Hot! The “I Dream of Jeans” Jeans

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my iron, my form (Betty Sue), and me

The Facts
Fabric: 1.5m stretch denim (from Jo-Ann’s)
Pattern: Jalie 2908
Year: contemporary
Notions: zipper, jeans grommets, button (rescued from the sidewalk)
Time to complete: 2 afternoons
First worn: this past weekend
Wear again? for sure
Total price: Not sure, probably around $10

This week’s challenge really appealed to the practical sew-ist in me.  I’ve been needing a pair of dark blue jeans for a while.  Both my old blue jeans are on their last legs so to speak, and I’ve been honing my skills toward tackling this pair of dark blue jeans since March.

So, I revisited the Jalie 2908 pattern that I used to complete last week’s challenge.  This time, I went with one size larger with mixed results.  The jeans are comfortable, but maybe a little too big at the waist, but definitely really wearable and comfy.   Pair number 3 will be the best, I just know it!   I had a much easier time constructing this second pair, and instead of taking me two weeks, it took me only two afternoons (about 8 hours or so).

Instead of embroidering the back pockets, I went with a ribbon detail.  I did some zig-zag stitching along the belt loops and happily top-stitched my way through the pattern.

closer upper

ribbon, grommets, and top-stitching detail

close-up back

yoke & belt loops detail

I came up with the idea of doubling my green top-stitch thread which was a normal weight thread to create a thicker, more pronounced top-stitch look.  I am pleased with the results, although you have to sew slow so you don’t get skipped stitches.  Either way, this was so much fun to make again.  I can’t wait to do a third pair with lots of mods!!  Look out.

Still learning… Oh yeah, even though the pattern says lay the zipper face down with the teeth at the center line, I’d actually move them slightly over to the left to be better covered by the fly overlap.  That’s it for now!



Adriprints is an illustrator and designer by trade; a knitter, crocheter, and pseudo-seamstress by craft. You can find her work in typo-phile calendars, online knitting mags, and on random people's business cards, greeting cards, and websites. She currently lives in Munich.


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  1. Love the ribbon on the pocket. I may have to copy you there when I get going on winter sewing.

    • Do it to it! I actually first saw the concept on a man’s pair. His jeans pockets had all these dark blue embroidered ribbon-type things zig-zagged all along his back pockets with a bit of denim on the top edge and bottom edge. That’s where I got the idea.

  2. Another great pair of Jaiie Jeans! Those are very nicely constructed, and the lace really gives them a personal touch. I’m on my way over to Jalie to buy that pattern!

  3. Thank you for the tip on the zipper and the insight on doubling up on the thread for top stitching. I just bought a jeans pattern and am feeling a little daunted by the project.

    • I found the illustrated instructions that came with the pattern to be really helpful, and they can be found directly on the Jalie website as a separate PDF. Maybe they can help ease you through your jeans pattern too? The order of operations is important b/c of all the top-stitching. You can def top-stitch the inner leg seams, but it’s not necessary to go all the way down the outer leg.

  4. Fantastic jeans, love the advice on zip placement. The doubling up of thread does looks good.

  5. Another great pair of jeans! Thanks for sharing the tips!

  6. Thank you, Jennifer! I loved your shorts project – the red you chose is gorgeous!

  7. Great job..Happy sewing.

  8. You look really fabulous in these jeans! I like all the little details.

  9. Brilliant job, the details like the grommets and top stitching etc!? pro job indeed.

  10. They look great! If you hadn’t mentioned flaws I would never have known. I look forward to the third version!

  11. Wow, these look really great. I love all those details.