Hot! The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress

McCall’s M6559

: McCall’s M6559
Notions: Red Piping and Thread from Stash
Time to Complete: 6 Hours
First Worn: Thomas Jefferson Outdoor Running Track
Wear Again? Yes
Total Price: $15 – $15 for Fabric

When I was in High School, FloJo was the track star that I cheered for in the Olympics and she had a style all her own. I channeled her spirit into a garment that would win the fashion best foot forward race! In my photos I incorporated all 5 olympic colors, 3 in the dress – yellow, black and red, 2 in the background blue and green. The fabric and pattern design reminded me of flags swaying in the wind and the star is for every person who had a dream to participated in the olympics. The games have been so much fun to watch on TV and I love to learn about the journeys of some of the athletes.

FloJo Fashion

The dress is a medium thick jersey which I sewed on my standard machine and then serged all the edges. I’m happy that the garment looks finished on the inside. I added the piping detail to the neckline and armholes for 2 reason, 1) with the weight of the garment I wanted to help stabilize the shape and 2) to add a pop of color.

I should mention that I used a stretch seam stitch on my Elna machine, it’s a narrow stitch that eliminates puckering on jersey and knit fabrics and great when you need to sew on the bias. I’ve found it really helps prevent skip stitches on jersey and does a wonderful job on a hemline. I think I may go back and make a bolero jacket in black to complete this outfit. It’s really comfortable and I feel very ladylike yet athletic.

The photos where taken in Thomas Jefferson Outdoor Track Park in Manhattan and although I feel golden “Muneca” the Fiesty Bichon Frise, left me in the dark.

The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress – Star Side View

The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress – Front Runner!

The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress – Half Way There!

The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress – Finish Line

The “FloJo Fashionista Tribute” Dress – Red Piping





Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. Love this Krista, the thought that’s gone into incorporating all five ring colours, down to borrowing 2 from your venue…isn’t an Olympics as much about the host nation as the competition anyway? I was a Mexico 1968 babe and my Mum says most of my cardies she knitted had varying tension depending how excited she got watching the athletics in particular. Ever since then I’ve been addicted to the Games. Flo Jo was one of the American athletes I didn’t mind beating the the rest of world (don’t ask me for my thoughts on Carl Lewis or Mary Decker ;)) She was a real star and a total athlete. Love your dress, the diagonal seam is fabulous and love that red binding, the interlocking rings and that wonderful star. LOVE IT!

    • Hi Tempest, I love to watch the Olympics and cheer for all. I come from a pretty athletic family, between my 3 brothers and my mom who was a gym teacher (as well as taught kindergarten), we couldn’t get enough sports under our belt. I’m literally jumping off the couch leaning into the finish tape!

      I love this dress even more when I put it on then when I was sewing it. I wasn’t sure if you could see the diagonal lines with the fabric design.When I saw it in the photos, that’s when I knew it was a great fabric choice for what I was going for.

      Let’s cheer for the Brits and the fabulous hosting they have done. Cheers.

  2. WERRRRRK IT!!! Flo Jo was a BABE and so are you!!

    • Thanks Nettie, I think FloJo was an amazing women off and on the field. I ran track in high school cause she made it look so amazing! Hope your new machine is putting a smile on your face.

  3. Flo Jo’s nails! Remember her nails? Does that Flo Jo Barbie really come with her own false nails? Fantastic!

    Ahem. Also, a very fine dress, Krista!


  4. I remember Flo Jo’s awesomeness! Except for those asymmetrical tracksuits! What’s going on there?!?
    Anyway, I love your dress. I saw this pattern when it came out and I wondered how the star thing would look in real life – fantastic it turns out! Great job!

    • Hi Liz, yes FloJo had her own style, she was a unique runner as well as designer. She ran way before there was lots of cool athletic clothing choices. I was she was still with us, it would be great to hear her commentant on the races tomorrow.

  5. You are one sexy lady! I love the details-the lines-the star. Especially love the pose on the track.

    • Oh yeah! I got game too ;) I’ve probably said this before, heck I know I have, but I think this is my favorite thing I made so far for sew weekly. Or maybe that’s what happens over the year of challenges, ya just keep having more fun.

      Your sweatshirt top wasreally cool and got me thinking of adding some white leather trim to my yellow challenge.

  6. I’m voting this one as one of my fave dresses you’ve made this year and great photo set! (My first faves are the blue West Side Story dress and the hot Mad Men contender ;-)

    • Hi Joann, I was just saying to Gina that I keep updating “my fav” piece that I have sewn so far for a challenge. Maybe it’s part of the journey and why I just don’t seem to tire of sewing for fun. I just wore the West Side Story dress yesterday! Thank you for your comment, I love to see what is posted weekly by such a great group of women. Have a fantastic weekend.

  7. Krista! This dress rocks to a whole notha’ level! I love it! Great job. You wear it well. Own in girl. I loved Flojo. She was an inspiration to me as a young girl. I did track in high school, and loved it. Though I was no where close to her speeds. Great dress, great photos, super cute dog and Krista, you are awesome!

    • Thanks Bethany, I love sports, in high school I did Volleyball (Fall), Basketball (Spring) and my fav (Spring & Summer) SWIMMING!! Watching the Olympics has been a work out in itself (me jumping on and off the couch) :0

      FloJo was awesome. I admired how her husband coach her and how her daughter is striving to be a singer – her father supporting her all the way. We lost FloJo to early in life but she left a lasting impression of greatness.

  8. Wonderful dress, well done you! Fits you so well and the fabric is the perfect choice.

  9. Great dress! Such fabulous colours on you! And Muneca is so cute <3

    • Thank Leimomi, Muneca is my best friend’s Carmen dog. She rescued her and boy is that doggy over joyed about having a loving home. She’s really smart, when Carmen tells her she going to see Titi Krista, she swears the dog starts walking in the direction of wear I live and starts looking for me in all directions.

      SHe one fast doggy runner to!

  10. Looking good at the finish line! Loving the printed jersey and the stylistic details like the piping. Thanks for sharing tips on the special stitches you used with your machine.

  11. Hi Adri, thank you so much. I think the piping is my favorite part. I think this dress would be fine in a lite weight stretch denim, I would love to sew up another version, but who am I kiddin’, I’m barely keeping up with the challenges as it is. There’s always next year, right.

    I love your jeans and all the top stitching you added, it looks awesome in the photos. I bought a jean pattern, so will see if I can work it into an upcoming challenge.

    Also, wanted to mention I think your July Quilt square is beautiful.

  12. Krista, wow, what a nice dress and your pose, love it! I just read a little bit about Flo Jo on the web and click over to sew weekly and she was your inspiration, what a coincidence. Flo Jo was an awesome lady just like you.

    • Thank you Aiesha, I still remember FloJo’s Olympic moment and I am looking forward to watching by cheering, screaming and nail-bitting the running moments tonight.

  13. Love your dress. Great job.

  14. That is a great dress and I love how you used Flojo as an inspiration. You look very pretty in all the photos, but I especially like the last one. Great lipstick color and your hair looks very sexy styled that way.

    • Thanks Barbara, the styling of lipstick and hair is all my best friend’s Carmen idea. I typically don’t wear makeup, I usually just do skin care to protect from the sun.

      I loved your intimates execution this week. It’s such a ah-ha moment, take your favorite pair your love as a pattern and make all you need. Brilliant.

  15. This is my favourite of yours Krista YOU ARE A STAR! Just love it and your FloJo inspiration.

    • Hi Kazz, and the whole time I was singing Peaches & Herb…you don’t have to be a star baby to be in my show! It’s quickly become a favorite of mine too.

  16. This looks great. Perfect pattern for a bold print. I’ll have to put this in my wish list. I

  17. My favorite thing about this dress, other than the red piping, is that star! What a great dress!! Yes, I think you need to make more…

  18. Hi Loran, thanks. Yes I want to make more definitely. The odd thing is the directions call for it to be sewn on directly 1/4″ inch from the edge and although I used a knit jersey for the star I put sealant on the edge to keep it crisp. Next time I may turn under first before I stitch down.