Hot! The Born This Way Dress

You know that feeling when you slip that finish garment over your head not knowing if you’re really that happy with it or not? well this one had a big YES attached to it; I’m in love with this one. The idea came to me when I was shopping for a friend who’d just had a little baby boy, they had cute little rompers with bunting across the front saying B-a-b-y. A light-bulb went off and here I am standing in my own grown-up version.


I self drafted this one. I recently purchased a large cutting mat and rotary wheel to cut my fabric on and it really is a blessing. Clean, accurate lines making the tedious job of cutting-out a breeze. The top is made from jersey and the bunting is all broadcloth. I chalked out the wave for the bunting and held it up to myself erasing and redrawing until I was happy with how it flowed across my body.  I cut out my triangles and purchased some vliesofix (love that stuff) to help stabilise the bunting into place ready to sew down with a zig-zag stitch, adjusting the length and width so it stitched nice and close so no fraying would occur. Bias binding was then sewn across the top to finish off the look.

The inside of the dress is all serged, I blind hemmed around the neck, sleeves and across the bottom. The neck, I happened to cut too wide and it stretched even more when I hemmed it. I braided some left over jersey and attached a strap over my left shoulder that holds the dress into place. Phew!  Nice save methinks.

I seriously love how it turned out and love the bold colours up against the black. I felt it needed another colour thrown in there so it didn’t look too patriotic, not that that’s a bad thing after all we’re celebrating the 4th of July. I’m just glad I ran back to get a sliver of yellow to throw into the mix, it just pops. Don’t you agree?
Kazzthespazz.com_1Ladies, ladies, ladies I have been busting to tell you all that something rather extraordinary happened to me last Saturday, (staying away from ALL social media so I can tell the people who I know will appreciate this little piece of awesome news-The Sew Weekly) anyway… I had just finished putting the finishing touches on this dress when I had a notification pop up on my Facebook Timeline, ‘Can you please phone my mobile ASAP?’ This message came from a friend I have known for 10 years, online. We have never met. CRAZY! I know. She’s a well known seamstress here in Melbs, Peta Pledger! an absolute doll. I rang her straight away and she asked if I was available to sew for LADY GAGA!! Everything went kinda fuzzy after that, not knowing what I was sewing I said OF COURSE! Peta had just given birth to a gorgeous little baby boy and was unable to leave the house. I was just beside myself that she had asked me, ME?. All I can say is that my documenting my weekly sewing on my blog had helped me out big time. You just never know who’s watching. Anyway, after jumping up and down in total disbelief I rang my mum and close friends and screamed like my daughter did when we went to see Lady GaGa earlier that week.
I sewed for GAGA

Here’s what my job entailed. This is GaGa’s Castle that I snapped last Thursday night, it opens up and all of the rooms are used for different scenes throughout the show. The show was absolutely amazing by the way, not really a fan of her music but appreciate her talent and love for the downright bizarre. It really was a spectacle. My daughter danced the entire night and is still floating on her GaGa cloud. Bless. My job was to fix all of the curtains drops that had perforated under the strain of metal poles that were inserted into each hem; I’ve marked the ones I recognise with a white star. There were twenty all up. I used Peta’s Industrial straight stitch sewing machine to get the job done, they wanted me to line all of the hems with denim to stop them from tearing again. Each canvas drop was hand painted and quite brittle, some up to 6 metres wide, I’m not too sure why they weren’t reinforced in the first place, but hey! who’s complaining?
I sewed for GAGA

They set me up in the wardrobe department. Those black cases are just some of GaGa’s wardrobe. I really wanted to take photo’s of the clothes but didn’t want to ruin my chances of ever being called back if I got caught. I worked away quietly getting the job done without a hiccup. I loved the Industrial machine, a dead speedy piece of machinery indeed. Do you know I’m a ‘stand-up’ sewer? I ditched the chair after completing one drop. I find it’s just easier.
I sewed for GAGA
I sewed for GAGA


No, I didn’t see Lady GaGa, and no free tickets, I could of hung around with my backstage pass and milked it for all it was worth after I finished but I’m a rather reserved character, not one to make conversation with just anyone not without liquid courage anyway so I packed up my things and headed home walking back to my car kinda pinching myself over the days events. What a day!  What did I wear? I wore this weeks challenge of course. Ah HAPPY DAYS indeed!
The Facts
 Fabric | Jersey knit, broadcloth for the bunting
Pattern | Self drafted
 Year | 2012
 Notions | Bias binding
 Time to complete |2 hours to cut out the dress and bunting . 2 or 3hours to vliesofix and sew the dress.
First worn | Sewing for >Lady GagGa <
Wear again? For Sure, probably to its death.
Total price | $15 for the jersey, $10 for the broadcloth and bias binding, vliesofix $6 



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. SO ABSOLUTELY COOL!!! What an awesome opportunity to sew for a music celebrity! Your work is always amazing, Kazz…including this geniusly designed dress….it’s no shock to any of us that you’d be sought out to sew for someone like Lady Gaga. Thanks for sharing your experience…we have GOT to you get you a reality TV show. It’d be the only one I’d watch faithfully.

    Even without a televised audience…I still LOVE YOUR SHOW, babe!

    • Aw thank you Najah that is really lovely of you to say. TV Show? LOL! Oh can you imagine? I’d say no I’m too shy for TV I’d be like Ally Sheedy in The Breakfast Club making clothes with dandruff sprinkles ha ha Glad you liked the dress.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I was just jealous of your instagram pic of going to see Lady Gaga….but now you’re Kazztheseamstresstothestars (quick buy that domain name! ;))

    I love the dress too, the simplicity to it makes it genius again. I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes around shops taking pics of toddler clothes and wishing there were grown up versions, oh hang on, that is still just me.

    Fascinated by the standing up sewing. I used to work in radio and used to read the news standing up, which at the time was considered odd…perhaps I should try standing sewing…

    • Thanks Tempest. I move around too much when I sew; sew, try on, take- off, sew, try-on…it’s just easier to stand all that fussing about. thanks for your lovely comment.

  3. I agree with Najah, I am a faithful fan of you and your creative genius. That’s so awesome that you got to do that for Lady Gaga. I could definitely see her loving your designs and creations. Hopefully, she’ll stop by your site sometime and check out your style. I think she’d love it! Did you leave a few of your business cards laying around? A few months ago, Lady Gaga was near by eating at her friend’s restaurant in Hopland, California. A few of my granddaughter’s friends (13 year olds) got to sit down and chat with her. They noted that she is a real person, quite down to earth, and very personable. Needless to say, there was quite a buzz about it within our family and friend’s facebook pages. I can understand the awesomeness of your close encounter. We felt the same way.

    • Oh, yes… I love your tribute to the colors of the flag, and the yellow makes it even better, more universal.

    • Thank you lovely Barbara. Wow I get that she is very personable, I think she is a wonderful role model for young girls and boys, the lyrics to Born this Way are fantastic. I love her positive outlook and down-to-earth attitude. What a treat to be able to sit and chat to your idol and at that tender age of 13 too.

      I left my contact details with the promoters :)

  4. Hi Kazz, freakin fantastic girl, what an experience oh and I love the top to!! Wow, that machine looks Rugged, does it function the same way a home machine does? I love the pictures, especially the alphabet hopping shot, very cool. Well congrats and hope their is more to come your way. Awesome that your friend thought of you.

    • Thanks Krista, I know it’s only curtains but still, it was very exciting, this kind of stuff never happens to me. I hope there is more too.

  5. I suppose you should be grateful you didn’t run into her backstage– she might have requested the dress off your back! Then again, maybe you would have gotten to barter for some of her togs in return… fab dress, terrific interpretation and great shape. What a super opportunity!

  6. That’s such a great story! Love the dress and am so thrilled for you! Now I get to say that I know someone who worked for Lady GaGa. We all win!

  7. ARGH! Love your story! I once got a call from a friend who asked me to sew for Katy Perry but it was resizing an oversized vintage dress to a size 8, and I got stage fright!

    I love this dress, and would really need one for myself soon… I have a few batwing dresses and am finding them super comfy! xoxo

  8. You are flippin’ fantastic! What a dream! I love your outfit and how it’s not over done patriotic. Patriotism can be worn and executed poorly or very well. You are on the very well side my friend. Love, love, love! How cold is it in your neck of the globe?

  9. I still NEED those red shoes.

  10. I never cease to be amazed … I’m sure you’ll be dressing Lady Gaga before long …

  11. This may be my favorite creation of yours so far.What a wonderful design. The wave of the bunting is placed so well and really complements the shape of the shirt…and the extra strap looks as if it was always supposed to be there. I thought it was an extra cool detail until I read the text and saw that you saved the shirt this way. Isn’t it great how such emergencies often turn out to be the source of great ideas? Congratulations on the sewing opportunity. As awesome as the Gaga story is I think your shirt is more awesome. ;)

  12. Love the outfit! What a great opportunity to go backstage and do a little industrial sewing. How fun!

  13. OH. MY. GOD. First up, your outfit is AMAZING. I always look forward to your outfits every week–a bit of eye candy and creative inspiration! AND MY WHAT A DAY! Super cool that you got to sew for Lady Gaga…must have been unbelievable!!

  14. I hope someone passes on your details to Gaga herself – she’d love your outfits !

  15. You are just too cute! That outfit is worn perfectly. Shoes are great too!