, my hubby says they’re dead sexy. NOT! hehe. The tennis racket I thrifted for $1. Score! Above I’m just waiting for the umpire to make a decision on whether the ball was in or not, talk about taking ones time hey!? | Olympic Challenge

Y E S! she’s in! | Olympic Challenge

and the crowd goes wild… haaaaaa!….Game, Set, and Match!

Go Getter- Cast of Cheers

The Facts

Fabric | Cotton Drill. I’m not too fond of this stuff, it’s terrible to wear all stiff and wrinkly

Pattern |Modified New Look Pattern 6207
Year | Contemporary
Notions |Zip and elastic for the bloomers- Not Shown
Time to complete | Approx 3hrs
First worn | For this tennis match
Wear again? N E V E R
Total price | $10



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. What a hoot. I think you had a lot of fun with this challenge, feelings aside. Loved the racket touch in styling the shoot. I can’t wait to watch more of the Olympics.

  2. You are so fun! I love the Aboriginal print and inspiration for this dress. It is super rad, and you certainly have the legs to pull it off, even in your boots. So funny that we are both not tennis people yet this is what we chose…Hahaha! Silly us.

  3. I really like your tennis outfit, especially with that aboriginal print. Kudos for trying something new or different, too bad you’ll never wear it again : ( But my really fave part is the boots and the turban, those make a serious statement! If only the tennis world would relax a little, become a little more Kazz-i-fied, then I might actually watch it : )

  4. Fun story! Great outfit too. You really captured the mood of a perfectly won game by a fashionista doing what ever it takes to meet the challenge!

  5. Awwww…it’s cute! It’s a pity you don’t like it. If you cut it off and turned it into a top would you wear it then?

  6. Love the photos in this post. It’s too bad you’re not liking the dress, though, is it the cotton you used?

  7. I really like this dress. The print fabric is beautiful. Too bad you won’t wear the dress again. Oh, and the cover for your tennis racket is a hoot! :)