Hot! The View From The Afternoon Dress

The Facts
Fabric | Printed Chiffon and thick velour for the scarf
Pattern | Self drafted
Year | Contemporary
Notions | Elastic, drawstring and bias binding
Time to complete | Approx 3hrs
First worn | For the photos
Wear again? Sure, I all ready have.
Total price | $5 a metre

What I would wear on vacation? Well, it would have to be comfortable, preferably an all-you-can eat kinda outfit; the main purpose for going on vacation is to kick back and completely forget about time, to take in the surroundings, holding a menu of endless food and drink to indulge from, I’d have lots of books to get lost in and there would be no restrictions and that includes clothes. A day to night look would be ideal. This weeks dress had started out as a kaftan, I pinned this beauty and decided that this would be my inspiration, it evolved from there… | Resort

I put together this drawing because I was disappointed with how the dress photographed, you can’t see the lines, the fabric is too busy. The two circles you see on my upper arms were an after thought; after trying on the original dress it looked so blah! It needed something, the armholes turned out to be a good idea as I can wear the dress a couple of different ways: arms out, arms in, one arm in the other out. So many options. I like options. | Resort

Draping this dress on the dress form really helped with the construction and coming up with different ideas for how i’d like it to sit. I placed bias binding around the neckline and armholes. Wearing it to the floor did absolutely nothing for me. I purchased a couple of metres of drawstring and placed it under the arm seam down through to the hem so when it’s tightened it pulls up and drapes fabulously. | Resort

I made an attempt to gather in the fabric just under my bust with a piece of elastic; unfortunately you can’t see it. I also placed a hook and eye onto the elastic to pull up the fabric from the centre to add a bit more definition. I’m happy with the dress now. I found some thick velour ( yes! I know I mentioned the words ‘tacky velour’ in last weeks post LOL sorry darling Tempest…I was referring to the shiny stuffs I’m not a fan, and that stick on sequin dance fabric eeekkk) anyway; the navy blue thick velour from my stash was cut across the grain in three inch thick strips, this makes the fabric curl under like a tube, I then braided the pieces sewing off the tapered end with a sturdy stitch. I named the scarf The Anaconda—as you do. She’s so warm and complements the dress perfectly especially on this chilly day walking along St Kilda beach. | Resort

Here’s the dress in action, the photos don’t do her justice; I particularly love how the dress moves when I walk and she is unbelievably comfortable; the perfect chilly-day vacation dress, all rugged up with my wooly tights and jersey knit top and of course, The Anaconda. | Resort | Resort

Thank you all so very much for your lovely comments on my previous garments. I’m seriously flattered and am in awe of all of your individual talents. God damn I love Sew Weekly you’re all so inspirational and unbelievably kind with your words, huge cyber hugs to you.

I’ll name this one ‘View From The Afternoon’- Arctic Monkeys. I loved their first album.



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  1. Wow I bet that does move really well. Big cyber hug to you as well.

  2. So visually appealing! I love your style and creativity in this outfit. Black and white looks so cool against this particular background. I like your idea of loose and comfy on a vacation, so you can really enjoy food and drink without worrying about clothes getting too tight around the middle. Big cyber hug to you too!

  3. Wow! This is amazing! (I’m not sure what’s more amazing, the lovely dress, or the fact that you’re walking along the beach in those wedges!!)

  4. Perfection! Also, your styling is a perfect blend of both cozy-warm and light-breezy, perfect for a vacation in a cooler spot. Nice work.

  5. I may have to make this one. There’s this really great striped fabric I want to get my hands on but don’t want to play with the fabric too much. It will be great for the sunny days and cool nights. I can just slip my arms out of the holes and cover them up. I may make it shorter though to show off some leg. Thanks for the ideas in inspiration! I love it!

  6. I love the way you can take a square of fabric and turn it into a Japanese-ish geometric piece of wearable art. (and I have to say that when I saw the thumbnail, it looked like there was snow behind you and I thought Melbourne had had a freak weather attack!)

  7. This is really interesting. I didn’t get it in the still, posed shot but it looks GREAT in motion. Very cool.

  8. This is gorgeous! I love the way it drapes on you and how you’ve managed to take a flat bit of fabric and give it body and life. Amazing. I always love your outfits Kazz, thanks for being such an inspiration!

  9. Oooh…I really like this! It’s not something I’d wear in a million years, but it is so utterly perfect for you. I love how it’s both subtle and outrageous.

  10. Constantly amazed by your draping skills and a simple square! That print is fantastic too!
    Also, I’m like 70% sure I want to do Arctic Monkeys for my “Music” challenge and seeing your title made me squee.

  11. Oh, the movement! I got it anyways, but in analysis upon movement, it made me want to chase after you across the city: ‘Who is that woman in that fabulous, crazy dress? Where did she get it? If I buy her a beer, maybe she’ll clue me in…’ It’s THAT kind of dress!!

  12. Love it! I love how the print marries the pattern (draping!) so nicely. It does look like good vacation wear, and your pics are so mellow, that even tho it looks cold, you look relaxed – very vacation-like!

  13. I LOVE this! The print is fantastic!

  14. When I work out how to do this on my phone I am sooooo pinning this post so I can make this (probably out of sequinned tacky velour! ;)) that hemline is to die for! LOVE IT! You look so laid back, chilled and stylish.

  15. Thanks ladies, I’m loving this one. I appreciate and read all of your comments, thanks for lending the time to do so.

  16. She’s a beauty! The draping is gorgeous and the Anaconda a playful and practical accompaniment.