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R.I.P Anna Piaggi a rare bird if ever there was one.

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Hello yellow; I think I only have one item in my wardrobe in this happy sunny shade I’m not big on yellow by itself but, mixed with black I’ll throw it over my head and walk forward. For this challenge I thought I’d do a refashion on this thirfted skirt, the waistline is too small for me I knew this when I bought it, I also knew I wanted to make it into a halter-neck top but until now have never managed the time to do so. I purchased a fabric dye- Sunflower Yellow from Dylon and worked on changing the colour. I think she turned out a treat no blotches at all.

Kazzthespazz.com_ Yellow3

Next, I removed the waistband, zip and pockets and measured up my bust, I used tailors chalk to mark out the measurements then went in for the cut,  the offcuts were used for the interfaced facings. Elastic was applied to the top centre back area which sits approximately 4inches across the middle; I turned this over and sewed a straight stitch to keep it in place. I then re-applied the waistband to the neck but not before I cut out a keyhole and applied black bias binding in to give it that ‘wow’ factor. She buttons up at the back of my neck.

Kazzthespazz.com_ Yellow9

Because this little challenge was a quickie for me, I purchased around 10m of the thickest and cheapest cord I could find. I cut this and this into 8cm strips, sewing right sides together. I then grabbed my handy loop turner and turned each strip right side through and then threaded the cord through, sewing the ends into place. I made two separate pieces, one black and white and the other a mixture of the yellow and black & black and white. I did contemplate fitting this to the top but thought I would get more use out of it if it were more of an accessory; So, that it is!

Kazzthespazz.com_ Yellow

This is my best Linda Ronstadt pose minus the roller skates, perm and short shorts from an album my dad played non stop when I was a little girl; I used to sit and just stare at her, I wanted to be Linda, she was such a hottie.
Kazzthespazz.com_ Yellow8

I love how this turned out, I love that it’s yellow too, I think she will get a lot of wear in the warmer months and it doesn’t look too bad unbelted but do prefer it belted.

Below are just a few different ways I can wear my new fancy accessory. I like it, I like it a lot.


Little Triggers- Elvis Costello

The Facts

Fabric | Thrifted cotton skirt-Refashioned, cotton for the accessory.

Pattern | Non
Year | Right here Right now!
Notions | 10m of cord for the accessory, I button and a sliver of elastic
Time to complete | Skirt 2hrs, Accessory 2hrs
First worn | for the photos
Wear again? O H    Y  E  S !
Total price | Dye $12, and the cord $2.50 a metre. Skirt $4, cottons – Stash



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  1. Ah, Linda Ronstadt. What a voice. I’m going to remember the too-tight skirt = shirt thing. Next time I see one I love and bemoan my large waistline, I will remember I can always Kazzify it. :)

    • Yay great to hear, I just thought it to be a damn shame for it not to be transformed into something wearable. I’m wearing it right now and got a few looks and compliments on it too.

  2. Very nice refashion! I love the keyhole detail and the lady peeks out. Never would of guessed this started out as a skirt. I call this a great success.

  3. love it! The yellow dye worked out amazingly and looks great on you.

  4. That’s all it took hah just one look
    That’s all it took woah just one look
    That’s all it woah baby you know I love your sewing skills

    Great dye job, I’ve got to try that!

  5. Hah! I remember those skirts! They were so fashionable back in what was it, 2005 maybe? I was working at the Met, and the front desk would take bets on how many of those would pass through the museum in a day. They were fantastic skirts, just so over-used. Your remake is anything but over-used though – you’ve made that poor skirt totally new and fresh. I love it (especially since you dyed it yellow).

  6. I’ve got a similar skirt in my closet : ) Now I know how to update it! Amazing job as usual, and yet your stuff still makes me gasp and smile! I met Linda Rhonstadt once, many years ago. When that album was hot she was dating then-governor of California Jerry Brown and rollerskating on the weekends. They both moved on seperately, she did some amazing music celebrating her native culture and Jerry? Did a stint as mayor of Oakland, state attorney general and today is once again the Governor! I still love that album that made her a superstar.

  7. Another knock out Kazz! That necklace is great! I remember those skirts too – they even sold the fabric printed up all ready to cut out and sew up – they were everywhere in Sydney Kazz, maybe you were living under a rock that year??!! Or busy, or something!

    • HA! You know I must of been heavily sedated or something because I don’t remember them at all I’m not a ‘what’s hot in the shop’ kinda gal maybe I can help make them come around a second time. Thanks Trish

  8. Love the whole ethnic vibe, you have knocked this out of the park. Fabulous!

  9. Amazing refashion! It’s such a beautiful print and fun style to wear. Very flattering on you. You look fantastic as always. Love your neck ropes and head wrap. I love your style.

  10. Wow, what a wonderful way to refashion a skirt. Love it how a tattoo lady peeks out of that keyhole neckline. ;)

  11. Cool cool top and the necklace is awesome. I saw that thick braid stuff at the thrift and wondered what you could possibly do with it. Now I know!