Hot! The “Mullet” MuuMuu

The Facts
Fabric: old twin sheet
Pattern: McCall’s M6553
Year: 2012
Notions: button from stash, interfacing
Time to complete: about 3 hours
First worn: 7/1
Wear again: yes
Total cost: free

Having worked hard on fitted bodices the past two weeks, I wanted to make something easy and unfitted for a change.  When I saw sallieoh’s beautiful billowy blanket dress, I found the perfect pattern, which happened to be on supersale.  It’s out of my normal range and risky– could be brilliant, could be horrible.  I was just working with an old bed sheet in a size we don’t use anymore that happens to have a patriotic color scheme.  Why not?  All the amazing draping and volume that goes on around here at the SW has definitely rubbed off on me.

I’m not familiar with the Fashion Star show, but this Fashion Star pattern seems like a blatant rip-off of the Project Runway patterns by Simplicity.  They have the same “options” sketches and are clearly trying for hip and young.  My measurements fall into the 12-14 range in the big four pattern companies, but I’ve learned through trial and much error to cut an 8 on the top, a 14 on the bottom and adjust as I go from there.  Since this style is described as very loose-fitting, I decided to cut a 6 in the whole thing.  That worked great.  I did lower the front neckline a tad.  I skipped the belt since I wanted to keep it simple this week.

To my amazement, I like this dress a lot!  It was liberating.  I can see myself wearing it over a swim suit to the beach or pool and around the house and out and about in hot, sticky weather.  Perhaps to the hot dog eating contest on July 4 at Coney Island.  In a nice fabric with good drape a step or two above a sheet I think it could look elegant, like sallieoh’s. Yes, it could be a maternity dress.  I don’t care.

receiving extremely specific directions on how to pose





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  1. What a fab print! It’s lovely as a floaty dress. Fashion Star is the one with Jessica Simpson, right? I didn’t bother watching it, but I heard a lot of grumbling about how the garments that were to be made and sold to the public were always sold out immediately.

  2. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I watched all the episodes of Fashion Star. My only possible excuse is that I was going through a Project Runway withdrawal. This dress was one of the first winners, and although it had the potential to look like a big ugly sack, it was quite flattering and I wanted to make it too. I love your version.

  3. That’s fabulous! I think it is my favourite of all your creations, and you should make more stuff like this! I love the big bold print, and the volume looks very elegant on you.

  4. Hi Lee, what a great out of your comfort zone dress! I love it and the bold print is fabulous, great recycle. I just bought fabric to make a version of the dress. Have fun at Coney Island.

  5. This dress also reminds me of some dresses I saw at Uniqulo. I like your print much better, though!

  6. Lee, this is so cute and looks cool and comfortable..[And here in Ms.. with these 103 degree days of heat and humidity.. I am all about]\
    Happy sewing.

  7. I think the nice fit at the sleeves and neckline means that it doesn’t look like a maternity dress. That and the not-pregnant lady inside the dress!

  8. When did they start calling this style a mullet? I prefer the name but I call it “high-low”. i will start calling it a mullet form now on but will most likely say something like, “I made this dress in a mullet style,” and then when they say, “a what?” I’ll say, “some people call it a high-low style but I prefer mullet.”

    Sorry-Cute dress! You got some nice sheets lady! That last picture is my favorite.

  9. I didn’t know there was a Fashion-Star TV show! I’ll have to check that out. Your dress is precious! Love that you upcycled and that your dress turned out so pretty! It’s very fashion-forward with that high-low look. I guess I didn’t understand the “mullet” reference until Gina mentioned high-low. Now I get it.

  10. I loved Fashion Star the series, and was so glad that….oh, hang on, if people are going to start checking it out perhaps I shouldn’t say who won….ok, I seriously liked one of the designers works, really thinking out of the box and being very clever with designs. Very much like one our Sew Weekly regulars (but I won’t say which in case of giving it away).Nuff said.

    I have been pretty disappointed with the Fashion Star patterns though, they don’t seem as adventurous as the designs on the show….and the examples on the packet front aren’t that enticing. What they should have done is put your version of this hi-low dress on the cover – it’s so fresh and airy, perfect summer day-dress. Much nicer than that slubby grey jersey one they use. I like the hi-low not being as dramatic different as some high street dresses too. Very pretty.