Hot! The Curiosity Shirt

Hello All, long time no contact from me – In a nutshell Winter brought on a complete absence of sewing mojo and then we had to move. All of my sewing stuff was boxed and bagged up in anticipation of the move once we had found a new place. We did find a new place after a few weeks but had to wait a while before moving in and once we moved in I found that my new sewing area was smaller and quite lacking in the shelf department. As you can see, my new sewing room was little more than a storage room for all of this time. It took another three weeks before we could get a decent set of shelves and now, the mojo is starting to come back a little.

The daft thing is that because I haven’t been contributing any sewing efforts, I haven’t felt that I could contribute comments but I have still been checking out the Sew Weekly website daily and have enjoyed all that I have seen – I love the different ways that everyone approaches the themes.

All of that aside, the Curiosity shirt came about because I found a great album cover and to also celebrate the landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: Stretchy cotton from Spotlight
⁃ Pattern: Simplicity 2255
⁃ Year: 2010
⁃ Notions: thread and 7 button from my stash
⁃ Time to complete: 5 or 6 hours (I sew slowly
⁃ First worn: for the photos
⁃ Wear again? yes, when it’s warmer (still only about 8deg Celsius today)
⁃ Total price: about $20 (not entirely sure what I paid for the fabric)

The theme of MUSIC had me having a quick look through my record collection and I found (actually from My Man Andrew’s collection) the album “Mars Needs Guitars” by the Hoodoo Gurus, a very popular Aussie band from the 80s and the beautiful colours and the drawings of the band all wearing buttoned shirts gave me the idea of doing my own buttoned shirt.

I think that my time off from sewing was probably a good thing as I made a much better job of this shirt than I have previously done. The button bands are the best I’ve ever done and I picked up the better habit of following the instructions and ironing down the folds when they suggest you do so. I will however make sure I do a line of stay stitching around the neckline whether you are reminded to do it or not as it stretched and I had to gather it a little and there are many puckers at the back of the neck.

I did find that while it is meant to be a loose overshirt, it is really a little too loose. I cut a size 20 and did a FBA and find that it really a bit too flappy – I have a peg at the back of my shirt to draw it in a little :-D  I think that I will see if darts at the front help and I will increase the darts at the back. I might also try cutting a smaller size next time and see if that makes a difference.

This posting is late but I am hoping it’s better late than never. I did actually listen to the Hoodoo Gurus while sewing this but I went with ‘Electric Soup’ instead.



Jen Brown just plain-old likes making stuff. If it's usable and wearable when complete, so much the better. A new technique or a chance to see how something worked is where the challenge lies.


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  1. Nice to see you back! It’s funny but I felt the same way too about not commenting when not participating… Anyway, the shirt looks great on you – both fit and colours. See you again soon!

  2. Oh you two crack me up, even if you don’t contribute you should comment. Il ove to here feedback, but mostly it’s just nice to have your mojo back!

    • Silly, I know :-) I’m still slow going, especially if the weather is grey and cold, but it is nice to be sewing again

  3. Nice to see you back with your sewing mojo going again. I always find that when you pack and unpack, you discover things you didn’t know you had. I hope that happened to you. New inspirations emerge, and the sewing starts up with renewed creative energy. Keep up the good work, Jen.

    • Thank you :-) I unpacked and discovered I had over 10 containers of fabric. That was incentive enough to get me sewing again. I am on a fabric buy-ban until I have used up at least three containers’ worth.

  4. Oh, I really like that shirt! Welcome back!

  5. Welcome back! And with a great outfit too – I love the print on that shirt! Hopefully it will inspire you to keep with us for the next challenges!

    • I had been hanging on to this fabric for some time – and finally the right pattern and theme came along. Cheers and Thank you :-)

  6. Hey you! Glad to see you… and back with a great make too, love the inspiration x