Hot! The “Warm Hug” Cape

The Facts

Fabric: Kelly Green Wool Coating,

Navy Twill Menswear Rayon Lining (in stash 20 years)

Pattern: Vogue 9968

Year: 1998

Notions: Big button and press stud from stash

Time to complete: 3 hours – plus 1 hour handsewing at the skate park – not counted!

First worn: June 2012

Wear again? Yes easily

Total Cost: $40? 10 years ago!

You know I really wanted to do another Mad Men inspired dress so apologies for the tenuous inspiration. After decided I was making this green cape I googled “TV” and “Green Cape” and convieniently, up popped the Wonderful Samantha from Bewitched who had a green flying cape. I watched this all the time as a kid – loved her beautiful face, helmet hair, bright clothes and crazy magical antics.


Source: via Trish on Pinterest

It’s quite cold now in Sydney, so I feel like making warm things. I have had this wool in my stash since BC (before children) so approximately 10 years. I had planned to make a skirt in it originally. But there was just enough fabric to make this cape – as I have gone off the skirt idea.

The pattern calls for fake fur to be used – so does not advise the use of interfacing, but as I know things like collars and fronts (where there will be buttons) perform better with the support of some interfacing I put some in.

I am very happy to finally use up this fabric – I love this Kelly Green colour. It is one of the colours in my “It was meant to be – Blouse”.

This pattern is so easy! Hooray! I think this would be an ideal project for a beginner.

And this spongy fabric is also great for beginners. It is beautiful to sew. It goes where you put it, is resiliant and if you gently press it on the reverse side (inside) or use a pressing cloth – you can mould and shape it easily (not like awful springy polyester).

I was wearing this cape while spending some time with my computer one night recently and the room was cold, but I felt warmer and warmer – such is the beauty of wool’s insulating properties. It was just like a warm hug. I am really pleased with it.

If you see some pure wool going cheap I suggest you grab it and make something easy! Group hug!

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Trish lives in Sydney and has way more thrifted patterns and fabric than her fair share. She studied fashion design in her former life and sews while trying to not to burn the dinner.


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  1. That’s a great colour and I love the styling – the red accents are delicious. I bought a bracelet like that last week! The cape is lovely – I love the big bold button.
    PS Handsewing? At the skatepark? Didn’t that make the jumps and tricks very difficult?

    • Thanks ever so Charlotte. Yes my bracelet is new from Target. The swallow brooch is also new. The velvet hat is vintage with a veil and a big bow on the front. Yes actually I am rather good at sewing while skating – you should try it some time. Like I am good at sewing and cooking at the same time ;

  2. What a great cape in a wonderful color! And I love your red accessorites : )

  3. Capes are wonderful aren’t they? Such warm, versatile garments. I love the colour of your cape – especially with the red and black.

  4. That green suits you do well. I bet it feels quite energising as well as warm and cosy. And that bracelet is gorgeous too. So fab that you’ve managed to use a fabric so long treasured into a piece of clothing that’s even more special… that you sew in public too, very rad :)

    • Thanks Tempest. It’s a relief to use another piece up I must admit – my stash is out of control. But I know a girl in NZ, with purple hair, who has more. Sewing in public is very natural for me – no one ever objects!

  5. ‘so well’ not ‘do well’….please forgive late night typing on phone without my glasses on

  6. Oh, this is lovely! Gorgeous colour, and looks wonderfully snuggly.

  7. Kelly green? cape? WINNER! Damn I love this Trish. Well done

  8. It does look just the thing to sit at a computer in! The colour is gorgeous too … it’s had a long wait to be made up but I reckon you did exactly the right project with it.

    • Thank you Diane! LOL it did have a long wait – the poor thing, now you know why I didnt manage to make that much last year – it takes me a long time to make mind up – a week of thinking time is not enough – I need 10 years!

  9. Hi Trish, nothing like a cozy cape to curl up with a good book. I’m thinking warm thoughts for you since in NYC it’s almost summer. Although today at work it’s wear green day in celebration of living green.

  10. I LOVE IT!!! I was obsessed with Bewitched as a child. I wanted to be Samantha so badly. With your red hair you could be Endora!

  11. Pretty and practical – I love this! The color is fantastic and it looks delightfully cozy.

  12. Loving the colors of this cape ! And I always love that style of top that feels loose and is nice. Beautiful!

  13. Now I need to make a cape. Yours is so pretty and I love that you used that great color for it. It is a trip seeing all the cool weather stuff popping up when it’s getting so warm here.

  14. Love it! I’ve been dreaming about making a cape too, but then there’s the reality that I always seem to be carrying 1-3 bags around and how do you manage all those straps and sling anything over your shoulder with the cape wings?

  15. Looks like Elizabeth inspired us both :) great color green and I love the little hat you are wearing.