Hot! The “Where Everybody Knows Your Name” Outfit

The "Where Everybody Knows  Your Name" Outfit

Kwik Sew 3496
The Facts

Fabric: Jersey knit (top), denim (skirt)
Pattern: Kwik Sew 3496 (top), self-drafted (skirt)

Year: Contemporary but 1980s-inspired
Notions: Interfacing, snap, invisible zipper
Time to complete: 6 hours

First worn: To brighten up a long day of meetings and emails
Wear again? Yes, but mostly likely not together

Total Price: $22

Choosing a character to inspire my sewing for the TV Challenge was totally easy because I have spent the last couple of years watching (well, mostly re-watching) Seasons 1 through 3 of Cheers on Netflix. It was one of the top sitcoms on American television for years and it’s a great show for spying the extremes of 80’s fashion.

Cheers TV Show Logo

In the early seasons (the best ones), the main cast was ex-ballplayer-turned bar owner, Sam Malone…the adorably dense and lovable old-timer, Coach…the sassy always-pregnant waitress, Carla… witty regulars, Norm Peterson and Cliff Claven…and, of course, DIANE CHAMBERS. The snooty, wanna-be poet turned waitress, whose roller coaster love affair with Sam ends when she meets psychiatrist, Frasier Krane (who becomes the title character of an awesome spinoff show).

The cast of Cheers

Diane, played by Shelley Long, always looked like she’d memorized the “How to Look Like an 80’s TV Star” handbook. From the requisite big hair (for several episodes, her big blonde hair was aided by a bad perm) to pointy pumps, Diane Chambers was the material girl of her time.

Diane, Carla, and Sam of Cheers

I sewed an 80’s-retro looking dolman top and gathered skirt inspired by the outfit Diane wore in the opening episode of Season 3 when she returns from treatment after a nervous breakdown (brought on after a dramatic breakup with Sam).

Diane, Cheers (Season 3, Episode 1) Diane, Cheers (Season 3, Episode 1)

The jersey top sewed up fast as hell. The pattern will get A LOT of use as its the t-shirt basic my wardrobe’s been missing. I added a waistband to my standby dirdnl skirt and sewed it up in a surprisingly lightweight denim.

The "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" Outfit

With this outfit, I’ve officially answered the question, What Would Diane Wear?
I’m just missing the apron and superior attitude.

The "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" Outfit

Cheers was a well-written, witty, 30-year old sitcom that still makes me laugh. My favorite part of the show was it’s memorable theme song.

Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away?
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
And they’re always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows your name.

The "Where Everybody Knows Your Name" Outfit

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Najah Carroll is a project manager by day and seamstress by night. Once it became clear that ready-to-wear was never gonna support her five feet of curves, she taught herself to sew and make pattern alterations. In January, she lost her mind by signing up for this 52-week garment sewing challenge.


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  1. This looks really nice on you! Really wearable.

  2. I used to watch cheers with my parents. I love the stripes across the top of your dress.

  3. Oh how cool Najh, love the right up and you look smashing I this outfit. Even better it’s separates which opens you up to that many more combinations of great outfits. Cheers.

  4. Loving the colors of this dress! And I always love that style of top that feels loose and is nice for hot weather. Beautiful job!

    I’m assuming you’re a Diane supporter in the Diane vs. Rebecca argument. ;)

  5. Such a cute outfit..Looks great on you.. Cheers!!!!

  6. I’ve missed you Najah! What a wonderful surprise to see your beautiful face smiling at me from the Sew Weekly website. I love your top! I spied some stripey fabric last week and now I’m itching to buy it. I could use a little extra in my sewing budget though I know I’d want more if I did. I really like the look of that denim too. Nice skirt!

  7. Ahhhh another TV classic! Fantastic job getting the Diane vibe. And welcome back I missed you!!!!!

  8. Yes, it’s been too long. We’ve missed you around here. I like that striped jersey knit fabric. You made the perfect summer top with it and the skirt is very nice and cool looking. Great story about Diane and the “Cheers” crowd. I’m looking forward to more from you, so don’t be a stranger!

  9. Najah’s back!! At one point I could actually watch “Cheers” 6 times in one night, LOVED it! You’re outfit is very Diane but in a modern Najah kind of way, welcome back : )

  10. I loved this show growing up! (Memorable theme song is an understatement. I now have it plastered in my head once again. :-P) Great Diane look!

  11. I might have to revisit Cheers! I watched it without fail in the 80s (though tailed off a bit when Diane left and Rebecca arrived…..I missed Coach later on as well). I was so happy to see your gorgeous smile gracing the front page….I’m so glad you keep popping back when you can, your posts make me smile so. Love that top (way more trendy than Diane’s prissy outfits and skirt looks nice and comfy, I would never have guessed it was denim. Deary me, thanks to you and Erin I’m going to have a thank you for being a friend where everybody knows your name mash up stuck in my head now.

  12. That song sounds like ‘Sew Weekly’ – a place to forget your worries and everyone knows your name! Those colours are definitely so 80’s! Especially the pink, blue and green.

  13. Ah, Cheers, good memories! I now have the theme song going through my head. :-)

    Great outfit – love the colours of the top!

  14. Oh man, you’re taking me back. I had that outfit back in the ’80s, but the dolman sleeved top was turquoise and white striped, not multicoloured, and I always wore it with matching white patent leather belt and shoes. I thought I was hot s**t, but in reality looked like a sloppy mess.
    YOU however, look cool and stylish….I’ve got some chambray around here somewhere that’s calling out to me…..

  15. Just gorgeous Najah. Love the colours and cut. Loved Cheers

  16. Love the whole thing~

  17. I love Cheers and I love this outfit!!! Three cheers for you!