Hot! The “White” Shorts

The Facts
Fabric: 1 1/2 yards white denim from JoAnn, $15
Pattern: Colette Iris
Year: 2012
Notions: invisible zip, interfacing
First worn: 7/23
Wear again: Yes, I think so.
Time to complete: about 3 hours
Total cost: about $17

My sewing is usually based pretty firmly in reality, with few flights of fancy, I’m afraid.  I need to challenge myself more in the other direction.  I do have several orphan separates in my closet, including this top, which fit me briefly one summer when I was nursing.  For the challenge, I decided to fix the top and make a pair of shorts to go with it.  The alterations turned out to be super minimal– I just shortened the shoulder straps a few inches.  Why did it take me years to do that?

The shorts sewed up quickly too.  I made Iris shorts for last week, so I knew what I was doing and didn’t stop to check the fit constantly as I’ve gotten into the helpful habit of doing.  I made them without pockets or topstitching, just plain jane white shorts.  The denim has no stretch; I was thinking that might be a mistake, but so far so good.  I still love the Iris pattern.  I never wear white on the bottom, yet I’ve found myself attracted to it lately, so these shorts are also an experiment, a “reality check” of the wearability of white.  I don’t think I look translucent or anything.  I’ll see how they’ll launder.

I feel like this is a very “mom” outfit, but I’m okay with that.  Since I’ve been sewing, this summer’s wardrobe is so much better than last summer’s, which was just sad.  My daughter, who is 5, took all the pictures, after some discussion and negotiation, bless her sweet little heart.  Thank you all so much for your lovely comments the past couple weeks.  I wish I could do a better job keeping up with and commenting on all the SW posts lately, not to mention my inbox and everything else.  Come September some kind of routine will return, but for now it’s high summer and fun must be had!



Lee is a highly educated stay at home mom with a lot of projects. She lives in New York City.


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  1. She’s pretty go for 5! And take all the time you can to have fun this summer, she’ll only be 5 once : )

  2. Hey Lee, glad your having so much fun this summer. The short look great on your and white shorts go with so many things, its a great add on to the wardrobe.

  3. Love these shorts! I’m in the same boat with you, only I’ve fallen off the internet’s earth. I haven’t posted since June. Eek!! I have been sewing, but have had zero time for pics and posts. Soon fall will be here and routines will be instilled. Right now I have adventures to have!

  4. Very pretty top and worth the alterations. Great job on those shorts too. Enjoy your summer!

  5. Love that top and looks great with your white shorts. Enjoy your summer with your daughter.. so much fun..

  6. Great to hear that your sewing has made an improvement to your Summer wardrobe this year. You can never have too many shorts. It’s important to be comfy especially with the heat you guys have been experiencing of late. Great job Lee.

  7. Great outfit! Perfect for summer fun!

  8. Nice Lee! My white shorts have been holding up pretty good. I’m surprised.

  9. All your creations are so pretty, those shorts look fab matching the paisley border. I’m having great trouble keeping up with making, posting and commenting too….and don’t even ask about updating my own blog. Though school went back last week I haven’t yet gotten back into my routine, so please stop apologising and carry on making the most of summer and that little one, who won’t be for very long. Gorgeous colour top too btw, it’s a very ‘in’ colour.