Hot! Win Indygo Junction’s Coronation Clutch Pattern!

It’s been ages since I’ve hosted a giveaway on The Sew Weekly! Well, readers, I have a treat for you: as part of the Indygo Junction Pattern Parade Blog Tour, I’m offering The Sew Weekly readers a chance to win not only the Coronation Clutch pattern, but also fabric!

I have a confession to make: I totally spaced about this being my day for the pattern tour. This morning, after feeling particularly tired with a sore throat, I decided to take a nap. When I awoke and checked my email, I had a friendly little reminder from one of the gals at Indygo Junction that today was Sew Weekly’s day to host the pattern parade tour stop.  As part of the tour, Indygo Junction sent me the pattern and fabric in case I wanted to make it up and show all of you. Because I thought I was scheduled for later this month, I hadn’t even started. Doesn’t this sound like every single sewing story I tell?

Well, I jumped out of bed and worked on the bag for about an hour. After a scheduled lunch (where I drank a pomegranate hard cider), I came home slightly buzzed. Despite my slight inebriation, I was able to finish this bag after about another 30 minutes of finishing touches. Now, if that isn’t a testament to an easy pattern, I don’t know what is!

And here’s my take on this super simple, but stylish clutch:

I didn’t take a photo of the inside, but it’s lined with red fabric! Yay red fabric! Personally, I would use a slightly less busy print for the clutch in order to highlight the front pleats and bow. The nice thing about this print is that it hides any intoxication mistakes well. It’s the perfect size for an iPad, by the way.

And, of course, the obligatory big smile photo:

About the Coronation Clutch:

Whether you’re out with friends or on a special date, keep it classy with the Coronation Clutch. This design was inspired by 1950’s style and the fashion trends surrounding the time of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation. The oversized dimensions make this pattern a perfect hand-held compromise between an accessory purse and full-blown bag. There’s plenty of room for all your essentials, but the compact design retains the flirtatiousness of a true clutch. Flap options include a T-shape that can be accented with decorative buttons or a cute, stylized bow. The pattern also includes options for a pleated or plain purse body. Try making this clutch with your favorite home decor fabric or in wools. Carry on! 

And now you can win your own copy of this pattern!

To enter, simply leave a comment here stating which view of the purse you’ll probably make up first. That’s it. I’ll randomly select a commenter to receive both the Coronation Clutch pattern plus yardage from the Portobello collection by Alice Kennedy for Timeless Treasures for the outer fabric & basket weave print from the Yard Sale collection by Dear Stella Designs for the lining .

Just be sure to leave a comment before next Wednesday, the 27th.

The fabric for the giveaway!

Mystery Phrase/Grand Prize Entry (required):

Don’t forget to collect your secret letter from each stop on the Indygo Junction PATTERN PARADE blog tour. At the end of the tour, unscramble the 10 secret letters to create the mystery phrase and enter to win the Grand Prize. For more details, visit

The secret letter for this blog is “T”.

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And a little bit about Indygo Junction Inc: founded by creative entrepreneur Amy Barickman, is an established sewing and crafts business that offers stylish and timeless high-quality patterns and a variety of idea-rich project books. Amy continues to work with artists and designers from around the world to create unique projects, having sold over 2 million books and sewing patterns. With a fresh, fashion-forward style, connects creative enthusiasts of all ages. LIKE us on Facebook to receive a free ePattern PDF & sign up for our eNewsletter for a free eBook featuring a purse pattern, embroidery design and small quilt. 

Good luck everyone!


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I would definitely do the version with the bow, I’m working on a tuxedo style dress and this would go perfect with it to complete my look.

  2. I think the fabric you chose is wonderful, but it is making me a little dizzy!!!

  3. I am all about bows lately- I live that version. I hope I win!

  4. Definitely the version with bow- maybe with the box in an accent colour. Thanks, Steph

  5. Great Clutch
    Going to an anniversary.
    Going to try and make one after I get the pattern.

  6. Love this bag too! I was wondering what happened, I was on here first thing this morning at 5:00am. Cause I’m just so excited about this whole tour hop that I was shocked when nothing was posted yet for today!

  7. I thin I like the solid with the bow. That would be the first I would make.

  8. I would make the version with the bow.

  9. I love the size and shape of this bag, and would definitely make the version with the bow. I had never been to your blog before today, and I love it. Thanks for all the great photos and ideas.

  10. If that isn’t a testament to simplicity, nothing is. That clutch looks great! I think even I could make one of those, and I love the fabric you chose. I’d do the version with the bow.

  11. I like size that you made. I need something nice for my iPad.

  12. I actually like the one with the buttons. I like, too, that it fits an ipad. Love it

  13. This is a cute little purse. Nice that it fits an iPad too.

    If I were to make the purse, I think I’d probably try View B first. I like the bow.

  14. I love them all, but I would have to go with the one with the bow :) I’d probably make them all though :)

  15. I really like the solid green one. I’ve been looking for a clutch pattern. I even discovered pinterest !!!

  16. My favorite style is the one with the T-shaped flap and buttons. It is a great place to show off some great decorative buttons!

  17. I love this! I would normally do up the one with the buttons but I just love the one with the bow! Oh, heck, I’ll do them both!!

  18. The one with the bow is too cute! I’d definitely do that one first!

  19. Cuuuute! I’d definitely make the bow version.

  20. Ooh, this is VERY cute. I love the button-front one!

  21. Well the bows seem to be the favorite…and I have to agree. I like the one with the pleats and the bow!

  22. I would make the one with the bow first, then the one with the buttons for my daughter.

  23. The BOW one for sure!!

  24. The one with the bow. My daughter is getting married in September and this would be a great clutch to take to her wedding and reception!

  25. I think I’d go sans bow. Especially with the fabric that comes with the giveaway. I’ll be crossing my fingers since I desperately need a case for my iPad.

  26. I’ll go for the button version. Great clutch!

  27. I LOVE buttons so definitely the the flap version sporting the buttons! I’d also make a matching hat since the queen always wears a hat it seems. Nicely designed clutch! Like the big size too.

  28. I love the bow version, and agree that I’d use a less patterned fabric to show off the style.

  29. I would have to go for the one with a bow. It is darling!

  30. OOOh, I’d do the version with the bow. So adorable!

  31. What gorgeous clutch you made and the pattern looks like fun! I’d love to give the one with the bow a try, though the button front is mighty tempting too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I too like the version with the bow. Thanks for the chance to win.

  33. I would do the one the the buttons…soooo cute! Great little clutch:)

  34. First the bow bag for my mom…the bow will be a contrasting color or maybe print. Then the tab flap bag with buttons for me using a fussy cut largish print for the flap and coordinating smaller print for the balance of the bag. OOOH! Black silk (hmmm….maybe red silk) bag with the bow and a wonderful sparkly largish old button or old pin for the middle of the bow.

  35. I would make the version with the buttons – a great opportunity to show off a special button or two!

  36. The one with the bow, in a solid wool!

  37. I also love the one with the bow. So classy and fresh.
    Love the lighter color for the inside.

  38. I love the version with the bow and would make this first in a bright red wool with a patterned lining. I love having a surprise lining on a bag. I can imagine it already!

  39. I really like the view with the bow. So different from my everyday look of functional bag.

  40. I would make the purse with the buttons first. Also, love the give away fabric.

  41. I choose the version with the bow, it looks classy. Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. Ha I wondered what happened to it ;) I like the bow, that’s not usually my thing but I think I’d make it with a nice solid pastel (also not my thing) as it seems like it’d turn out to be a nice elegant purse.

  43. I like the one with the bow too.

  44. I’d start with the version with the bow. I love how the closure is cocked to the side!

  45. What an awesome pattern! I think that for the fabric in question, I’d go with the flap version-the bow might get lost in the print. But for future versions, the bow! I love how the pattern gives options.

  46. I already have the occasion I will wear it too if I get to make it with the free pattern and fabric! Would make the bow version

  47. Oh, view B, the bow, the bow, the bow!

  48. I would make the cute little buttoned one since the one in the illustration is made up of something that looks like Welsh tweed to me, important to my heritage. So, I would choose that and make it up in something akin to Tweed with a surprise inside, maybe rich purple – a colour I’m into at the moment.

  49. This blog made me laugh. I think the bow is adorable, but you are correct in needing a solid!

  50. I love View A with the buttons. I have tons of interesting buttons just waiting for their spotlight!

  51. toss up between the green plaid w/buttons and green w/bow. What the heck both are my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. Ooh gosh, both versions are very sweet! I think I’d start with the one with the bow though….

  53. Definitely the pleated body and the bow! Well done on pulling off the fastest make in the world!

  54. Clutches are very smart! I am tired of my shoulders and back hurting from over-sized bags that I over-stuff. I would love to make this clutch. Much easier to manage a clutch at work. Good job!

  55. Buttons! I love the pleating too…oh, and the fact that is came together in less than an hour.

  56. I am not much for bows, but I do like the bow version of the clutch. It would probably be my first choice.

  57. I would start with the bow version first for sure. Perfect solution for my ipad!

  58. Think I like the button clutch…but the bow is amazing too…
    Really, really like the material…hope I win….

  59. I would definitely try the bow first – a little “girly” never hurt anyone! Good to know the pattern can be done “a little happy” or stone cold sober – my chance of success just went up!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  60. All three versions are super cute and stylish. It would be hard to choose just one, so I would do all three.

  61. Great Bag and I agree a less busy fabric would make the design show up.

  62. I think the view with the bow is really cute!

  63. your story made me laugh, thank you, I would make any of these for my youngest daughter that she asked for, can’t wait to show her your blog!

  64. I love the bow, but think that I might start with the button version, simply because it looks like it would be a perfect match for some of my handwoven fabrics, which I love making clutches out of! Adorable styles!

  65. She Looks Like Maria from West Side Story & the Fancy Print is Character Perfect

  66. Definitely would do it with the bow. Cute clutch!!

  67. I’ll join the others and say, I think I’d make the bow version first. This clutch looks PERFECT – I’ve been wanting a stylish structured bag!

  68. LOVE the solid green version with the bow! Would love to win it. Nice to hear it goes together quickly. I have found Amy Brickman’s directions to be well written! Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. I would make the one with the bow. And this green is my favorite color!!! Good luck to one and all!!!!

  70. This is so cute. I would start with the clutch with the bow first.
    Hope your feeling better.

  71. I would make one in felted wool with some vintage rhinestone buttons. I also love the bow!

  72. Both versions are so cute! I think I’d probably go with the buttons. Nice that it is so fast to make!

  73. Lovely pattern. I am ready to whip up the T-shape flap version. Gorgeous!

  74. Are those buttons or snaps? Love the bow, but that print would look great with some nice big buttons. Either way, I love the fabric! Thanks for the chance to win!

  75. I like super simple patterns…this bag is really cute. I like the version with the bow.

  76. I love the one with the bow!

  77. I love the style w/ the button. Thanks!

  78. I love this clutch; I think I’d have to go with the bow!

  79. This is such a cute clutch, I love the bow!

  80. No bow. Definitely no bow.

  81. Cute clutch. Love the button version!

  82. Im really like the one with the buttons. I also like the ipad size! Love the flowered fabric, too.

  83. I love the version of this clutch with the bow, too; that would be my choice to make. I agree that the details don’t show with the busy print you used but I do like the look anyway.

  84. i would make the solid green one with the bow.
    an old new again look :)

  85. I love the bow – My daughters would love the one with the bow – Thank you and Pomegranate hard cider hmmmmm, sound delish.

    Love the fabric too.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  86. That bow is super cute, but I do love buttons so much!! So probably that one.

  87. i love the fabrics and I’d make the big one. I think it would look best with the large scale print.

  88. I would make the version with the buttons. Thanks for the giveaway.

  89. I would do the one with the bow.I just love the way it looks!

  90. Buttons and bows…how can you choose? Would have to make both! (but I’d make the button version first…)

  91. I really like the fabric. Probably the larger one.

  92. I love both views, but with the fabric offered, I’d do the one with the T-flap and buttons – sooo CUTE!

  93. Oh, Mena, oh my! I hope it will make you feel better to know that I will sew the Coronation Clutch to honor the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, her birthday, AND your dedication to BRING IT! JUST LOVE thar Portobello! Get better soon!

  94. I like the bow one the best and I would pair with a nice cocktail dress!

  95. Plaid with the buttons

  96. I like the retro look of the view with the T flap.

  97. Buttons or bow? Buttons or bow? BOW!!!

  98. I LOVE the bow version!!

  99. I like the button version. Thanks for the chance! :)

  100. I would choose the bow. I’ve got 3 weddings to attend, so it’ll be put to good use.

  101. Bow — like the bottom photo of the pattern cover held by the woman in aqua.

  102. Grabbing at that bow! Isn’t that just too????

  103. I like the bow version. Cute!

  104. I’m a button fan, so that’s the one I’d make. Thanks for the giveaway.

  105. I would make the version with the bow. It is too cute.

  106. I would choose the bow, also – very retro and classy – just how I’m feeling right now!

  107. I would probably make the T version with the buttons first as it seems a little more casual. Eventually though, I’d make both.

  108. I would choose the flap from the bow version, but then I’d decorate that flap with buttons instead of the bow. :)

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  109. I love them both but I would make the one with the buttons, I love the structure of it!

  110. LOVE the purse, LOVE the fabric and especially like that the clutch is big enough to be functional!

  111. Oooh, who doesn’t love a cool clutch…and being English (but living in the US) I would definitely like to have the Coronation pattern. It would be fun made up in a red, white and blue fabric!
    I would make up the bow pattern first, but the t-shaped one would be made soon after!
    And I love that you lined yours with red fabric. That’s awesome.

  112. Oh I love the one with the buttons….. definately that one – it would look fabulous with a 60s style shift dress I am making….. now I just need to find some white go-go boots :)

  113. I love the clutch with the buttons. It would be perfect with all kinds of outfits. Here’s hoping…

  114. I’d definitley do the bow version first. I LOVE it!!

  115. Love this pattern and the fabric; and I would make the bow version first.

  116. I would make the one with the bow on the flap first.

  117. I too, like the one with the bow!! Very cute little bag. And I like easy!!

  118. I love the bow version with the bow as an accent color to match a dress I just bought.

  119. Love the BOW…would have thought you would have used the RED for a bow !!!! Very cute though.

  120. Definitely the one with the bow – in a fairly solid print fabric, to show off the details! Very nice!

  121. I too love the bow version. Fun and girly! Love how fast you did the purse. This would be a great pattern to win or buy!

  122. I would definitely make the version with the bow! Seems like the perfect purse for a day out with my friends. I also love the size big enough but not too big. Pick me! I would love to win!

  123. I LOVE the bow view! Adorable!

  124. I would definetly make the bow version I would probably use a mustard colored wool

  125. Definitely the bow one. Lovely! Thanks for the opportunity & great to see your blog – lovely.

  126. I like the button style. I’d make it just for fun because I can’t think of an occasion to use it…yet!

  127. I would make the plain view as I like the material to be the highlight!

  128. I would make the one with the buttons. Thanks for this giveaway!

  129. The one with the buttons would be my choice, and I would make it in the medium size so that I could carry around my kindle to work to read at lunch with this nice weather!

  130. I think I would start with the plain version. That would be fab to use for my sister’s wedding next month.

  131. I think I would make the version with the bow. It is a great clutch pattern.

  132. Me make bow clutch.

  133. I love the one with the buttons.

  134. I’m not usually a very ‘girlie’ person, but I do like the version with the bow. Very classic. :)


  135. I love both the bow and the button versions. I would make either of them in a plain tweedy fabric to emphasize the pattern details and give it some textural interest.

  136. Oh, that sassy little bow on the front is definitely my favorite! Although the pleats come in a close second. My son’s girlfriend is in love with retro so this might have to become a Christmas gift. It would look fab in a wool tweed … but I’m allergic to wool so I might have to go with acrylic. Of course, that’s after I make it up in the beautiful fabric from the portobello collection.

    Love the fact that you were able to ‘whip it up’ so quickly!

  137. Love the bow version, but I would probably go with the little button version to the right of it. Great fabrics!

  138. I’d make the bow version… it’s just darling!

  139. I would make the second one on top (the right side). I love that one!!!

  140. I would make the one with the buttons first. But tough choice as they are all very nice!

  141. I love the one with bow!

  142. The one with the bow and pleats is so darling. Super cute outfit, by the way, love that skirt. I might have to make myself one quite similar.

  143. I’d go with the button version in a great wool plaid. Fabulous for the Fall!

  144. I’d have to start with the bow, then buttons! Sew cute!

  145. I love this bag. I am drawn to all the fun new patterns for bags when I go to quilt shops. My husband has asked me several times, “Don’t you think you have enough bags?” (Silly boy)

  146. I love Indygo Junction patterns! I would definitely make the bag with the bow first.. it is dressy casual. I love it.

  147. Very cute clutch! I also liked the fabric choices. You have some amazing patterns on your site.

  148. I love the Tshape flap with the buttons!

  149. I love the bow design, I would try that one!Classy and classic.

  150. This is a beautiful clutch and would love to win it. Love making purses.

  151. A little too fancy for me, but a good challenge outside the box. The button one is my choice

  152. I would make the one with a bow, it reminds me of my twenties. All the designs are so classic and could be embellished in so many ways for a different look. AND I can carry my iPad, I’m in!

  153. I would make the clutch with the bow. So cute!

  154. My choice would be the one with the buttons first. (And my daughter definately would choose the bow :-)

  155. I am not a “bow” kind of girl, but love a little finesse, so I would pick the clutch with the bow pattern. However, I think I would use the green wicker patterned fabric for the lining and the large print fabric for the purse and then embellish it with a large piece of funky antique jewelry. I think I would add any inside pockets or pouches to suit my needs (or the gift recipient’s) using the large print fabric, just to add that special touch, and maybe even bind the edges of the inside pockets with a turquoise grosgrain ribbon to compliment the green wicker pattern. I love to mix up vintage and vintage repro fabrics!

    By the way, you are amazing! I couldn’t have matched that time, without a beverage of choice. Thanks for such a cute (and realistic) tale!

  156. Love the one with the bow – perfect for my niece’s upcoming wedding!

  157. I have never visited a blog before, but I loved this. I will visit often. I would make the bag without the bow, because the fabric was very busy, and I like the idea of the button accent. Thank for the fun!

  158. Really hard to decide. I like all of them but would probably make the one with the buttons first.

  159. I’m dating myself but both designs instantly reminded me of listening to Doris Day sing “Buttons and Bows” on the radio. Both versions are cute…adding to the project list.

  160. I love the size, but I am a hands free type of girl so I am going to add a classy chain strap to it that can either be removed or tucked inside, that way if I want to go out with just a clutch I can remove it or hide it.

  161. So cute! Love the one with the pleats and bow. Thanks so much.

  162. Yay! I’ve finally caught up with the tour and can enter! Love this clutch style, and the fabrics are my colors! Might have to keep this one for me. (I always “say” that). Thank you!

  163. I would also make the one with the pleats but am thinking about the bow.

  164. Love the pleated green one with the bow. I definitely need a clutch bag!

  165. I love that pattern! I would make to one with the buttons!

  166. I would definitely make the smaller one with the buttons first. I could totally see making several of these as Christmas gifts for my girlfriends! Thanks for the opportunity and your participation in such a fun tour of blogs. Can’t wait to read more of yours!

  167. Its a toss up between the one with the bow and the one with the buttons but I think the bow wins soo adorable

  168. I probably would make the clutch with the bow. But I reserve the right to change my mind… :)

  169. I like the plaid one with the buttons! But I love your version too! There’s just something about black & white fabric!! Thanks for a chance to win this pattern & awesome fabric! :)

  170. ADORABLE!!!! I would defiantly go with the bow version! this is so cute! :)

  171. I’d start with the bow version!

  172. I like the one with the bow..the one you made. It is so cute and sophisticated at the same time. You used a modern print, but I would go for something that looked more retro–a solid or a tweed.

  173. I would love to make the version with the buttons–I’m not a bow girl, and have some crazy-awesome vintage orange and grey plaid wool that would suit the tailored style perfectly.

  174. Cute! I’d probably go with the bow view–it seems I’m always scrounging for a purse to bring to special occasions, given my penchant for crazy print ones that haul everything, and that would be perfect!

  175. My vote is for the bow. I have some home dec/drapery samples stuck away that keep saying, “I would love to be a purse.”

  176. I think I’d have to make up the bow version, it’s just so cute!

  177. I love the bow…. Or maybe I would add a men’s tie flower instead. What a cute clutch!

  178. Am I seeing things or is the lower bag on the pattern made with this print? I can’t tell if it’s a smooth back of one of the top bags or a smooth side version. If it is a smooth side version, I would go with that style for this print. If not, then I would go with the side bow…very cute.
    Love these fabrics together! Thanks for the chance to win.

  179. Love the fabric! Bubbles!

  180. I also love the version with the bow. It’s a cute clutch!

  181. The bow version is my first choice. Love it!

  182. Well, I am joing the “bow’ club. It looks like it is a real winner! I love it in the solid green. I might try it in a piece of green wool that I have.

  183. I love the button tab version, especially in the bold print. Looks big enough to carry a small sewing project along with necessary purse items.

  184. I really like the purse with the buttons. I love making purses and probably would make the bow purse secondly. These are “cute as a button”!

  185. I will make the version with the bow! It is darling!

  186. Buttons are cute, but the bow is better ;)

  187. I think I like the one with the buttons, but the solid green with the bow is very chic looking! Hope I win!!!!!!!

  188. the bow does class it up a lot! its a nice girly touch that is still sophisticated.

  189. I am a bow person.
    This clutch pattern has my name written on it. I wear thenm in my hair and the clutch I could do in the same fabric and really WOW them.

  190. Absolutely the bow version. It’s vintage and fun at the same time. Would look divine in a lovely buttery yellow!

  191. I’d make the bow version. It’s is so adorable!

  192. I would make this version with some lace.

  193. I love the bow version of the clutch.

  194. i think clutch with buttons would be the way to go for me. cute stuff

  195. I love the bow one! Can’t have a purse that isn’t girlie!!!

  196. I agree with you in the fact that I am not crazy about the material–maybe you should have put the red on the outside with the dizzy print on the inside and for the bow. I love the fact that it sounds easy to make–quick and easy, I should say–slightly loopy or not! Good for you for being such a sport in spite of the fact that you weren’t feeling all that great in the morning.

  197. I love all the versions but my favorite is the bow. It gives it such a vintage, retro look. I would love one also with the buttons.

  198. Buttons…Bows…hard choice! How about one of each? Indygo Junction patterns are some of my favorites!

  199. buttons for sure!

  200. I love the buttons…. it’s just too cute!

  201. I want to make the one with button for my mother-in-law to take to church.

  202. What a darling bag! i would probably make the clutch wit the buttons first, but I know I would end up making them all. As soon as my niece sees it I know I would be making one (or more) for her.

  203. I would make View A and I have some fat quarters that would be perfect, give as a gift to my oldest daughter! Thanks!

  204. The button version in plaid is making me want to make this clutch.
    So the secret to making it is to imbibe at least one alcoholic drink?

  205. I love vintage clothing, decor items,etc. I would make the one with the bow but I love that fabric on the other one also. I am also loving this pattern hop. It is fun to see different designers make up these patterns. It gets the creative juices going. Good idea!

  206. They are both super cute!! I would probably do the buttons first – I have so many lovely buttons from my grandmothers’ collections, it would be fun to show some of them off!

  207. I love the view with the 2 buttons. I’m a sucker for buttons, the bigger the better!

  208. Adorable! I’d make the version with the bow–it’s so chic and feminine!

  209. Green with the bow all the way.

  210. This is really cute! I like the version you made and it’s nice to know it’s big enough to fit an ipad. Wish there was a shoulder strap, I always end up setting things down and losing them if they’re not attached to my person…

  211. I’ve always loved the bow clutch version!

  212. I’m not sure if I’m too late but I would love to be entered. I love the green. I have been wanting a green purse for awhile now.

  213. I make the plaid one with the buttons!

  214. This is such a cute clutch! Thanks for hosting the giveaway. :)

  215. Love the clutch! Thank you for hosting the giveaway. I’m not usually a bow person, but I love the bow version of this clutch. It’s more sassy than sweet!

  216. I like the larger clutch sewn by the hostess, Mena Trott. The size would work well for everyday and evening.

  217. I love the bow! Thanks for the chance to win this pattern and great fabric. Did I say I love the bow!

  218. I would most definately make the one with the bow! It is adorable!

  219. I love the Coronation Clutch pattern.I would like it in a floral print with a bow!