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Last week I was scrolling through my Google Reader catching up on some of my favourite fashion blogs; Susie Bubbles blog Style Bubble is one of my favourites I’ve been reading for years. Susie herself is fierce, I love her anything goes approach to fashion, her quirky, colourful, cutesy style, not for the faint of heart either, I’m a fan. I was reading this post and pretty much fell in love with the Christopher Shannon A/W 11 pom pom tassel shirt (pictured below). I had only just purchased some— of what looks to be the exact same mexican poncho cotton woven fabric a couple of weeks back keeping it in my stash for that flashing idea to come to fruition.

Christopher Shannon pom pom shirt

Will. you. look. at. that? I think it’s gorgeous and it’s a mens shirt, I love mens clothes and as I’ve discovered, this little beauty is sold out everywhere. Lucky for me and my sewing hey? now I have my very own. I’m just glad it has a collar so I could submit it here this week. :P


Construction was fairly simple, I used my go-to shirt pattern and cut the front and back pieces in the mexican woven to where I wanted them to sit. I then sewed the pom pom braid to the pieces, (I know I’m stating the obvious-sorry) I have five different colours in there: yellow, light blue, purple, aqua and black. I serged all of the insides before it unravelled. I then placed the cut, white pin-tucked voile to the front and back placing small pleats in at the bust so it’s not so blah and flat looking. The back I forced the fabric into the centre folding each side in which forms a pleat (I’m sure there is a fancy name for this) I placed a loop across for some added interest, if you squint you may see it. | Collar

Onto the sleeves- I pulled out a couple of the threads from the woven so it frayed, that added interest thing again… the voile has turned-over slits at the opening of the cuffs which also button up.

Kazzthespazz | Collar

The collar, I pulled from Vogue Cutting Edge Pattern 1248. I like this collar pattern it actually has three collars at different sizes, I’ve used this collar here and sewn the Vogue shirt here. I like that the pattern has a collar band which lifts the collar up nice and high around the neck. The collar band I cut from blue broad cloth and the underside of the collar is pink broad cloth, a nice quirky touch methinks.

It’s been raining here in Melbs so I hope you don’t mind the non existent background I hope all the colour makes up for it.

Happy Days.

Jane Says– from Nothing’s Shocking- one of my all time favourite bands Janes Addiction

The Facts

Fabric | Mexican Cotton Woven and pin tucked voile

Pattern | My go-to shirt pattern and the collar from V1248
Year | Contemporary
Notions | 3 black buttons, 8 white buttons, various pom pom braid
Time to complete |  Approx 5 hours
First worn | For these photos
Wear again? Of course
Total price | woven cotton-$14, Pintucked Voile -$14, broad cloth from stash.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Oh Kazz, this is just radical! I love everything about it. Your pictures are amazing as well. And there you go showing your great legs again. Good for you! You rock them my friend!

    • Aw thanks Bethany, that’s what they say, if you have it flaunt it :/ I don’t mind my 41 year old pins.

      Hope everything is smoothing out for you.

  2. Now who would have thought, as I opened your post, “Jane Says” starts playing online?? Weird…. Well…Loran says this is wonderful : ) And I’ll have you know that you have GREATLY influenced my choice of the next challenge (spoiler alert!) and last night I sewed and giggled for almost 2 hours. I may have to give my pom-pom makers a workout.

  3. All that beautiful color, the great dress, and the fun moving picture and all I can think is-
    Kazz-you’re so pretty!

  4. Wow! so cool Kazz. That is so wearable! Well done!

  5. Wearable artwork! I saw the Yayoi Kusama show in NYC, you should see the outdoor artwork they have in the park here also. Did you see the LV dots? I truly want to make something with polka dots.

    Did you make the pintucks?

    • I’ve seen copious amounts of photo’s and have loved everything I’ve seen so far. You’re so lucky. I’ll be on the look out for your polkadot piece then? Do it Krista, it will look brilliant!

      Pintucks? god no that’s just crazy.

  6. Oooh! Pom poms! Love it!

  7. The color in this one leaves me breathless! I think I’m inspired to knit something with this palette and add pom-poms to it. I need to put my pom-pom makers to good use. Lovely lovely lovely, Kazz!

    • Thank you Adri, my daughter is the best pom pom maker she made me the two big red ones, she’s such a talent. I love this colour palette too, I’m really pleased with this shirt.

  8. Totally love it! Adds so much to an otherwise plain shirt. Fantastic job as usual!!

  9. Sometimes I love what you sew but I feel I could NEVER pull it off myself, while this dress… I want to steal it from you so badly! So gorgeous! And your pom pom head pieces are just genius.

    • This is what I love about Sew Weekly we are all very unique in what we choose to sew each week which makes for an interesting mix in the daily posts.

      Thanks Paunnet, I’m a big fan of your consistency and devotion to the Cute Dress you always look great.

  10. These patterns and colors bring back great memories for me. I’ve been to Guatemala and Panama and actually lived in Mexico for 4 years. These Middle American countries love COLOR! In fact I have some great stuff in my stash that need to be displayed like your wonderful woven Mexican fabric with the addition of pompoms. Very inspirational, Kazz, and I’m going to use your idea sometime if that’s ok?

  11. Gosh I wish I had your legs so I could carry off a shirt dress like this. You’d better look after them in case we ever meet….Love this shirt, the pom poms are so happy. Pretty much sure I like your version better than the inspiration too.