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Fabric: old couch slipcover leftovers from Mama Grand

Pattern: Colette Patterns Ginger Skirt

Year: 2012

Notions: hook and eye, zipper, thread, lace for hem binding

Time to complete: 4 hours

First worn: today for pictures

Wear again: Yes x 1,000

Total Price: $16 (pattern)

Friends, I have been wanting to jump on the chevron bandwagon for a long time, so when Mama Grand gave me these lightweight upholstery remnants, I squealed with delight.  Here was my chance to finally make the chevron Ginger skirt I have been longing for!  Truthfully, it worked out very well – my stripes all lined up to my satisfaction and I was able to use a metal zipper that I had re-purposed from a refashioned skirt.  My main issue with this project was entirely my fault.  When I lined up the back pieces to be cut out, I forgot to take into account how they should be laid out in order to have chevrons appear on the side of the skirt, as well as the front and the back.  Since I was out of fabric, I ended up sewing in the back pieces incorrectly on purpose.  The back seam became the side seams, which has led to a small bit of puckering along the side seam, as well as a strange pulling across the front of the skirt.

I’ll definitely be wearing this skirt again, in spite of the fitting issues, but I don’t know if I’ll ever make this pattern up again.  Rob and I both wondered why this skirt was not photographing well – it took about thirty pictures for me to finally decide I had something worthy of posting.  We both settled on that high-waisted skirts may not be for me, as they bulk up my waistline enough to make my torso look rectangular, as opposed to hourglass/pear shaped. I’m willing to try again with a solid color fabric and see if the lack of decoration makes a difference.

Friends, do you wear high-waisted skirts?  How do you make them work for you?


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. I’m a serious pear, and I LOVE highwaisted skirts! I always make really highwaisted dresses s that the “wasit” comes just below my ribs, which is the skinniest part of my torso, and then the skirt falls nicely over my hips. I made a few Ginger-like skirts by using the pattern pieces from the Truffle dress, and I just love them! I really like how a top stays perfectly tucked in all all – When I wear a t-shirt over top of a skirt, I hate the bump where the shirt goes over the skirt waistband. That said, i can see how they might not be for everyone… but high-waisted skirts work for me!

  2. This is a GREAT skirt. Love it! I have had trouble going to high-waisted skirts because I’m short waisted and I can end up looking like my chest begins at my waist! But I have found that they actually look a lot better on me post-baby. They hide the muffin top and define my waist. You might get a differet look with a bark blue top rather than a light one.

  3. *DARK blue. Not bark blue. le sigh

  4. Great challenge to get all those stripes running right. Congrats on that. I also like a skirt that sits at the waist as I’m a pear shape. My few low waisted skirts make me look a little rectangular instead of hourglass. In these photos the skirt looks really nice on you. I don’t see any of the issues that you mentioned. Nice to see you this week!

  5. Lovely! Great colours for you! I have trouble with high(er) waisted waistband-A-line skirts like this one too – and we have pretty similar figures in some ways.

    For higher waisted skirts (you’ll be seeing my version of a higher-waisted chevron skirt soon) I go with either full skirts or pencil skirts – A-line skirts do nothing for me. You may have read my little rant on the myth of the universally flattering A-line skirt ;-)

  6. Beautiful job on the chevrons! I cannot wear highwaisted anything, or straight waistbands, for that matter. I have begun converting straight waistband patterns to contour because they flatter my pretty much waistless figure much better. Straight waistbands have always folded over on me. I sew vintage 1940s styles, and a contour doesn’t really fit the era, but it fits me!

  7. Megalicious nice work on the chevrons she looks brilliant. I have worn a high waisted skirt and think that a snug pair of spanx works wonders the ones that go up to your neck! hehe well it works for me anyway :P

  8. Great job witht the chevron! You look adorable in this skirt!

  9. Great skirt and glad you managed to save it! One can’t see any of the fitting issues in the pictures. I am a total pear shape and low waisted pants/skirts don’t work for me at all because they tend to accentuate my hip area. I have noticed though that extremely high waisted clothes don’t work either – I think I have a high waist and high waisted clothes make my torso look very short. I tend to go for some waistline somewhere in the middle – slightly below my natural waist but still way above the hips. And I agree with Leimomi: A different shape might work better even with a high waist.

  10. Oh man, I’ve got to try stripes, this looks awesome!

  11. So pretty.. Great job

  12. That is fabulous and I didn’t notice any of issues you pointed out. Sometimes I think we are our own worst critics don’t you think?

  13. While I think it looks fab Meg, I know what you mean when some skirt proportions just seem a bit off once you try to put an outfit together. If I were you I’d try the ginger again minus the waistband and just do a facing. (you could extend the pattern up a bit to keep the high waist) I think you’ll find a high waist on you will be flattering without the fussiness of the waistband. (not that a waistband is fussy.. just it’ll be a smooth line around your midsection and create a longer leaner look with zero bulk) Alternatively a wider waistband (in a solid colour) might give you a more hourglass look… you could experiment with a belt to see if it works.
    Love the chevrons!

  14. High waisted doesn’t work on me, neither does low waisted! I aim for on or just below the waist, like Djamila. I love how you matched the stripes, and your last minute save!

  15. You did a fantastic job on the stripe matching! Nice save. I think the skirt looks cute on you but, I share your concern with high-waisted garments, as I’m short-waisted and pear shaped. It’s definitely worth another try, perhaps in a darker color or with a facing as Casey suggested. It’s just a matter of pairing the right color with the right shape (I’m still working on that!). This one does look great though! Well done.