Hot! The “Birds In My Closet” T-shirt

This week’s theme is right up my alley.  I’m definitely at a place in my sewing journey where I’m realizing that I really shouldn’t make every pattern I come across that I love.  That is what I have done so far and I now have a closet filling up with dresses that I don’t wear that often.  I love a dress….pattern.  But in real life, I pretty much wear dresses to go to church and on occasional dates with my husband.  Not the most practical thing for me to fill my closet with or spend my time on.  What I wear most often, not unlike the majority of my peers, are t-shirts and jeans.

My ideal wardrobe piece would be easy to wear and easily stylish.  Something I can throw on without thinking a whole lot about it, like a t-shirt, but something that looks a little more interesting than my favorite solid orange crew neck from Old Navy.

Also, as a random note, everyone could use more birds in their closet.  Don’t you think?

The Facts
Fabric: Jersey Knit from Girl Charlee
Pattern: Simplicity 2594
Year: current
Notions: none
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: July 21 for pictures
Wear again? Positively yes!
Total price: $7

This is my fashion blogger style… just part of the shirt tucked in the front. haha!

I’m a sucker for something interesting in the back.


So here’s the story.  After I came to the conclusion that I needed more t-shirt-like me-mades in my closet, I came across this picture in the Sewaholic Group on Flickr.  I went straight to Girl Charlee to find it with the intention of making myself a cowl Renfrew to wear in the fall.  Before I could cut into it, I happened to be in JoAnn’s and noticed a little boatneck t-shirt on the dress form.  I went over to inspect and saw that it not only had a cute yoke in the front, but a cowl drape in the back.  I thought it was just so cute and would be a perfect pairing with my new knit, but there was no pattern number on the tag attached to the shirt.  All it said was Simplicity.  Well, easy enough to find, right?  I know what it looks like, I’ll just find it on the web.  No dice.  I ended up having to call the store and ask them to search for the pattern number.  Success!

I found a surprise when I looked up the pattern number; the shirt I had seen on the dress form was backwards! On top of that, this pattern does not call for knits. No wonder I couldn’t find it by browsing the Simplicity site.  I went to work looking for reviews… and there are plenty using all sorts of different fabrics with all sorts of different results.

This is really a fairly basic pattern, but the beginner might have trouble because there are some things you just have to base on experience.  I knew I didn’t need to cut a knit on the bias as the pattern calls for.  I knew I needed to cut the smallest size and might need to make the seam allowances bigger.  I knew from the Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress how this yoke might work.  I’ve already made another pattern that has these same pleats to create a drape.  All this made it an easy t-shirt to construct for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it to a beginner without a lot of patterns under their belt.

This is a complete win for me.  I love bird fabric.  I love this soft jersey even though it’s a little tricky to work with, being so thin and drapey.  I met my goal of making an easy to wear piece that has easy style.


Extra plus: Either side can be the front, so I kinda got two styles of shirt in one!

Those silly people at JoAnn’s!  I’m really so happy someone made that mistake.  I wouldn’t have thought outside the box/pattern line drawings otherwise.



Sara is a dance teacher by degree and at heart, but has currently set that aside while her husband completes his radiology residency and she raise their two little girls. Her interest in sewing began when she had her first little girl four years ago and she began sewing for herself just last year. Sewing is her creative outlet and is also becoming an academic endeavor as she attempt to educate herself further in this new pursuit.


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  1. I LOVE this shirt! I’m sad you say it wouldn’t be the best for beginners, but I’m going to bookmark this post and hopefully make it someday! I also need more t-shirts since that’s what I wear all the time!

    • I don’t want to try to deter only warn that the yoke is not clearly explained and the pattern isn’t recommended for knits. Read some of the reviews out there on Pattern Review and blogs. Most agree that the directions are not the clearest. If you love it, though, check it out and see what you think.

  2. That is such a cute pattern and to think that it wasn’t even what you thought it was, but then turned out even better. I like how it looks with the drape in the bake and front. What a fortunate discovy.

  3. Adorable! I love the fabric and the shape of the tee, particularly with the cowl in back.

  4. I really love this, cute print and the cowl detail at the back is fab!

  5. Super cute, and super versatile!

  6. Very cute! I must confess that when I saw the first photo I thought “I think that’s on backwards”. And in a way, it was, but it looks fantastic both ways. And yes, everyone definitely needs more birds in their closet!

  7. I love this print and the top! I need some patterns like this-maybe next time there’s a sale.

  8. Love that back detailing and the fabric. I love how you can make something ‘necessary’ and make it so special and interesting. Love your fashion blogger pose with half tucked in shirt too ;)