Hot! The “High Fashion” Muumuu

The Facts

Fabric: Alexander Henry Larkspur In Bloom $20 from Peapod fabrics
Pattern: Simplicity 4337
Year: c. 1992
Notions: none
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: June 2012
Wear again? sure!

Total Cost: ~$20

There’s nothing that screams “high fashion” and “on trend” than a muumuu! But it’s a colorful, wild printed muumuu! And, since big, bold prints are on trend, then I guess this should count. And, apparently, high fashion, to me means looking a little like Marie Antoinette meets Divine.

You may recall that this pattern first made an appearance last March during the “Don’t Judge a Pattern by its Cover” Challenge. My big takeaway from looking at that post again? I’m going back to brown hair. My little experiment is over and I’m just going to embrace my natural (not really anymore, since my hair is completely grey) hair color. Hopefully, by next week’s shoot, it will be back to brown.

This week’s dress should have taken an hour and a half or two hours to sew. However, my sewing machine has once again decided to be completely uncooperative and I needed to rethread the thing after about 30 seconds of sewing. And then my needle broke twice. And then I decided I didn’t like how the sleeves look. And then it was too long. And then, by the time I took my photos I was all “let’s put a belt on this thing, have a slightly deranged look and call it a day.”

Here’s a secret: I actually like the muumuu more when it’s not belted. However, it just does not photograph well and then I really start looking like Divine. So you’ll all just have to believe me on this one.


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Sometimes an uncooperative sewing machine will do that to you… inspire a slightly deranged look that is. Loving that print! And, can’t wait to see what shade of brown you’ll choose for your hair.

  2. I love this dress. The colours are fantastic on you – especially with the lighter hair, which I was actually growing fond of, and which looks particularly well in your faux 18th century pouf. It looks great belted, but I’ll believe that un-belted is good too! And wonderful to see your accessorize necklace out again!

    Finally, I particularly love that it is a real muumuu (short) where a long dress should properly be called a holoku ;-)

  3. Wow, love the flower in your hair, well wait aminate I love all the accessories with the fabulous dress fabric. this is such a fun outfit.

    I was thinking earlier how often do we need to bring our machines in for a tune up? This is the most I’ve sewn in years with doing the weekly challenges.

  4. Yeah!! Another mumu lover! They are indeed the best and this one is so very cute on you!. You can’t beat the comfort and just-add-belt versatility. I thought I’d seen all the fab-o Alexander Henry prints….but this one’s new and now my favorite! Sorry about your machine tantrums…but so glad you dig the dress – a great bonus at the end of a frustrating sewing sesison.

  5. There is nothing that inspires rage and despair in me quite like a sewing machine that keeps breaking down mid-project… And I LOVE your two tone Marie Antoinette hair!


  6. Wowza! I didn’t even realize it was YOU! You look divine and NOT in the John Waters way!!!

  7. Oh My…I love this! The dress, hair, belt, everything! You look fantastic!

  8. OMG Mena! Your gorgeous! I heart your muumuu! The colors are fab and your hair style is so M.A.

  9. Love your dress.The fabric choice is great.. Happy sewing.

  10. I WANT this fabric it’s so gorgeous happy…..and loving the deranged look haha, I wouldn’t mess with you in a car park/ parking lot. I would never have guessed that pattern could make 2 such beautiful dresses, I shall seriously look twice at some retro 70s/80s/90s patterns in future and try and see past the line art and cover illustrations.

  11. I love the whole look. It reminds a bit of the styling in Hunger Games. I liked it so it’s a compliment. Really-

  12. I really love the dress and the beads and the hair. Different but it all works together …

  13. Great dress in a wonderful print!

  14. Dang! All those accessories, with that print? Gorgeous!! Very high fashion, indeed!

  15. Luscious! Reminds me of Carmen Miranda. Love the colorful print and how you styled it with the necklaces and your island hairstyle!

  16. Who would of thought a muummuu could look so damn good. Love the fabric and the fresh burst of colour in your accessories.

  17. Great post, I love the comparison to Divine! I find I like the occasional muumuu as well.

  18. yeah, i really think divine in that last AMAZING PICTURE.