Hot! The Rise to the Sun Ensemble

Kazzthespazz | Nature ChallengeOh I had big plans for this challenge, I had everything sorted then it took a turn, I’m not going to say for the worse because it’s not at all bad it’s just not what I envisioned. Firstly my outfit for this week changed because I was so unhappy with the jacket I was making, I got all the way to inserting the sleeves took a step back and thought my god that’s hideous. The construction was working out fine I took it slow being satin and all but that’s where the problem lay, it was satin, and it shone like a beacon, like a 50’s band all wearing the same jacket, I swear the fabric looked different when I purchased it, anyway it just wasn’t working out so my next step was to get the pants finished, Vogue 8738 the same pattern I used for the On-Trend challenge and to start thinking about replacing the top half. Back to Spotlight I trot.

William Rickettes

My photo shoot took a turn too, you see I wanted to take you to my favourite sanctuary, my favourite place to get back to nature ^ William Ricketts Sanctuary a place of wonder, pure magic and art- you can read about it here. Hubby (Mr Snaparazzi) was called out to work so my Sunday shoot was off therefore it’s just me my tripod and my overgrown menagerie I call a fernery that runs down the side of my house.

Kazzthespazz| Nature Challenge

I know you can’t really see what I have made in these photos which is a bit of a bummer so perhaps explaining it is the best option here. The jacket was made from the same fabric as the pants, it’s a kimono cut from the same one I made for my Spiritwalker post, this one has a wee belt. You see I’m very much in love with this; the layering, the drape, you know where I’m going with this. The fabric falls brilliantly on my version and I love the proportions, the drape, right down to the tapering of the pants around the ankles. How does this reflect ‘nature’ i’d say the fabric print has a very earthy animal feel about it, wouldn’t you say?

William Rickettes

I’m pleased with the outcome but can only imagine the photos being so much better if we could of made it to The Sanctuary, ah well! as you can see I’ve popped in some photos from my last visit. It really is a place to sit and reflect a place with many hidden treasures peeking from every corner.

Kazzthespazz | Nature Challenge

Like me sitting in ‘the menagerie’ thinking when will I ever find the time to sit and get back to nature, to get my hands dirty, life is so full-on sometimes, is it life or my overachieving nature? Either way I’m a very happy person and wouldn’t change a thing. I just need to put it on the to-do list. Yes! the to-do list that’s what I’ll do.
William Rickettes

So yes, the kimono was serged together and hemmed on all edges then pressed flat, nothing fancy to tell really. The pants have a zip centre back with a button closure and interfaced waist band, nothing fancy to tell here either. I love this look so I’m adding it to my wardrobe with confidence and shall wear it with confidence.

Kazzthespazz | Nature Challenge

I’m keen to name this one after my new favourite band Alabama Shakes– Rise to the Sun. I’ve been singing into my hairbrush ever since I bought it. A voice of pure gold, goose bump stuff, you know?!

Also, thank you all so very much for all of your lovely comments on The Rocky Ground Dress. MWAH!

The Facts
 Fabric |Silky Satin Leopard. Low sheen
Pattern | Vogue 8738-Pants, Self drafted Kimono
 Year |Contemporary
 Notions | Zip and button for the pants
 Time to complete | 1 hour for the pants 2 for the kimono and up to 3hrs for the jacket I started then ditched
First worn | On Sunday after I completed it and Monday for the photos.
Wear again? Oh yes of course
Total price | $7 a metre



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  1. I keep scrolling up and down, up and down through the photos…which do I like best? The outfit or the Sanctuary photos? Hmmmm…one really does go with the other : ) I love your inpsiration piece and think you’ve done a great job channeling that! Now, more than ever, I want to visit your corner of the world and see all these wonderful places and take a peek into your closet!!

  2. Wow! Your fernery is really lush and amazing as is your latest creation. The photos came out really lovely too. I saw them in the preview and kept wondering… where did she find such a green place? Lucky you! And, thanks for sharing the link on the William Ricketts Sanctuary – wow!

  3. Unbelievable photographs and locale. Just….amazing. I don’t know where to look!!!! Gorgeous!

    • Thanks Colleen, I just wished I could of shot these photos at the sanctuary it’s so lovely there. Ah well, I’m pleased you like the outcome.

  4. Wow, what an amazing garden. Such beautiful sculpture. The outfit looks comfortable, the kind you can wear to travel comfortable.

  5. Your creations are always amazing and so unique! And you seem like such a fabulous gal, which only makes the photos better. :)

    • Aw thank you, I sure do like to get creative and think outside of the box especially with colours textures etc what a lovely compliment. Thank you.

  6. You are so beautiful. I love what you have created, even if it wasn’t what you had envisioned. It still looks fab on you.

    • Thank you gorgeous Bethany, in the end I was pleased with what came off the machine. I’ll get a lot of wear out from this and the fabric feels so lush.

  7. I love Alabama Shakes! I saw your post title and knew right away what the song reference was. It might be my favorite song on the album. Awesome outfit, too!

  8. Love this post, Kazz. I’ve come back to it several times to admirer both your garmet and the sanctuary. Both are very spiritual. I’d love to actually walk through it sometime.

    • Oh Barbara it really is a spiritual place you would love it! Thick ferns, vines and moss among the sculptures, it’s a magical place. Thanks Barbara.

  9. These pictures are sooooo beautiful. The Sanctuary looks absolutely magical and your outfit fits just right in there. I also love all your accessories. I really enjoyed reading this post.

    • Oh, just realising that you didn’t actually take those photos in The Sanctuary. I hardly noticed this – I guess I was too busy looking at the photos rather than focusing on the text. This speaks a lot for your “menagerie”, doesn’t it? I actually thought it was part of The Sansctuary because it looks so nice and overgrown. Only the wooden fence threw me off a bit and made me read the post properly. ;)

  10. This outfit is fantastic, as are the photos! I wish my ‘can’t go anywhere, must shoot at home’ photos could look half as nice (heck, a quarter as nice!). The Sanctuary also looks and sounds lovely. Perhaps you can shoot a later challenge there?

  11. Love that in many of the photos the greenery of your ferns is turning your skin green too….like you’re being absorbed by nature. Love the links you’ve provided us with too….love that inspiration pic, yours easily does it worthy. Please, please tell me that if there’s another UFO challenge later this year you’ll make something of the ‘my god it’s hideous’ jacket, I’d love to see what you could do with that.