Hot! The “White Goes With Anything” Dress

The scarf was my late grandmother’s. It’s from 1976 to mark the US bicentennial.













Pattern: McCall 6349 View C

Year: current

Fabric: seersucker and quilting cotton for lining

Notions: jeans zipper, ribbon, interfacing

Cost: $20

Time to complete: from cutting to final touches – 3 weeks

First worn: today for pictures (that’s what I always say!)

Wear again: Yes!  Next planned for the 4th and then, hopefully a lot for the rest of the summer.

There’s a lot I could say about this dress.  I think I’ll say some of it here and save some of it for my personal blog.  In short, I bought this seersucker knowing I wanted a breezy summer dress of some kind, possibly a Colette Hazel.  But, sadly, I am cheap and a $1.99 McCall pattern can sometimes be more alluring than the most desirable indie pattern.

I read some reviews, the few I could find, and they were all positive.  I was a little concerned about the lining and underlining of this dress (I didn’t even know the difference before I made it!) but the reviews said the directions were clear and it wasn’t difficult to put together.  I will agree with those who said it was tedious.  There are a lot of steps and I hand sewed the bodice lining to the zip and at the waist.

Because of the underlining and lining, this dress, which was supposed to be something I could throw on even on the hottest Mississippi summer day, is not as breezy as I’d hoped.  Like I mentioned previously, this is the first time I’d ever encountered underlining, so I may not know what I’m talking about here… I really don’t see why you couldn’t skip it.  A bra and three layers of fabric gets a little warm.  Another option would be to add cups to the inside of the dress if you’re petite like me.

After putting together the bodice, I slipped it on to check the fit and was distressed to find that I had to blow all the air out of my lungs before I could get the edges to meet in the back.  I made a decision on the fly to use an exposed zipper, not really my style, but I encouraged myself, “They are everywhere now and on trend, so why not use one?”

I inserted the zipper in the bodice (which made attaching the skirt later tricky) and put it back on to check.  It was baggy!  What in the world?  It was like the magic, size-changing bodice!  I totally could’ve used an invisible zip because I ended up trimming about 2 inches off get a snug fit.

My best Betty Grable impression.







My hubby helped me with the strap placement.  I wanted them to lay perfectly flat, so I paid no attention to the pattern markings and just had him pin one where I liked the look of it while I was wearing the partially completed dress.  I have to say, I was scared of him wielding pins, but there was no bloodshed.

Despite this dress not being the perfect hot weather dress as I’d hoped, it IS the perfect blank slate and therefore very versatile.  You can hop over to my blog ( and see the different ways I accessorized just for this photo shoot.  I’m sure, over time, I’ll discover many more.

This was my “pin-up” look.  You can see the detail on the front of the dress better like this, so I had to include these pics.






For the lining, I dug around in my stash and found some quilting cotton from the Sunkissed collection by Moda.  It was originally intended to become a quilt backing, but I don’t think I want an ivory quilt backing any more.  I really enjoy fabric with script writing on it, so the lining is a little happy, just for me.

And for y’all, because I’m showing you. :)

You’re welcome.

I think I’ve added a versatile and very wearable piece to my wardrobe.  I VERY rarely make solid colored clothing because I can’t resist a beautiful printed fabric.  I might have finally been converted by this dress because of how many ways I can accessorize it and how many occasions it could be appropriate for.  I could run errands in this, go on a date, or heck, I could even get married at a casual beach ceremony in this… or in my case, renew my vows.

Ok, I’m done, check the blog if you just can’t get enough.



Sara is a dance teacher by degree and at heart, but has currently set that aside while her husband completes his radiology residency and she raise their two little girls. Her interest in sewing began when she had her first little girl four years ago and she began sewing for herself just last year. Sewing is her creative outlet and is also becoming an academic endeavor as she attempt to educate herself further in this new pursuit.


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  1. Hi Sarah, what fun this dress is and I love the take on the lining, tre chic!

  2. I love the front of the bodice, so cute! I agree that sometimes trying to pinch the back together to see if the fit is right can be difficult. That’s when my trusty body double comes in, but even so, she’s hard and I’m squeeshy, so sometimes I have to unpick that darn zipper and adjust.. Your photos are adorable and I’m on my way over to your blog to check out the rest of the pics. Thanks for sharing.

    • Of course, I couldn’t post on my blog until this feature was up, so I’ve seen it now, and published my blog post.

  3. This is really cute. I love the white. Great for summer.

  4. Adorable dress. And I totally agree that white goes with anything – it needs to be the new black!

  5. I was very happy to see you featured today! I have loved your past contributions and think this dress is sweet. I am currently working on a project with several layers as well. It does seem like a bit much for a summer dress.

    I’m off to check out your blog-

  6. This dress is lovely and I love the different accessories. The vintage scarf is very cool – I collect scarves (big surprise!) I am inspired to work them into more photos! Love script on fabric too – what a cute idea for a lining

    • i started to wear scarves last spring, but I usually wear the long kind, not the square kind, so I had to look for some inspiration on how in the world they are being worn these days.

  7. The best Betty Grable impression ever, your dress is a smash Sara. Lovely to see you featured as well.

    • Well, I don’t know what Betty Grable would say, but I tried the best I could without wearing a malliot. You are so kind.

  8. Your Grandmother’s scarf is fantastic, I’m so glad you’ve been able to fit it into a suitable outfit. This dress is so pretty and looks perfect for this summer (even if a little too warm). I love your different ways of styling it on your blog, very versatile.

  9. It looks marvelous! I love that you made into a blank slate of sorts and can now accessorize any way you want!

    • Thanks Meg! I really do think I might wear some of the things I make more often if they were as versatile as this. I think versatility has just come to the forefront in my sewing. i wasn’t really concerned with it before.