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 I have been really excited about this challenge ever since it made its appearance in the dashboard. So. many. possibilities; *rubs hands together* I settled on my go-to happy music, Reggae! There is not a day that goes by that any of the following-Dub, Reggae, Roots, Rock Steady, Ska are not played in my itunes, so lets all pop on some Reggae: Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Desmond Dekker, Scratch Lee Perry, Jimmy Cliff, dig out those Trojan Records and lets dance. I’m a big big fan, it simply just, makes me happy. I could dance for days on the stuff. How about you? | Reggae

I started this challenge about three weeks ago, I haven’t picked up knitting needles since high school, I never enjoyed the drawn-out process or the beige colour my mum chose for me enough for me to even finish the project however, when I found this amazing piece of yum by Isabel-Marant I thought- I’m going to give it a whirl. I absolutely LOVE the deconstruction/punk aesthetic it holds. I love the imperfections. If I was ever going to knit again it would be this baby for sure. She only costs $1599  :/ | Reggae

I purchased a stack of cotton poplin and started shredding it up into 1-inch strips, tying them at the joins then rolling them into balls. Off I went, knit one purl one, knit one purl one, occasionally getting myself into a tangled mess. The hardest thing for me was the ‘sitting still’ part just sitting and knitting, I’m always go-go-go so I found it a tad hard to just relax and do this rhythmic thing over and over. I eventually got to the point of  I. don’t. want. to .do. this. anymore. I like sewing because I can have it by the end of the day. In the end, the wait was worth it. | Reggae

 I knitted two rectangles adding the different colours haphazardly as I went and this is how it turned out. The sleeves-I slowly descended on the stitching as I went to get a shape that resembled a sleeve, they’re a bit bulky so if I were to ever do this again I wouldn’t cast on as many stitches. The neckline and the bottom are just the cast on’s and cast off”s, no band, I wanted it to look as punk as possible. The top is rather heavy as you can imagine, approximately 10metres or so of 150mm wide poplin, it is like the warmest, most comfortable bed you can imagine. Doonaville! | Reggae

On to the graphics-Do you like my Bob Marley wall? Hubby and I found a plain white brick wall to take photo’s against and I used my handy Graphic Design- Photoshop skills to put this wall together using layer masks and the like; I think it turned out amazeballs! both the top and the wall. Looking back I put a lot of time into this one, I guess because I’m playing with my three main loves- Sewing, Music and Graphic Design. My blog has been revolving around the three for sometime now so I guess it was inevitable. I’m a very visual person, tell me a joke! I’ll see it in pictures. Reading a book is a visual feast. I hope you like the visuals here, from the clothes through to the graphics. This is my little niche-sewing (even though this is knitted) and Graphic Design. Why not, I like my posts to be a visual presentation as opposed to a text heavy tutorial. I like blogs of the same nature, I read more design blogs than sewing blogs because of their visual presentations. The way elements are laid out, the photography, typography. For me it’s like food for the visual side of my brain. Yum. | Reggae

I can’t wait to see what everyone has made. S U P E R   E X C I T E D.

Is This Love- Bob Marley and The Wailers

The Facts

Fabric | Cotton poplin
Pattern | Self drafted
Year | In the now
Notions | 20mm needles-Rockets
Time to complete |  Two audio books, and the new Bob Marley doco- What a man, THE freedom fighter! 2-3hrs to edit the photos
First worn | for the photo’s
Wear again? Hell yeah!!
Total price | approx $40



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Amazingly cool. Glad Mena posted it without reservation of it being sewn. I did an early challenge for buttons, crocheting and she didn’t post it until weeks after the challenge closed. DId you sew the sides together? or is it all constructed by knitting? I’m super excited to see what coming down the pike! I’d wear your sweater in a heart beat!! Ja rules!

    • Thanks Krista, I forgot to mention that I blanket stitched it together- construction by knit?…Jah Rules indeedy, do you have a personal favourite that you like to listen to?

      • Actually, men singers I listen to – Beres Hammond, Nasio, Luciano, Buju Banton, Toots & the Maytals and Yellowman. Women singers Queen Ifrica, Sister Carol, really to many to list. Old school song favorite – One Cup of Coffee, New School – SHe’s in love with Rasta Man, cause I am ;)

  2. I pulled the shorts out that I knit for the green challenge the other day. My husband asked me why I hadn’t worn them and I told him it was because they’re too warm to wear in the summer. They’re not great for winter either.
    I really love this top Kazz. It looks comfy and very edgy. I think I’ll have to pull out my knitting needles again and try and make some thing I will actually wear. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. That top is so glorious I *almost* miss winter. I’m thinking that I might knit something like this using up various remnaants that I can’t bear to part with. Thanks for the amazing inspiration, as usual!!!!

    • Thank you darling Loran and thanks for the comment on my blog too xx. I recommend saving all the remnants and definitely knitting something from them, all the different weights and textures sure would make an interesting piece.

  4. I knew we’d be seeing a feature from you thins week as I was pretty sure this challenge was made for you. I’m not disappointed. :)

  5. I knew you would ROCK this challenge!! I’m impressed that you pulled out your knitting! I’m so spoiled by the immediateness of sewing that I haven’t finished a knit project in months.

    I am super impressed with that wall! It’s the perfect post to start off music week!

  6. Wow.. amazing job. Looks great on you.

  7. Very cool Kazz, you’re so creative! Love your inspiration too. In high school a friend of mine made me a reggae mix tape and I’ve been hooked ever since. I just checked on the Wona Knit sweater and it’s now on sale for $1119, totally affordable. In the words of my high school~”Not!”

  8. Very cool Kazz, you’re so creative! Love your inspiration too. In high school a friend of mine made me a reggae mix tape and I’ve been hooked ever since. I just checked on the Wona Knit sweater and it’s now on sale for $1119, totally affordable, just kidding~

  9. wait.
    You knit a whole sweater for a challenge?!?
    Holy crap.

    I was totally into his son, Ziggy Marley, when I was in high school, and had his first album on permanent rotation in my ’81 Chevette casette player. Must dig that out again.

    • I did it casually over three weeks and the needles were like rockets Vicki!

      I’ve been listening to Stephen Marleys newbie- Revelation Pt1: Root of Life, it’s just magic!

  10. Awesome! I love that you did something other than sewing (though I have terrible associations with the whole big sweater ‘You Knit Unique’ thing, sad that it’s been NZ’s biggest contribution to the fashion world so far! Of course, if most of the garments I’ve worked with looked like yours I might have been more impressed ;-).

    I love Marley too – reggae is really big in Hawaii, I couldn’t believe it when I went away to university and my roommate had never heard of him!

    What you did with the wall is amazing! I looked at your images and wondered how you had found such a perfect backdrop, and then the penny dropped. Great way to tie your world together!

    • Thanks Leimomi, Trish wrote a comment about NZ’s contribution to the fashion world and I have to agree with her, the place is bursting with fashiony goodness.

      Wow that’s crazy not knowing or hearing of Bob Marley-How? glad to read you sorted that out hehe.

      Glad you like the wall. I wish it was near my house.

  11. Thank you for the visual feast! I can’t believe you knitted that…. It’s incredible. No wait, I do believe it because you’re incredible! The wall plus your layer of Marley makes such a nice composition. Always awesome that’s what I have to say.

    • Ah thanks Barbara, I wont be knitting again for a while it bored me to death but am happy with the end product. Glad to read you’ve enjoyed my visual feast. Yay!

  12. Kazz, you continue to raise the bar – love your Bob Marley wall and your tenacity, a wonderful effort..

    Leimomi – I beg to differ – I would put it to you that New Zealand’s greatest fashion moment was were Karen Walker’s mens style pants were the favourite of a well known singer called Madonna.

    Oh and what about Zambesi, World, and Karen Walker – to name a few who have international following. And Collette Dinnigan – studied at Wellington Polytechnic.

    Actually Collette Dinnigan who shows regularly in Paris is probably the best example. I know she lives in Sydney, but I am stealing her back for New Zealand.

    • Thanks Trish. Raising the bar? don’t know about that, I’m just happy to be able to create and have a wonderful community to share it with.

    • Not NZ greatest fashion moment – our biggest contribution. While I agree we have many amazing designers (Dinnigan (and half of the other major NZ designers) trained where I teach!) that are making waves internationally, the ‘big sweater’ craze of the 1980s was started in NZ by Lee Andersen, and spread worldwide from there. It’s the only major fashion trend picked up by every level of society that can absolutely be traced to NZ. It’s a pretty amazing story, and not that well known. I assisted with a major research/collection project around it. Some day there will be a book or an exhibition.

      So, not our greatest moment, but our biggest! If only some of the other NZ fashions became as globally popular!

  13. What an amazing idea! I love that sweater on you (and btw I wish I had your legs!) I am not much of a knitter either and I prefer sewing for the same reasons…it just seems to take forever to produce a piece of fabric this way! But this was definitely worth the effort. I am very impressed. I am chuckling a bit to myself though because our attitude about this challenge couldn’t have been more different and our posts and they were published on the same day. I wonder whether Mena did this on purpose. ;)

  14. Thanks Djamila, I agree, this is why I love sewing so much.

    We are at totally different ends of the spectrum when it comes to music, I can’t handle silence because I don’t like listening to my rambling brain. I love that we are all different, it makes for great conversation.

  15. Good Lord, you are creative! I love how random the colors are. And that wall! Your graphic design skills are top notch my friend! Was this like your favorite challenge ever? Getting to mix all 3 of your loves together.

  16. I am so impressed that you not only knit a whole sweater but also had the patience to shred all those fabric strips for it. I could never… It looks great (as does the Photoshopped wall–I thought it was real)!

  17. I saw this theme pop up on the dashboard and immediately thought of you! How perfect that you lead off the week as the Monday featured contributor. :) Amazing work, definitely captures the Bob Marley feel.

  18. For the win! Love the inspiration, the execution, and the backdrop/presentation! Fantastic as always. You won’t mind if I knit up a few of these to sell for some pin money for the holidays, will you? ; )

  19. Love this idea. I’ve been buying up t-shirts in our local charity shop sales and saving old knits with the idea that when the Sew Weekly year is over, I’m going to make myself a colourful rag rug for my sewing room….but perhaps I’ll make me a jumper instead now. And your photoshopping skills! I was convinced you’d found a Marley wall as inspiration until I read the post.