Hot! The “Braving It” Two Piece & Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: Cherry Print Cotton – gifted, Red broadcloth – remnant pile, Faux Chambray – $10.00
Pattern: Skirt: New Look 6872(made longer), Top: Butterick 2577 ( accidentally made shorter than intended), Bottoms: Simplicity 6507
Year: Skirt: Modern, Top: 1960’s, Bottoms: 1960’s
Notions: 2 zipper’s, bias tape, and 6 buttons = $7.40
Time to complete: 12 hours
First worn: June 29, 2012
Wear again? When appropriate for the occasion…

Total price: $18

This is my most embarassing posts yet. I almost didn’t go through with it, but I thought, ‘Why not?’ ‘I put all these hours and money into it’. I will brave it out for the sake of the Sew Weekly. So here I am. Showing you a different side of me I didn’t know I had. This outfit is kind of liberating. Like, I didn’t know it was possible to pull something like this off in this generation, like it had been done back in the 1940’s to 1960’s. As you can see, my inspiration came from many different eras, but mostly seen in beach movies like Gidget. I was trying to go for a BBQ/Pool Party casual look. Looking back at old Summer wear fashions, I came across crop tops, bathing suit bottoms, and cove skirts. I LOVED this idea! Unfortunately my cherry print top is way shorter than I wanted and am baring more tummy than I had planned. Oh well, you live and you learn.

The skirt was easy to do. I could do it with my eyes closed, I have used this pattern so much. The top is the pattern I used form the Diamond Jubilee challenge, with the button closure down the back. The swim bottoms came from an actual bathing pattern. I thought about attempting the top part, but I know I would have difficulties re-sizing it to fit my 28 inch bust and fake filling it out with stuffing or whatever. The bottoms were really easy. I learned my lesson from the last challenge, and shortened the body of the pattern. Fits just right.


















My idea however came across quite well. I wanted to use all the colors of the challenge. I couldn’t just pick one. And I know I don’t have the looks or figure for pin up, but I sure do love the style. I learned how to do my hair using a Youtube tutorial. I thought holding a Coke was appropriately American. I also made a matching dress for the little one. She was very excited to put it on because it has star buttons.


We are celebrating our Independence day at Disneyland as usual. What’s more American than Disneyland? And Coke? And bravery? Well, Happy Independence Day America! I am bravely baring myself to viewers around the world. Gasp!!!





Bethany is a forever student in Fashion Design. She took a hiatus from her studies due to the fear of using a sewing machine and a long term illness. It wasn't until her daughter was born, she felt inspired to create again and dive headfirst into sewing by machine.


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  1. I love your outfit, but especially the shorts! What a fantastic fit! Great job, and I love the little one’s dress too. :)

  2. You look amazing! Crop tops are very in trend, and you definitely have the body to rock one, so don’t worry!
    And the hair is the cherry on top! Great job.

  3. Those shorts are ADORABLE!

  4. Absolutely cute outfit and not embarrassing at all! You look great in those photos. (And so does your little girl in her new dress.)

  5. You look awesome! Love the outfit.

  6. What a perfect outfit: the hair (I love the hair!), the shorts, the cherry print, the shoes!

  7. Bethany, shamae on you, you make a great pin up girl!! Girl Power! Your little one is so adorable, I’m glad you bared it cause it looks fantastic. Happy 4th.

  8. Your outfit is really cute.. And your daughters dress is beautiful, as she is.

  9. Oh, my. Aren’t you just the cutest thing ever? :D

  10. Shut up! Your husband must have had a hard time keeping his thoughts straight taking these pictures. Not a pin-up? Are you joking? You look amazing! Girl-you are on a roll! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for next week-no pressure though ;)

  11. Hot diggity, Bethany of course you’re a pin-up, legs eleven. Those shorts are spot on what an awesome fit and as Gina says you are on a roll. Keep em rolling gal.

  12. Love the bottoms! Especially in that back view of you! I think I need that pattern ;-)

    For the too-short top, why don’t you add a border of the binding fabric and have it tie in front, similar to what I did with my Deco-Echo blouse? The contrast of a bottom border will balance the bindings around the top nicely.

  13. Just adorable! I love all the pieces, and you certainly can pull it off! You are brave to go out of your comfort zone for us and I for one, am so happy that you did. Your smaller version of yourself, is just as cute. Love the hair and the Americana details!

  14. As I scrolled down to the pin-up shot, my ice cream nearly fell from my mouth, because woman, U R Smokin’ Hot!! You could make your hubby a calendar for the holidays!! What a cute outfit + hair + make-up + sweet baby girl!

  15. No need to be brave when YOU ARE A FIRECRACKER! I’d be careful wearing that outfit around your man, unless you want to be sewing for another little one this time next year ;)
    If you feel uncomfortable in the top, I second Leimomi’s suggestion to add a border to the bottom. And inch or two may make all the difference to your feeling about the top.

  16. Um, are you kidding?! You look incredible, and trust me, any airman or GI would have been thrilled to find your photo gracing his barracks’ calendar. Don’t sell yourself short, girl, you’re a perfect pinup, and that outfit is fab-o.

  17. You are mega hot in ‘dem shorts, girl! With legs and a bum like that, any fella (or gal with good taste) would be honored to pin you up on their wall! The whole Americana style outfit is is majorly adorable and you hair’s devine! Great stuff, Bethany!

  18. Wow, you look lovely! The skirt and top are lovely and the fit of the shorts is awesome! That pattern is a winner.

  19. Love the shorts! You really nailed the fit on them! Great job!

  20. Wow! I am so happy I got such a good reaction out of you all. I was so afraid this wouldn’t go well. Thank you, thank you ladies, for all your support and encouragement. My confidence officially boosted.

  21. Oh my goodness woman – if this was something you almost didn’t post?! If this is something you thought was a fail?! It’s gorgeous….and trust me, if I had a midriff like yours I’d be walking around in crop tops all year round! The shorts from a bathing suit pattern in particular are AWESOME, and your photos are fab – love the 50s style with coke bottle and especially your Betty Grable – your legs are pretty amazing. LOVE IT! And love the little one being happy because of star buttons…cute :)

  22. PS. I had a rough week and was feeling yuk and down-hearted about Sew Weekly, your post has perked me up and made me more determined to get back into it….thank you :)

    • Ahhh, Tempest! I love you girl. Get on with your bad self and sew, sew, sew! Thank you for your kind words. But, I understand you. I get low weeks where I just don’t want to do anything or I am not motivated to get creative. Depression sucks! I can’t wait to see what you create.