Hot! The “Enter the Ninja” Blouse

Pattern: Butterick 5611

Year: Contemporary

Fabric: 2yds of another poly blend that does not press well but I really love the print $8

Notions: weft interfacing and 7 buttons from stash

Time to Make: about 7 hrs from start to finish

First Worn: Sunday

Wear Again?: Absolutely!

Total Cost: $8

I really need to learn how to use Phototshop. I have it and have no idea what to do with it. I tried to erase that house behind me and fill it in with more greenery but as you can see I couldn’t figure out how to do it and I do not have the time to watch tutorials. Anyway….

I have been wanting to make something out of this fabric for a couple of months now. I didn’t want to buy any until I had a project in mind but would probably have bought some if it looked like it was selling out. I was going to make a dress out of some leopard print fabric I have but when I pulled it out I realized that it had a really rough hand. Kind of like burlap. I didn’t think that would feel very nice brushing up against my arms and legs. I was stuck for a couple of days and then remembered that this fabric has lovely little butterflies all over it and that it would be perfect for this challenge. I had to scrap the dress idea because I only had one day to sew. If I’d had more time I would have made a pair of shorts in the same fabric with a black waistband.

I made the long sleeved version without the tabs since the fabric is so light it wouldn’t have stayed rolled up and I hate the way it looks when the fabric is hanging around the tabs. I only added one pocket which you can’t really see and used the back piece with the cute pleated section at the bottom which is also hard to make out. As I said before the fabric doesn’t press well so I used strips of fusible interfacing along the bottom hem, the sleeve ends, and also along the front. The sleeves do not have cuffs and they are pretty wide-especially at the bottom. I decided to add some elastic. I think it looks more feminine this way and less boxy and frumpy.


























This picture makes the print seem overwhelming but it’s not. In my dreams I would have taken these pictures at the nature museum in the butterfly room. We ended up stopping at a nearby park in between errands.

The title comes from a song by Die Antwoord. If you know the song then you get it and maybe think it’s funny like I do. If you don’t know the song then you should check it out and then you’ll get it and maybe think it’s funny like I do. The video may be a little disturbing so find a live version on YouTube or something.

OK-see you next week!




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. Super pretty fabric, and I love the elasticated cuffs.

  2. Hi Gina! I love the little butterflies and the blouse is very cute. I like the structure of the back too. I decided to experiment with a new app called “showme” and share with you how to get rid of things you don’t want in a picture- like that house. I may use this next year with my students so I need to practice. It’s really quite fun. Your kids might like it too. Anyway, here’s video tutorial.

  3. Hi Gina, I like the improvements to the blouse, definitely more girls and I just love the graphic element feel to the fabric. Looks great in the photos. Love the song, here’s a link for anyone who wants a listen…

  4. SO cute..Love the fabric. Looks great on you.

  5. This is a beautiful top. I love how it fits on you. Lovely job Gina!

  6. Lovely top. I like how sophisticated the butterfly print is – not at all cutesy. And this is the perfect pattern for it.

  7. aww its cute -I love the fabric. It looks really pretty and relaxed.

    re photoshop, for the duplication of back ground stuff you have two main options, either select a bit you want to duplicate, copy it and then press paste, it will appear on a new layer, you can then move that new bit around and chop bits off etc so that it fits where you want it. you can also paste it a few times and collage it a bit so that it looks less replicated.

    Another approach, which is useful for small areas, or bits you want to touch up, is the clone tool, (which is in the tool bar and looks like a little library date stamper). This tool basically copies a bit of the picture into a new place – you set the place it copies by holding alt (It think, one of those buttons down there-the mouse symbol will change) and clicking in the bit you want, when you let go alt the mouse then lets you drawn on bits from the place you clicked, but in a new place. If you keep alt clicking to select a slightly different bit, you avoid a duplicated look. have a play! Its a great tool for backgrounds, or evening out skin tone.

  8. You always look so nice and this is no exception! Your version is so much cuter than the picture on the pattern : )

  9. I, I , I, I am your butterfly I need your protection be my samurai! hehe I saw Die Antwood a couple of years ago, I could never work out if they were serious or not either way I really enjoyed the show. Great top Gina she looks perfect love the print.

  10. I really like this blouse. The print is so pretty and I think it’s a great idea you added an elastic at the sleeve hem. Isn’t it great that we always have the freedom to stray away from the pattern instructions?

  11. Great blouse! The changes you made really make the blouse and I just love that print.

  12. Love those sleeves, how strange to not have cuffs, but I like what you’ve done with the elastic even more…fits the delicate nature of the butterflies and shape of the shirt. Hope you do make the matching shorts one day. Very cool.