Hot! The “Three, Three, Three Trends in One!” Ensemble

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble
Can you spot all three trends??

Pattern mixing? Check!

Cropped top?? Check!!

Bold prints??? CHECK!!!

Little ole me is all trendy!! The Sew Weekly works another miracle, lol!

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

The Facts
Fabric | Printed stretch cotton sateen scraps (this is the last of it, I swear!) $8 for 2 yards that I’ve used every inch of! Origami Crane print cotton $4 a yard. (Both from, of course)
Patterns | Simplicity 2693 for the top. I cut it off at the full slip line and eliminated the center back piece. I started out making Tilly’s Picnic Blanket Skirt, but went off program once I realized I didn’t want to deal with buttons.
Year | The slip pattern is from the 1940s.
Notions | Elastic and a metal zip (from the grandma stash). Boy, can you feel those teeth! I still need to add a button to the side. And interfacing for the waistband and the hem. I think it helps to weigh down the light cotton.
Time to complete | 2 or 3 hours?? The top was a bit fiddly, but really simple. And I made the skirt harder than it needed to be because, apparently, the easier something should be the harder time I have with it.
First worn | Out and about with my oldest. Running party errands (her graduation party is Saturday) and grocery shopping.
Wear again? | Yes, definitely. I felt a bit shy without my sweater on, but I really like the way it looks in pictures so I think I’ll be a bit bolder next time around.
Total price | About $5. The elastic was free, I have a TON of it that my sister gave me.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

I am so psyched that this top worked out!! The instructions are missing from the pattern, so I cut two of each piece, sewed the middle front seams and then sewed both pieces together and turned them right side out. If I had attached the straps differently, it would be reversible. I opted to put elastic sections as the closure because I didn’t have a short separating zipper. It requires a bit of contortion to get into, but it’s comfy once on.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

I made that little elastic belt on Saturday. My other photographer (Hubby) would have made me straighten it for the pictures. It slips right over, just like an elastic waist in a skirt, but the next one will open and shut like a traditional belt. The skirt was to be a Tilly skirt, as I said above, but I wasn’t feeling buttonholes and such, so I shifted gears. I wish I had made this one big piece so I could zip it up the back, rather than on the side, but it’s cool like it is.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

My eleven year-old took all of these pics for me! Didn’t she do a great job?!?! She wants to be a fashion designer, so I told her this is good practice for taking photos of her work ;o) She’s also an artist, so she thought this graffiti wall (one of MANY spots in our hood) was very cool. She chose which sections to take pics in front of.

The "Three, Three, Three Trends in One!" Ensemble

You can check out the rest of her photos here or here, once this post goes live. She wants to start her own blog, but I’m so nervous about photos of her being stolen or something worse. Do any of you have child bloggers in the family? What are your thoughts either way?




Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. love your style!

  2. Hi Nettie, another great outfit and some making photos. Your daughter did an amazing job.

  3. those photos are amazing–the purply blues are definitely a great color for you! well done, your kiddo. :)

  4. Nice! Love the color of these pics, and the cropped top and skirt! Maybe you can make the cropped hoodie to match. ;)

    • Thanks, Adri!! I couldn’t possibly squeeze anything else out of this fabric, so it will have to be a coordinating hoodie ;o)

  5. The photographer is talented, the outfit is great- and your cheekbones are amazing!!

    • Thanks, Rachel!! My husband has the same cheeks so all of our children have them too, we look like a family of chipmunks in photos together, lol ;o)

  6. You did it again! I love the whole outfit and once again-ths hair! Tell your daughter she going to be a great fashion designer-it’s in her genes. Great pictures too!

    • Thanks, Gina!! My grandma never realized her dream of becoming a designer, I am the only one of her children/grandchildren with any interest in sewing and now my daughter has made it her dream. She’s the one that will finally do it!

  7. Oh I love this Nettie, the last of THAT fabric really suits the background your clever daughter chose, what a photographer hey!!. I love the skirts fabric and how it sits. Great job!

    My daughter started a blog about three weeks ago, I too am always afraid of photos being stolen. I’m very conscious of what photos we choose to put up we make sure they are within the context of the post which is sewing and thrifting mostly and put them up in a arty way. As much as I want to protect her I have to also let her express herself too. It’s a hard one I know. I think Blogger has the option of making the blog private and invitation only from what I can remember. Good luck.

    • Thanks, Kazz!!!

      Thanks for your feedback about the blogging. I definitely don’t want to stifle her creativity. I do think she has the talent to have a successful blog, I just worry. As parents often do. I will keep you all posted.

  8. What a fun outfit you have designed this week! Your daughter is very talented as well. I love the style of the top and the skirt is so cute. The whole color scheme of outfit and graffiti is so pleasing to look at. I’d say let the girl post. My youngest and I did a lot of lip sync music videos when she was younger and we always posted publicly and never had any negative feedback. One of her little movies later helped her get into a summer art institute when she was only 16. I think a blog is much better than something like Facebook, most of my seventh graders all have one. It serves a social purpose but not an artistic one. I’m sure you are a great inspiration and she will learn a lot for you.

    • We thank you, Barbara!!
      Thanks for your feedback about blogging. I do think about things like how it might help her in the future. That’s so great that your daughter was able get that opportunity from something she did for fun. I agree about Facebook, too.

  9. Hey, how can you have had twice as many babies as I have and look (at least) twice as good in a midrift top?! ;) I was going to add that people must be stopping you in the streets of Brooklyn all the time to ask about your fashions, but perhaps they are too cool and just glance sideways longingly.

    *must scout graffiti wall for next week’s challenge*

    • Oh, and I second the advice about private Blogger setting. A friend of mine set up a family blog to document their trip to China to adopt, and didn’t want the story / photos / personal content public, so they set it up this way and you could only read it if she personally approved you.

      • Lmao!! I don’t know, Vicki! I guess I can thank my father and his father, who remained basically the same size as they aged ;o) I do look like them, so inheriting a fast metabolism went along with it, I guess.

        Thanks for you blogging feedback, I feel much better about at least letting her get started now.

  10. Nettie, you are hot stuff woman! Work it girl. You look great, as always. Seriously, I love your style.

    • Also, your daughter is talented. Tell her all your Sew Weekly friends are supportive of her choice to be a fashion designer (especially me). A blog would be good for her, with your regulations of course.

      • Thanks, Bethany!! I did share your comments with her. She excited that you liked her pictures! And happy that we’re considering the blog now.

  11. Nettie, you are hitting it out of the park again. This is adorable head to toe. LOVE that top (you have the fly little bod to pull it off) and I like how cohesive it feels as an “outfit” with all the black trim. This is one of my fave Sew Weekly makes in a while!

  12. Awesome ensemble.

    Your daughter did a great job on the photos. I read a blog on “blog safety” and they mentioned copyrighting your photos, were they can not be copied off of the blog. That may be a good option to protect her photos and image. Or at least put a watermark broadly across her images.

  13. nettie, that look is even more stunning than usual, and your 11-year-old was an able assistant! that background and that outfit are working it, and you look like you’re having a blast.

  14. I’ve being looking at crop tops (especially vintage ones with playsuits) and wanting to make one but thinking I’d never have the nerve to make tham – but I LOVE yours, stylish and pretty but I wouldn’t be pulling it down every few minutes. The colours in it suit you so well.

    My 14 year old loves photography and did a course at school that means she actually understands how to use manual (a foreign science to me). I set her up a Flickr account where we tend to put her 2nd favourite shots from shoots (we keep her bests to ourselves in case she ever wants to put together a portfolio for college). I feel we have more control over Flickr than if she had a blog (you can’t just caut and paste pics, and you can set privacy levels on individual photos if you only want family & friends to see some things…these can be changed later too), and I set it up attached to my email so I can vet the sometimes strange people she gets requests from to be ‘friends’.

  15. Fab, fab job! I love the print combo and they of course look amazing with your photoshoot location! Your daughter has a great eye. I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of advice re: blogging. I do recommend watermarking, and not uploading full-res photos. If I was a photographer, that’s what I’d do.

  16. Wonderful outfit and the photos are great.