Hot! The “Road Zombie” Skinnies

There isn’t much missing from my wardrobe. There are plenty of things I’d like to have but not many that I need. For this week’s challenge I could only think of 2 things. A plain blue T and a pair of black skinnies. I would have felt like a real slacker if I’d gone with the T so I decided to go with the skinnies even though a trip out of town and lots of work with a new client were going to leave me pressed for sewing time. I had to put in a very late night to turn these out.

I’ve got black trousers (not pants) in just about every style but this is the style I wear most of the time. They go with every top I have made for Sew Weekly and just about everything else in my closet. Which makes sense right? They’re black.

I am not an experienced seamstress or pattern maker like Loran or Leimomi and I don’t feel like taking the time to learn to make a pants block so I’ve been blending patterns I own to find the perfect rise and cut. It’s been going pretty well. Each experiment is not perfect but the imperfections are not so bad either. It’s fun.

For this pattern I decided to put the pockets on the outside and cut the front piece in half. I’d love to make a pair with separate pieces around the knee area and in back. Because the cotton had so much stretch I could make them really slim. I’ve worn them a couple of times and they’re already stretching out a bit but not so much that I hate them. Enough to give them that lived in look. I love the button-yes-that is Albert Einstein hanging out just below my belly button.

How many of you think you know me well enough to guess if I’m hanging out in my underwear at a construction site on a very busy street in Grand Rapids, Michigan?

The Facts:

Pattern: Not really self drafted but close enough

Fabric: 2yds cotton spandex blend $10

Notions: 1 7in zipper $2 and 1 button from my stash

Time to Complete: FoEva!

First Worn: This weekend to hang out with my BFF Angi and her family

Wear Again?: Yes-of course

Total Price: $12

Road Zombie-Social D.




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Oh. My. GOSH! Is that the Baker Book Store on East Paris being reconstructed behind you? Please say yes. I work for the Baker Publishing company!

  2. Wow Gina, the pants AND the photoshoot are AWESOME! I don’t know if I’d have the guts to hang out, pantsless!, at a construction site. I love your pants and that button addition is genius : )

    • I’m wearing shorts under there! It’s still a bit risque for me. I was able put a little more thought into the shoot though I’m still not quite there. It’s way easier when you’re not the model.

  3. Gina, you have the pants “down” girl! ….and in more ways than one…hehe. No really, those pants are great. I agree, black pants are a must. They pair nicely with so many tops.. Love the photoshoot and how you modeled in the pics. You are very creative and an inspiration to us all.

  4. Great pants, great photos, and great button!

  5. Ok. You’ve done it. I need to bite the bullet and make myself a pair of pants. With all the bells and whistle, zipper, pant loops etc. I think the button is the best part. I’m guessing you would never out pant-less. The photos have such a great composition.

  6. Fab details on the skinnies Gina, love the Einstein button, hope they don’t stretch out too much, they’re too good to not wear.

  7. Great pants! They look like they will work perfectly in your wardrobe, and they are very much your style.

    I’m tickled pink that you are impressed with my drafting. I must confess that my patternmaking experience owes a huge amount to frankensteining different patterns together and figuring out what works, so you’re well on the way ;-)

  8. First of all: I love the pants, you are so talented. The details are flawless. I fail at pants. Second: You look so incredibly hot! Fantastic photos and posing skills! Love Social Distortion!

  9. These are awesome!! I love the detail with the pockets and splitting the leg. It looks really slick. Love the Einstein button, too!

  10. Gina, you look stunning and your confidence is growing – which is a beautiful thing to watch. Just FYI – there is no way I am ever going pantless peeps – sorry to disappoint!

    Another slamming pair of precision jeans – applause!

    Einstien button – would love a close up of that – what a cool idea.

    And, also, what’s with all the access to the building sites ladies? We have fences around ours – and you need steelcap boots, ahardhat, a high vis vest and a have to take a induction course before you can even get close!

  11. Wow, these pants look amazing on you. (Not a style I could ever pull off but you certainly can!) I like the idea of cutting the front pieces in half. I was actually considering doing something similar to my favorite trouser pattern, mostly to be able to use leftover fabrics but also because I though it would looks quite interesting. Good to know that this actually works. The photo shoot is awesome – construction sites are very popular this week, huh? ;) And I just LOVE that Einstein button. Where did you find this? Any chance one can purchase this anywhere or did you make it yourself somehow?

  12. This photoshoot is ace! I love that you’re feeling more and more confident to come out and be the real Gina and have more fun (actually I’ve been noticing that in loads of us, not only is our sewing improving and becoming more adventurous (when summer, kids, work etc allows, but I think most of us are having more fun finding locations and being more at ease in front of the camera)….I remember when you did your UFO outfit and shoot I was blown away by your styling, you had my attention from that first upshot, I thought ‘who is this woman? She’s fab!’ And I can’t believe you’re saying you’re not that experienced a seamstress or pattern maker, blimey woman, you’re a natural….anyone who can make that wonderful ‘Beauty for Ashes’ dress, or the Mad Men ‘One of the Boys’ jumpsuit, or the conversion of that duster coat into those leather trousers…..seriously that is natural amazingly geniusy talent…..well worthy of that fantastic Einstein button! steps off soapbox :) I’m so glad you’re here :)