Hot! the “moon nouveau” top

image from alabama studio website

The Facts:

Fabric: “art nouveau”-style sailor moon t-shirt from teefury.
Pattern: alabama studio tank pattern (available in alabama studio style)
Year: 2012
Notions: embroidery floss
Time to Complete: 1 hour, for preliminary work. embellishment & handstitching 5-6 hours.
First Worn: july 8, 2012
Wear Again: yes
Total Price: priceless.
Challenge Theme: “embellishment”

i’ve found myself consumed and obsessed by my first sewing love, refashioning t-shirts. so i hope you will bear with me while i work through the impulse and keep cutting and re-sewing t-shirts.

this week i bring you another alabama studio pattern, the fitted tank top with princess seams from alabama studio style. i was inspired by the version in the book with the circles appliqued on one panel of the princess pieces and wanted to create my own, geek-worthy version. do you ever have a piece of fabric and are looking at a picture and suddenly, it is like the fabric and the pattern have communicated with each other without even consulting you? this top was like that. i knew immediately which piece of fabric (or in this case, XXL t-shirt) wanted to be this top.

the intricate design of the graphic demanded the full alabama studio treatment of hand-stitching, open seams and embroidered embellishments. i opened the panel seams around the t-shirt and stitched them back down using a catch-stitch. i attached the neck and arm binding the same way.

but wait, there’s more.

you recall how i said i was inspired by the applique on this top? i changed it up a bit and decided to use a back panel as my base. i started out with a few yellow circles, and decided to make crescent moons, a la luna.



Devra is a New York-based photographer and sewer who tries to find time to do her day job in between bouts of crazed sewing.


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  1. That looks great to me. Refashion away. I’ll look forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. I’m having a bit of a refashion moment myself- you carry on! Can I ask about the wall behind the sofa- is that a mural? a decal? (Jeez, all your hand embroidery, and she asks about the WALL?!)

  3. Have been hoarded the Alabama books for years! (Well, months for the new one.) Really great idea to make it your own! And that huge mural behind you that looks all crazed Chagall? Wow!!

    • you kow, i had a stash of alabama books as well but it wasn’t until the new one that i really got into them. i feel like the patterns in the new one are the easiest to springboard from…and then it’s more fun to go back and look at the others!

  4. This is really cool and geeky ;) Love the moons you did on the back, too. And great colours!!!

  5. I love this, puu!! I always love the way Alabama Studio projects come out, but I lack the patience to get on board myself.

    • nettie, given how full of awesome you are–and that you currently lack a machine–i can only imagine the brilliance that would result from an alabama project. :-)

  6. Yes, carry on! I’ve long aspired to an Alabama project and love seeing your results.

    • i liked it a lot more than i anticipated, but it helps that i’ve been in a super “crafty” mood lately.

  7. Fantastic Puu, loved seeing the outcome. That mural is amazing.

  8. Very cool shirt. I love the Sailor Moon version of the classic poster and the back of the shirt is great. Love your kitty, too – my niece actually has one that’s called Luna. She used to be a Sailor Moon fan in her early teens (I think she’s about your age). You’re definitely the bigger fan though. ;)