Hot! Don’t Upset the Rhythm

Don't Upset the Rhythm

This absolutely gorgeous, fashionable and fierce woman is lead singer, and resident singing-upside-down badass, Shingai Shoniwa of the British band, The Noisettes. I can’t even stand how amazing her personal style is. In editorials she is regal and often evocative of Grace Jones. And on the red carpet she is fearless and fun in a way that most can’t pull off. Click her image for more of her style, which I’ve always clocked!

“Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go)” is my favorite Noisettes song!! Though equally loved songs like “Never Forget You” and the hard rocking “Don’t Give Up” and “Scratch Your Name” might be more your flavor.

A large part of me wanted to go for one of Shingai’s more avant garde looks which might be comprised of headdresses, feathers, winged jumpsuits, hot pants, bustiers, glittering fringe and/or exaggerated hip & shoulder details complete with face paint and bare feet for maximum jumping, thrashing and cartwheeling ability. I could also go with one of her chic or casual looks with a trim sheath dress, short-shorts or high waist pants.

But then I saw the new Victory Patterns on Kristiann’s Pinboard (she is so freaking nice I want to buy TWO of every pattern in her shop!!) and I HAD to have ROXANNE!! I knew with a funky print and a teeny, trim skirt I could have my Shingai inspired look and wearability, too!

Don't Upset the Rhythm

Don't Upset the Rhythm

Don't Upset the Rhythm


Don't Upset the Rhythm

The Facts
Fabric | A rayon blend (I have NO CLUE what it’s blended with) woven ($2.39 a yard) for the top, quilting cotton (free) for the contrast and a stretch rayon blend ($2.39 a yard) for the skirt. The rayon blends are from and the I got the quilting cotton at a BurdaStyle sewing club meetup.
Patterns | Victory Patterns, Roxanne and none for the skirt.
Year | Current! Very, very current! I bought the pattern the same day it was released. It was PERFECT for this challenge!
Notions | Thread and elastic (the skirt waistband).
Time to complete | Two hours or so for the top. I struggled with the collar a bit. This was due to my tendency towards sewing inconsistent seam allowances. I had to resew one collar piece so that they matched and then I was too stubborn (or tired, really) to follow the (very simple and clear) pleating directions. Don’t sew when tired, peeps. The skirt was dead simple, but it was try #3 for a bottom. Number one: pants cut with the stretch going the wrong way @^$*^@#@!! Number two: a black knit version of this skirt which didn’t look great with the blue. It worked out in the end.
First worn | To take my little daughter to swimming lessons. I hope I didn’t look like a Real Housewives wannabe with red lips on in a pool at 10am ;o)
Wear again? | Hell yes!! I LOOOOOVE tops like this! The skirt is a bit too snug so it rides up. It’s okay for wearing with long and loose tops like this, though.
Total price | About $20 including the cost of the pattern, which I will definitely, definitely use again (and again!). I mean, LOOK at the back!

Don't Upset the Rhythm

PARTAY IN THE BACK, BAB! You might not have noticed the modification I made (unintentionally, but it’s really perfect as I normally can’t tolerate high, closed necklines) so I will point it out to you.

Don't Upset the Rhythm

The slit should be at the back of the top on this version, not the front. Remember what I said about sewing while sleepy….Rather than get really peeved and throw the top down in defeat, I took Shingai’s advice. I didn’t let it upset my rhythm!!

Go baby, go baby, GO!

Don't Upset the Rhythm

For a few Noisettes vids, check out this post on my blog. You WANT to hear this woman sing! And for more pics (we snapped SO many, I had a hard time choosing) click here a bit after this post goes live!





Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. Great job on a great outfit.. Love it and looks great on you.

  2. Very cool – and now you’ve got me groovin to the Noisettes at the lab bench.

  3. Hi Nettie, I just love the cool fabric on the top part, looks awesome and so much fun to wear. Thanks for turning me on to the victory pattern site.

    • Thanks, Krista! It IS fun to wear! Like a grown-up super hero cape, lol!

      Kristiann, the creator of Victory Patterns, is SO nice! Seriously. When she emailed me my pattern she asked after my family. We had exchanged emails before when I did giveaways of her patterns to celebrate some kid achievements.

  4. I LOVE your stuff but this is the best!

  5. Love it! Maybe if I had been there to help I could have helped you do one of her do’s with your hair. How fun would that have been? You strut your red lipstick at all hours! I do-

    • Thanks, G! I love that red lipstick! I only bought it last year and I already feel the most me with it on!

      I had high hopes of duplicating her sky high hair, but I knew I was going to the pool that day, so I opted out. My hair can get PLENTY big check it out:

      • Nettie-I cannot say that God has not blessed me and He continues to everyday. I just wish he could have given me hair like that. I mean really-is it so much to ask? I once had my hair in tiny little braids and when I finally took it out it looked something like that. I may need to sport some braids again!

      • Nettie-I cannot say that God has not blessed me and He continues to everyday. I just wish he could have given me hair like that. I mean really-is it so much to ask? I once had my hair in tiny little braids and when I finally took it out it looked something like that. I may need to sport some braids again!

        I’m jealous!

  6. Absolutely love the top. The fabric is amazing.

  7. Wow! What a Diva! Cool inspiration for your outfit. I love the bodice fabric and the unique cut of the top. You look like you could be one of her back up singers! ;) I’m going right back up to check out all of the links. Thanks!

    • OMG! I just went to Soundcloud and listened to some clips. She’s amazing! GOTTA HAVE IT!

      • Thanks, Barbara!! I would love to be her backup singer. Too bad about my average singing voice and stage fright, lol!!

        I’m so glad you like their music!! They deserve a bigger fan base, they’re truly talented.

  8. You certainly haven’t Upset the Rhythm, Love The Noisettes she’s damn foxy and a total trendsetter and when you mentioned Grace my heart skipped a beat. This is fantastic Nettie, just love the fabric you chose and the Victory-Roxanne, your photo’s are BRILL!

    ‘Never Forget You’ is my fav off that album, the whole albums great :)

    • Thanks, Kazz!!! I knew if anyone had already heard of them, it would be you! I love Never Forget You! The video is beautiful, too.

  9. I never realised that Don’t Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go) was by the same group as Never Forget You….thank you so much for all those fabulous links Nettie, I’ve now not only got a new group to get into more (I feel some iTunes purchases coming on) but you’ve introduced me to a new style icon to add to Paloma Faith (and of course the one and only Grace).

    I like the slit better the way you’ve done it….and yes, love that back. Your photos are amazing, your smile lights up any photo. Love it.

    • You’re welcome, doll!! We all need good music! And amazing style inspiration!! Even if I have nowhere to wear a pink pom pom dress :o)

      I’m glad for my error for sure. I hate high closed collars! And thanks for your compliment, you’re so sweet!

  10. LOVE this outfit and the top – such a good choice of inspiration, silhouette and fabric!! I definitely think that I’m going to have to make this!

  11. WOW! I really want to sew the Roxanne top now! You did a great job! It looks amazing on you!

  12. Nettie, this rocks! I also love your inspiration and your background for photos.