Hot! The “Bad Romance” Blouse

I know this looks nothing like something Lady Gaga would wear but this blouse and I have had a bad romance of sorts so far.  I do think I like the final result though I’m not sure if its the most flattering look for me. My original plan for this week was to make another Colette Jasmine but then Craftsy put the Sassy Librarian class on sale for $9.99 and I was drawn in.

The construction process was not great for me.  I really don’t like that Craftsy patterns come with no written instructions since I have limited actual sewing machine time and can’t easily watch a little then sew a little which seems to be how the classes are set up.  Initially I made the pin tucks 1/8in to small and had to redo them.  I just added another row of stitching and we will be calling them double stitched pintucks from this moment forward.  The rest of it went pretty well though I wish I had done french seams in the shoulders, did do them on the sides, and will never be setting in the sleeve the way she suggests again.  I’d rather add the sleeve in the flat and then carefully match the side seam to me this is much easier and gives the same result with a lot less hassle.

Now about the actual class.  I will write an actual review about it at some point soon but I have mixed feelings at best.  I felt like it was geared for beginners which made it a bit of a pain to watch for someone with a good bit of experience.  Mind you I didn’t want to miss any useful tips of which there were a few but the lesions are all about 30 minutes long so you are talking about a lot of screen time.  That said there is very little fitting information.  She just tell you to go with your bust size unless it is considerably larger in which case you do a full bust adjustment well my waist is 2 sizes bigger then my chest on her chart so I tapered between the sizes but as you can see it would not have fit otherwise.  When I was a beginner I wouldn’t have known to do this.  You may have also noticed that the sleeves are not the original ones.  That is because I should have done a large arm adjustment and did not so I got it put together then couldn’t put it on.  I ended up just cutting them of and doing the Jasmine sleeves.  The thing is while I should have known better because this happens from time to time my arms are really not that big.  So I guess for the sale price I was fine with all of this but don’t think its worth the full price.

As for the final product I do think I like it but I’m not totally sure.  Oh and just for the record I’m not sure what is up with the shorts in the picture but they do look better then that most of the time I promise.  I think my frustration with this project also came from the fact that I was in a hurry to get a dress for Emily finished so she can get her picture taken th

is Friday.

The Facts

Fabric: 3 yards of lawn from $9.00 with a bit left for Emily or doll clothes

Pattern: Sassy Librarian Blouse on sale for $9.99  and Colette Jasmine for sleeves that worked on my apparently huge arms.

Notions: 5 buttons $3.00

First worn: Wednesday to run errands.

Wear again: probably we’ll have to see

Time to make:  Actual sewing about 5 hours including dealing with the tucks and the arms.  The video viewing took quite a while too though.

Total cost: $21.99 Do you ever look at the total and wonder if you would have paid that for it in a store?  I’m not sure on this one but I would have considered it for sure.



Stephanie mother tried to teach her how to sew growing up but she didn't really get serious about it until her 4 year old daughter was born and she wanted to put her in fancy smocked dresses. Since then, she has learned to smock and sew. Her blog and screen name come from the initials of her two children Elijah who is 8 and Emily who is 4.


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  1. I love Lady Gaga too!

    I think there’s no way you’d find a cotton lawn blouse for $21 in the store anymore, usually most fabrics have some polyester blend to them, and those would be cheaper than $21, but the ones with good fabric (like the one you made) would retail for a lot more than $21.

  2. The blouse has a lot of interesting details and the fabric looks pretty cool in the pictures.

  3. I have always loved pintucks but have yet to try them. And I like the sleeves.

  4. What an effort! Love all the detail and your construction notes. I always do a set in sleeve and they do require some experience. I usually end up picking out a few puckers before the job is finished. I’m not sure why french seams are so popular right now unless the fabric is super sheer. Seems like a lot of extra work to me and who see’s it? I guess I’m spoiled by my serger.

    • The fabric is a touch sheer and really french seams don’t take more time once you get used to it. I would say the same about setting in the sleeve. If you do it carefully in the flat is much easier and looks exactly the same. I guess its all a matter of preference.