Hot! “Every Rose Has it’s Thorn” Halter

The Facts:

Fabric: Vintage Cotton, gifted
Pattern: Mccalls 6311 from stash
Year: Modern
Notions: separated zipper(3.99), bust pads ($10)
Time to Complete: 6 Hrs
First Worn: August 2012
Wear Again: Probably not
Total Price: $14

The title of this post speaks clearly for itself. I was not feeling this challenge at all, but I made myself do it anyways. Here’s the story, from the top. So, a couple weeks ago I started a dress with a coral and pink floral design that I hand drafted and added yellow bias tape to, thinking it would surely pass for the yellow challenge. I then started to work on the other challenges to get ahead. It wasn’t until last Wednesday, the 1st, I started to regret my decision. I rummaged through my fabric stash for inspiration. I was not feeling inspired at all by the choices of yellow I had. I was not going to go out and but any fabric with out an idea of what to do with it. Side note: I hate wearing yellow. I don’t think it looks good on my skin at all, so you can imagine my frustration in the first place.


It wasn’t until Friday afternoon, of the 3rd, that I felt I needed to step out of my comfort zone and make something I will never wear but just to get the experience and know how of accomplishing something different. This challenge became a learning experience more than any other challenge. It occurred to me that as a designer, not all of my clients are going to have the same modesty background as I do. I, myself do not wear clothing attire that shows a lot of skin, but just because I don’t wear so little, doesn’t mean I wont have clients that don’t. So, I need to make myself more experienced in all kinds of styles of clothing. I need to be able to eventually say “I can do that, when do you need it by?”. I do not want my client demographic limited by all means.

So I chose to do a halter top with a built in bra using this yellow cotton with reddish roses. The pattern is originally a dress, but I only wanted to do the top part and keep it a separate since I only had a little bit of the weekend to finish it. This was so annoying and my body is so awkward to fit. My bust measurement is only 4 inches bigger than my waist measurement. It is really not fun to fit clothes to my bust. I still needed it taken in at the bust and I should have added under wire. I really thought adding the bra would help my lack of…well, you know where I’m lacking. Well, in fact, wearing this top was just awkward. I felt awkward in every way possible with the fit of my halter. I have so much to improve on, but ran out of time. It is what it is for now. Good thing is, is that it can be fixed easily, and maybe I’ll gift it to someone it will fit and will wear it.

You can see it in my face, how much I am hating on this right now. Oh well, I used Sew Weekly to better my skills on this one.

Year of No Fear!!!



Bethany is a forever student in Fashion Design. She took a hiatus from her studies due to the fear of using a sewing machine and a long term illness. It wasn't until her daughter was born, she felt inspired to create again and dive headfirst into sewing by machine.


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  1. Bethany , great job and I think the color looks good on you. Happy sewing.

  2. I think it looks fab. The floral on the yellow suits.

  3. I think it looks really nice! But, you’re right, whatever happens it’s always a learning experience so go you!

  4. I totally understand! I just now un-sewed the whole bodice and skirt I had lined up for the yellow challenge. The fit wasn’t working and neither was the color. :( I think your top looks nice, though. And even despite your bust-fitting issues, I think it’s quite flattering.

  5. I think it looks great Bethany. I’m glad you managed to push through and see it s a learning experience.

  6. I think it looks great – but if you don’t agree, that’s all that matters! :) The style of this top reminds me a bit of Chie work at Vivat Veritas… She’s also, um, petite on top – I wonder if you could get any fitting tops by looking at her stuff?

  7. Hi Bethany, it’s a great idea just to throw yourself into learning a skill and then gifting to someone who will love to wear it. Don’t forget to put your label inside so they remember where it came from;)

  8. I know that feeling but as you said it’s a learning experience and now that you’ve made this one your next one will be easier. She looks pretty good from here but do understand where you’re coming from. Yep! yellow is a hard one.

  9. Very cute top! Sorry to hear you don’t like the color so much. It’s very pretty. And definitely something that someone with a smaller chest can wear very well.

  10. Bethany I do not understand what are you talking about! The bustier looks it fits you marvelous! trust me better to fit loose than tight!!! Congratulations you totally rocked on this one. Can you help me how can I post a challenge? I have my yellow challenge ready, but I do not know how to do it. My email is

  11. Yep, I feel your pain there. Yellow isn’t my color either. But its not always about the end result, so good job on tackling something difficult and perservering. Besides, our closets are getting a little full so maybe we can let one or two items move on to someone else who will love them, eh? Congrats on taking a chance.

  12. I think the top looks great but, of course, feeling confident is very important. Well done pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Hopefully, you’ll love your next piece.