Hot! The “A Collar Makes Me Hollar” Shirt

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton Swiss Dot-main $?, Tan cotton-underlining $1 per yard
Pattern: Butterick 5365 $.99
Year: modern
Notions: thread, 9 teal buttons $1
Time to Complete: A little bit everyday over the course of a week
First Worn and Wear Again: today for pictures and Yes!!!
Total Cost: I’m going to say under $10

Hi ya’ll! Today is my first day back at school and my daughter’s first day of High School. Eeek! I held everything together until she got out of the car and then I shed a little tear for the little baby my daughter isn’t anymore. She’s a young woman who is beautiful, smart, confident and stylish. Love her! Alright, tearing up again…let’s talk about this shirt.

 I’ve been on the lookout for a cute, easy button down shirt pattern. I have a few requirements for these shirt patterns. First and foremost, it must have options for different cup sizes. I still need to learn how to correctly do an FBA and not having to do one just makes my life sooooo much easier. Second, it must be versatile, sleeve options, hem options, fabric options, you guys know what I mean. Anyway, I’ve cruised passed this pattern quite a few times, because of the line drawings. I prefer to see a pattern on a real person, am I alone in this? You can never be sure how it will translate. I picked it up on a whim at a pattern sale. I made a muslin out of the tan underlining and then dove right in. 

This pattern went together super duper easy! I underlined every piece so that added a lot of extra time. I’m so glad I did though, because the swiss dot is really see-through. The construction was really straight-forward and I’d recommend this pattern to the novice or the advanced. I changed the sleeves a little bit. I left the sleeves a mid-length to allow for cuffs or no cuffs. I thought about tacking the cuffs down, but I like options. I also didn’t use the cuff pattern piece, I just rolled them up.

Here’s a close up of the underlining. Also, you can just see my french seam on the right side of the pic. I prefer french seams. Neat, tidy and quick.  This shirt had an interesting finish for a button down. Perhaps it’s common, but I’ve never seen it. Instead of a placket there was a facing. I prefer a placket, but used the facing method just to try it out. I’m even more convinced that I prefer a placket. :D

Here’s a close up of the collar. I still need to tack that facing down to the shoulder seams. I even still have pins in the shoulder seams, which I forgot about until after the pics. Whoops!
I’m still unsure about this pattern. It’s a little boxy, and I wish the hem was a little longer, but that’s easily fixed.  I’ve already got my eye on another shirt pattern so this might just be it for Butterick 5365. About the title, have any of you seen Honey Boo-Boo? I love trashy television!



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  1. I think this top is pretty cute. You look great in it. I have many different shirt patterns and still haven’t found my go-to. I haven’t tried them all yet so it just might be there waiting for me!

  2. I think it looks great on you, and I really like the fabric. Perhaps you could add darts from another pattern to fix the boxy problem?

  3. The shirt really fits great in the shoulders and arms and that’s usually my sticking point. It looks great on you and it really beautiful pattern.

  4. Wow, I’m impressed at the amount of work you committed to with the underlining. It’s a very pretty blouse. My heart is with you on the daughter starting high school. Mine is a sophomore now, but I feel that pang every year. They grow up too quick don’t they?

  5. Wowsers lined and all that’s so impressive. Great job Clarissa. I think I’m a placket girl too :)

  6. omg Honey Boo Boo! Ha! Love the blouse and the beautiful Swiss dot – it turned out great! And bravo for lining it as well :)

  7. Very pretty and kudos for all the effort to make it just the way you wanted it. I’m impressed with the underlining and the french seams. It looks so well-made. May I suggest putting two darts down the back on your next blouse? That seems to handle the boxiness for me. By the way, are you a teacher too? I’m up to my ears this week with new students, new curriculum, and all the other school related business. Hope your year goes well.

    • Thanks Barbara! I really do love a finished inside seam. :D No, I’m not a teacher yet. I’m in my last year of school studying to become a teacher. I student teach next fall. I can’t wait!