Hot! The “Daisy Dots” Dress

I really had a difficult time with this week’s challenge – until I realized that flowers exist in the outdoors, and I have a ton of floral prints!

And then there was that unfinished dress that was demanding some attention  . . .

This one has been quite an adventure.  I kept pulling the project out week after week, did not like where it was headed, and put it right back – until now!

Part of the problem was, you guessed it, the buttons.  Have you ever tried to find fourteen matching buttons?  Generally, it is nearly impossible to find something that works with my fabric choices, and when I do, there are only six or eight available for purchase.  Because the buttons are such a focal point on this pattern I did not want to use covered buttons that just blend into the background.

I ended up purchasing some shell buttons from JoAnn Fabrics that I believe are meant for crafts more than apparel, but they work!

I am so relieved to have finished this dress.  And it turned out to be super comfy!


• The Facts

⁃ Fabric:  Rayon Shirting

⁃ Pattern: Hollywood 1647 (courtesy of Mr. Male Pattern Boldness)

⁃ Year: 1930s?

⁃ Notions:  Shell Buttons; Hug Snug Seam Binding; Lace Collar

⁃ Time to complete:  Way too long!

⁃ First worn:  July 18, 2012

⁃ Wear again?  Absolutely!

⁃ Total price:   ~ $20.00


Laura Mae

Laura Mae adores sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. She hopes to inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.


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  1. Hi Laura Mae, the collar is so interesting. How did you attach it to the collar fabric? I think the fabric really cool and the buttons are great, what a different look paired up two by two.

  2. This is the most beautiful dress, I love,love ,love the pattern and it looks great on you. So proud you finished it.. Great job.

  3. Those buttons are very striking. I love the paired look. And I love your fabric choice.

  4. So sweet! I adore how you added the lace to the collar. Love the vintage pattern and the fabric choice.

  5. Very cute! This is a fantastic shape and the lace collar detail you added is perfect.

  6. I have had my eye on this vintage pattern for awhile. Your fabric is perfect for the style. I will probably short the dress for myself as I live in a warmer climate. Beautiful work!