Hot! The “Follow my plans” blouse

The Facts 
Fabric: leopard print silk georgette
Pattern: Sewaholic Pendrell blouse + self drafted peter pan collar
Year: contemporary
Notions: bias tape
Time to complete:  6-7 hours
First worn: August 20th, 2012
Wear again? Yes!
Total Cost: 
about 10 euros


Great! An excuse to follow my sewing plans, to create something for The Sew Weekly and to add yet another Peter Pan collar to my wardrobe!

I don’t have a lot of back story for this blouse… As I said, I planned it a while ago and this week’s theme was the perfect occasion to finally make it. After all, I couldn’t not post this week, since I might put a collar on anything I make (wait, that’s what I’m actually doing).

This is the first item of clothing I’ve ever owned in a leopard print. It’s a bit crazy, since I love this pattern, but I had never found the right fabric to use. I guess it’s also a bit unexpected of me, since I usually go for more cutesy prints. This silk georgette wasn’t just soft and luxurious, it was also half price, so I had to snatch it up!
Obviously, animal prints walk the fine line between very classy and very tacky, but I’m not planning to wear this blouse with mini shorts or a denim mini skirt any time soon.

As for the pattern I used… I think I’m probably one of the last sewing bloggers to make a Pendrell blouse, so I don’t think you need a review on it. I was very impressed by it (I’m starting to grow very fond of Sewaholic) and the instructions were great as usual. I cut a size 6 and I’m very satisfied with the fit.
Since the pattern is relatively simple and the fabric is so fancy, I decided to be fancy with construction and to french seam the whole thing. To be completely honest, the fact that I had to re-thread my serger played its part too…
I suck at taking detail pictures, but here’s a view of the french seams and the bias bound armhole.
I’m sure this blouse will make a great transition into fall and winter, I can’t wait to wear it with a cardigan and tucked into a high waisted skirt!



Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. For whatever reaon I had a dream about you last night in a LEOPARD shirt! Weird…but then look at what you made!! I need to try some of the Sewaholic patterns (so you’re not the last).

  2. I have never used a Sewaholic pattern so I’ll just get in line behind Loran. I love the top and wanted to say that I would wear that top with little black shorts. Loved your beaded collar too!

  3. Lovely! What a great versatile piece!

    And I’ve never used a Sewaholic or Colette pattern – I’ve inherited hundreds of patterns, so buying more seems silly.

  4. I love this blouse. You are so right about animal prints treading a fine line between classy and tacky, and yours is definitely on the classy side of the line!

    I’ve never used a Sewaholic pattern, although I have admired many Pendrell blouses.

  5. Hi Anna, glad to see you back posting. We missed you. Love the blouse, it’s such a classy versatile piece. It’s perfect for a night out on them town.

  6. All class, not a smidgen of tacky it’s the silk georgette, if you chose satin you would of stepped over the line, you’re way too classy for that.

    Nothing wrong with the detail shot either apart from getting it dirty LOL!

    Nope never sewn a Pendrell or a Sewaholic and I’m okay with that :P

  7. Very, very nice! I have to admit I am not crazy for animal prints but you have done a lovely job, and as you say, worn with the right pants or skirt it looks fine. I have also had this pattern for a while but have not made it yet, I am busy making Seaholic Thurlow Shorts at present.

  8. Lovely fabric and goodness lady, you are so darned photogenic! Add me to the queue of someone never having sewn a Sewaholic pattern, I’m afraid their largest size being a 16 is waaaaaaay too small for me to feel confident to grade up, and I’d feel a bit miffed having to put in all that work with their prices being so high. Lovely designs though. And I hear their instructions are fantastically easy to understand. Love those french seams and binding. Very pretty.

    • Thank you so much!
      Yes, they have very good, clear instructions and I think they’re worth the price (if you don’t need major alterations, of course).

  9. Oh my! I love this. I’ve been needing a leopard print blouse forever. You look beautiful in it. You styled it perfectly too!

  10. I LOVE the Pendrell pattern, but paired with that color and that delicious fabric and it is just DIVINE! Very well done!

  11. I’m in line too! I’ve got to try one of those patterns. It’s a great top! I can also see it with a little black skirt and boots. I believe it will serve you well through the seasons. It’s very pretty and sexy too!

  12. The Pendrell looks so awesome rocked out in leopard and with an added collar. Well done!

  13. So pretty! Perfect for fall. You did a beautiful job on the construction too. Thanks for the inspiring post. Very classy!

  14. Absolutely gorgeous- you can’t beat a bit of leopard print. We should definitely do an animal print challenge one week. And I think this my favourite Pendrell out of all the ones I’ve seen.