Hot! The “I’m just not feeling it, man” top

The Facts 

Fabric: yellow peasant top from Target sale but still $12.58
Patterns: embroidery self drafted from Googled images.
Year: Contemporary.
NotionsDMC embroidery threads from stash and a few new in JoAnn’s sale $2.97
Time to complete: About 30 hours so far.
First worn: For photos, 9th July 2012.
Wear again? Yes, when I get the umph to finish it.

Total Cost: $15.55 (£10.02)

The challenge: “Embellishments: This week, we’re adding a little something to our creations with embellishments.”

So you remember a few weeks ago I told you that I started this embroidery on holiday for the Summer 2012 trends challenge? But that I decided to not rush it and carry on for this embellishment challenge?

Well, this how much I’ve got done.

Blooming heck, embroidery takes a long time doesn’t it? I’d forgotten. I used to cross-stitch as a teenager. I totally under-estimated how much time this was going to take me.

I wanted it to look a bit like the gorgeous tops on Aida Coronado website. But as I say, I totally under-estimated the time this would take, even with doing around 30 hours on it.

This could have been speeded up (and finished by this week’s deadline) IF I hadn’t:

  • decided this week that as I’d already started this a few week’s ago, I had plenty of time to fit in a make-over of my blog design….
  • done most of my sewing on the beach or in the car….
  • been able to find my sewing hoop….
  • drawn some sort of design instead of doing it free-hand from pics I’d Googled.

Oh well, you live and learn.

Oh, I probably shouldn’t have spent time doing this either:

Such a doofus I am (thanks Yoda). Displacement and procrastination are my middle names.

So here’s how much I’ve got finished by today. And to be honest, just at the moment, I’m not feeling it. I’m embroidered out and it became not fun. And Sew Weekly is about fun, and when it stops, it’s probably a good point to go and make a cup of tea (I am British after all, and tea solves everything), take a break and chill.

So, no doubt I’ll come back to this and finish it sometime.

And then I’ll do my happy dance.

But as it’s 114F/46C at the moment, I ain’t doing no happy dance for nobody….so ner…..stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

(Tune in next week, when normal Tempesty service will be resumed……and with any luck I’ll have conquered my first ever pair or shorts/trousers! Gulp).



Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Hope you keep going with that gorgeous embroidery! Yes, it does take time – I fall in love with embroidery kits, end up buying them then find them stuffed in a drawer about 6 months later … I have finished some though, including a tapestry cushion which took me 13 years (not literally though, kept putting it away and bringing it out again …) Anyway, look forward to next week’s instalment!

  2. You know, if you hadn’t said that this top isn’t finished I wouldn’t have it. It looks complete the way it is and I think you did really well at recreating the colorful embroidery you had in mind (the link is great – beautiful stuff they have – thanks Yoda as well…my son’s speech development is apparently in the Yoda phase right now so I thought your little Yoda reference was funny…) Actually, I have just looked at the top again and now I can sew the drawing of the design that you haven’t completed…any chance this can be washed out, you simply finish that one blue flower in the “sky” and you can wear the shirt withouth further embroidery efforts? It looks so pretty – it would be a shame if it turned into a UFO until you finally feel like doing another 30 hours of embroidery.
    I once designed a red coat that I embroidered wih black ornaments (all around the hem, the cuffs and the collar – and the hem was very wide) – it took FOREVER. I started the coat in November and I was finally done on the first day of spring. I love that coat – probably the prettiest garment I have in my wardrobe – but I will never ever embroider a garment so extensively. So I totally feel for you.
    PS: Love it how you converted everything to Pounds. ;)

    • Ah, so many typos and omitted words….but I guess you’ll know what I mean. I am rather sleep deprived and should be in bed instead of on SewWeekly.

  3. Hi Tempest, that’s a cool top you got going and so unique that it’s worth all the effort. Can’t wait to see the finish top and don’t you think every time you wear it, it will remind you of your trip with the family!

    Love the chart, got some good chuckles out of it…patterns by :)

  4. Oh my gosh! It’s so pretty so far. I know how darn long it takes to embroider as I did a bit this week too. Hours and hours! Your blouse looks lovely and I really had to look close to see any missing flowers and other do-dads. Maybe put it away for a rainy day? Very funny chart too. :)

  5. You’ve done an epic job Tempest and you’re right SW is about having fun. I’m sure once the weather cools you’ll feel more up to finishing it. I think it’s looking brilliant. Go you!

  6. Without an embroidery hoop?! Wow! I’ve lost mine too but keep thinking it’ll turn up soon so embroider whilst trying to stretch the fabric, not always that successful but nothing like a beautiful as yours!

  7. What an undertaking!? Hand drawn embroidery design AND all of that stitching! It looks GREAT!!! Your halfway report is the bestest….I’ve been toying with a similar one, but always find myself too rushed for a challenge to tinker with it further. Oh, and the # of floral fabrics used stat is a clever one. I think I’d have to track # of prints…which before the end of the year will definitely outnumber the solids I’ve sewn.

  8. That is a really *full* design! Very impressive. I hope you can finish it to your liking. It looks gorgeous so far!

  9. I love it and want to see the finished version SOONER THAN LATER. I’m not yelling.
    I like Djamilla’s idea of scaling it down a bit though I understand if you want to stick with your vision. I couldn’t tell it wasn’t finished either until I read the post. Your work makes me want to embroider but then I give myself a good smack and the desire goes away.

  10. No fear ladies, I am still working on this. It’s quite nice to embroider in front of the telly on evenings sitting with my family. It stops the urge to run off to my sewing machine and start working on something else. I’d like to have a completed V shaped design eventually, and that when I put it on it will transport me back to the beach and the sound of the waves….unfortunately I have a feeling it might transport me back to watching America’s Got Talent and the sound of my youngest shouting “I can’t watch”….”has it finished yet?” every time a death-defying act comes on (quick aside: shame on you Howard, Sharon and Howie putting Big Barry through instead of Andrew De Leon….though the cynic in me suspects you just did that so he can be brought back as a wildcard….aside over).

    Thank you for all your lovely comments and encouragements :)

  11. I think it’s lovely but I do understand the urge to go do something else. Seems like I can hardly wait to get the current week done to move onto the next…