Hot! The Rocky Ground Dress | Embellished

Oh I do love an embellished garment my Pinterest is full of them they’re what I ooh and ahhh over, I stare at them without blinking, I stroke the computer screen and say things like ‘I wish you were mine.’ Beading, embroidery, gorgeous rich fabrics and colours, different cultural textures, faux fur, pom poms… I love to show a twist in cultural elements within my clothes and jewellery choices. I think this garment reflects my taste in clothes very much. | Embellished

For this challenge I copied my favourite thrifted top ever that I have worn too death and is sadly just about ready for the bin. I picked up a sliver of this gorgeous rich fabric which almost mimics that of my ‘Favourite Top Ever’ The sliver happened to be $40 a metre I grabbed half a metre and decided to only use it for the front of the bodice and made the trimmings for the bottom of the dress with some of the leftovers. I used some scrap jersey from last weeks top for the back bodice which is a win really, it allows for easy entry and comfort, my Favourite Top Ever was tight and hurt my underarms but because I loved it so much I put up with the red patterns it left on my skin when I removed it. Ah the things you do for fashion huh?! | Embellished

When I cut the front bodice I knew I wanted to add the circle for the embellishing to sit. The faux fur is leftovers from the shrug I showed you on the On-Trend post this is sewn into the neckline like an oversized collar. The bottom half of the top is cut from a stretchy mesh fabric which I found in the bargain bin at Spotlight for a couple of dollars. I cut twenty panels all up just like My Favourite Top Ever but ended up using only fifteen panels due to it’s elasticity. The panels are approximately 6cm wide at the top and fan out to 12cm in width across the bottom. The dress is sleeveless due to limited fabric, she still works with the jersey knit underneath. | Embellished

The beading took the longest which I found really relaxing. I had no special design to follow it was a matter of just going with what I had on hand, making it up as I went. The cowrie shells and walnuts were thrifted sometime ago, $1 for the whole bag. Yipee! The other beads I purchased from Spotlight. I wanted it to have a real earthy feel about it I think I accomplished that. The dress needed to be completed by the weekend because we were out all weekend visiting my folks, the beading I managed to do in the car on the way and finished the rest off sitting on my mums rocking chair with the sun beaming down on me which felt lovely after being full of a cold for what seems to be an eternity.

I just love how this turned out and will probably be living in it just like I did My Favourite Top Ever. | Embellished

Making our way back home hubby found this dirt road just off the main road surrounded by fields of canola yet to bloom so we pulled in and took these photos. Natural, earthy shots to reflect the dress.

I’m naming this one ‘Rocky Ground’ after one of Bruce Springsteens songs off he’s brilliant new album Wrecking Ball which I recommend everyone listen to, it’s heart wrenching and very unexpected. I think it’s a masterpiece and am now a Bruce Springsteen fan. Yup! Have you heard it? My gosh do yourself a favour and have a wee listen.

The Facts
 Fabric | Woven silk, stretchy mesh knit and jersey
Pattern | Copied from my Favourite Top Ever. 
 Year | Contemporary
 Notions | Beads, walnuts, cowrie shells
 Time to complete | The dress approx 4 hours the beading another 4hrs approx. I’m not a timekeeper.
First worn | for these photos
Wear again? Too death till us part
Total price | Woven silk $20, mesh $5, beads $1 cowrie and walnuts $5 for the others.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Hi Kazz, what a gorgeous and interesting top, love all the details of course. I can see why you love the original top, that is gorgeous too!

    • Thanks Krista, I think my Favourite Top Ever made for an interesting top to copy for this challenge, I’m really pleased with how she turned out.

  2. AMAZING — and I say that as someone who has a completely different style than you have. Your talent just shines through your pieces, and this dress is a work of art. I can only imagine that in real life you are the ultimate cool lady. Lady Gaga would be lucky to have you not just for her stage, but for her own attire as well.


    • Wow Sarah what a wonderful compliment you’re making me blush. I’m super happy with this one and I’m so pleased you can see the work that went into it. Thank you so much.

  3. Gosh you really outdid yourself here. Outstanding job on the embellishments: fur, shells, beads, etc… and you saved your fave top! Also, wonderful photos! These are really beautiful photos of you!

    • Thank you Adri, I don’t feel so bad about binning My Favourite Top Ever now. Thank you for the compliment on the photos, I’ll let my hubby know, he’s getting really good at taking photos he know’s what I like. He’s pretty awesome.

  4. This is just beautiful and amazing. Seriously, this looks like a spread in a high fashion magazine.

    • WOW thank you Tina, I’m glad you like it as much as I do. I wore her into town yesterday and received some wonderful comments. I think she’s my favourite so far.

  5. Wow. That’s what I said, out loud to myself in front of my computer at home- wow!

  6. Sometime you need to do a turban tutorial for the Sew Weekly. I’m always intrigued. And I agree with Tina. I’d like to see a feature on you in Vogue.

    • Thanks Erin all I do is tie a piece of jersey around my head then the fabric, twisting and tucking as I go. I need to make sure it looks flattering from all angles so poking and prodding is key before I walk out the door. I’d like to be a feature in Vogue, that would be dreamy.

  7. I really love this Kazz! you were made for this challenge. You’ve been embellishing just about everything this whole year! We should have had a special non-embellishment challenge just for you. I think this is one of my favorites from you. Thanks for sharing-it really brightened up my day!

  8. This might be one of the best things I have ever seen on Sew Weekly! So rock-star bohemian. LOVE IT!

    • Wow Nina I keep re-reading your comment, pinching myself. Thank you so much. I’m really proud of this one. I’m so glad you like it. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Stunning! The combination of fabric/ texture is simply breathtaking! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  10. Thank you Adey. I agree, it was important to stick to natural but rich looking fabrics and textures to get the look across. Thank you so much for commenting and seeing my vision.

  11. Kazz, you are so incredibly beautiful. Inside and out. I love this peaceful garment of culture. Your talent never disappoints. This is the most beautiful piece I have ever seen.

  12. I just watched a documentary on Netflix about Dolly Madison and your head wrap made me think of her. She was really a mover and shaker in fashion, from what I can tell and had all the fashionable ladies of her time copying her. Maybe it’s the margarita I had with dinner, but this post and your obvious confidence in your fashion choices just reminded me of her. :)

  13. That is fabulous. It’s so you – if I found it in an op-shop (which I’m sure I won’t, because you love it so much!) I’d immediately know you made it.

  14. Another amazing creation! I love the color scheme and the embellishments are a perfect balance. You are complex and edgy, but still never over the top. Love how you paired it up with black leggings and boots. Your photoshoot sets off you and the outfit perfectly.

  15. Wow, this is gorgeous! I love your version even better than the original you copied it from. :D

  16. I love love love this dress Kazz! Just beautiful.

  17. This is absolutely fantastic! Your pics look like they’re straight out of a catalogue

  18. This rocks Kazz, totally you, wonderful job – one of my favourite of your creations.

  19. O goodness I love this sooooo much! Your work with faux fur lately has been inspired, and this is such a master work, so many elements but they just sing together so beautifully! Can’t express to you how much I am in love with this look.

  20. Talk about individual style!! So different from anyone else here at SW, and so fabulous. You look like a rock star, congratulations.

  21. I love seeing your outfits Kazz, they are always works of art, really inspiring stuff:)

  22. Wow. Soooo beautiful.

  23. Everything you make is just so intresting.

  24. I love this so much!!! It’s got so much going on that it all works together just beautifully. Love!! The photos are amazing too. It looks like a magazine spread.

  25. I’ll be admiring this for a while…so much to see and enjoy. The details and textures. This outfit feels like it tells the Kazz story…the story of your awesome, eclectic style. I love it! I especially love having a front row seat to your real life runway.

  26. Love this, with its unigue Kazz embellishments! One of these days I may have to try a turban and some chunky beads : ) Stunning as usual.