Hot! the “moon cosmic power” t-shirt

red boots. that is all.

The Facts:

Fabric: sailor moon brooch t-shirt from
Pattern: fitted tank top pattern from alabama studio sewing + design
Year: 2012
Notions: embroidery floss
Time to Complete: 4 hours
First Worn:
Wear Again: yes
Total Price: $25
Challenge Theme: “Red, White & Blue”

you may have noticed that i am a huge geek. i don’t try to hide it: i take pride in it. and one of my first (proud) steps toward geekhood came when i discovered, in eighth grade, dubbed episodes of sailor moon that were on at 6:30 am while i was getting ready for school.

i loved it. i loved it so much i started taping it (because this was in the pre-civilization dark ages known as “no DVR”). then i started loving it so much that i started reading about it, and found out it was a style of animation called anime, from japan, and that in japan there were already 150 episodes instead of the measly 65 we were getting here in the states. i discovered this one morning after watching a spell-binding, game-changing episode, waiting eagerly for the next day’s installment…and seeing that the series had started over again.

my temper tantrum, the morning i realized i was being left to dangle on a story-telling cliff.

my favorite series of the 5 is the third series, known as sailor moon S (for super). my favorite series of episodes is the string between episodes 109-113. there was something very affirming for my 14-year-old self in seeing usagi, the protagonist, reveal herself to ambiguous friends/foes in episode 109 by pulling out her “henshin” brooch. (also, i was so hooked that the first time i saw this sequence, i was watching it in japanese, with no subtitles, in tapes i had received through the post from a fellow fan i had “met” online. NOT AT ALL SHADY, 14-YEAR-OLD-SELF!! fortunately, we sailor moon fans were pretty honest and only charged each other the postage, when sending blank tapes, or the cost of a new pack of blank tapes.)

my “shady” grin. who, me?

there are many, many other tales i could tell you of my sailor moon fascination, but before you start thinking i’m beyond geek and into total shady freak territory, let’s move on to this week’s garment….

since my favorite “henshin” brooch is the one from SMS, i was ecstatic when i found this t-shirt with that particular brooch as its design. i snapped it up, started paging through my trusty copy of alabama studio sewing + design, and started getting a picture of a fun idea. i wanted to riff on the “fuku” uniforms worn by the anime characters without getting into cosplay (which, even in my levels of adoration, has never been my preferred method of fandom).

senshi, assemble! who needs the avengers? (from the sailor moon R movie)

i attached the binding using a parallel whipstich, because i liked the lines instead of something more decorative. fun fact: this is what i was working on in the van at camp chanel when we were pulled over for speeding. in fact, i finished the entire piece before we pulled back into the hotel parking lot monday evening. handstitched from start to finish. in future, i will probably continue my practice of machine stitching the main seams and hand-finishing the decorative flourishes. it just feels stronger to me in the finished product.

indiana jones is uninterested in my bizarre human rituals. why can’t he be more like luna?

although this he has actually done…

i ditched the red boots and circle skirt for something more practical…something i could wear in public. :-)



Devra is a New York-based photographer and sewer who tries to find time to do her day job in between bouts of crazed sewing.


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  1. Hi Devra, that’s a great top and love the detail hand work you did.

  2. Cute! I especially like the detail down the back of the tee.. You’ve got a nice vintage sewing machine, which is awesome and an adorable cat.

  3. You are seriously my favorite person. I wish I had a VCR so I could dig up my old tapes and relive Season 3 myself!

  4. Adorable! My daughter loved Sailor Moon so much that she used to shut the door so she could watch it in private. Who knows what was going on behind that door — perhaps she transformed???? I don’t know but I do know the theme song so well I can sing it gustily in my sleep!

  5. Haha, my daughters loved Sailor Moon too and I must admit I did quite get into watching them too. I’ve got the theme tune (and yes, can sing all the words) in my itunes because we had a cd the girls made of their favourite tv themes to sing along to in the car (do I ruin their street cred by telling you Clifford the Big Red Dog is also on the cd?) Your top is fab, I love the hand stitching making it look even more special/unique and you’ve got me totally addicted to Alabama Chanin.