Hot! The Tea Time Top


Fabric: white polyester from stash

Pattern: Colette Sencha, Version 2

Year: 2011

Notions: seven buttons, thread

Time to complete: 3 hours

First worn: today for pictures

Wear again: Yes!

Total Price: $0

Friends, I couldn’t decide on just one of the fabulous looks that the Royals have rocked through the ages, so instead I focused on what I would wear in case we ever met over a pot of tea.  I love tea, and all the wonderful things that happen when you drink tea – like getting to eat cookies. For this challenge, I broke out my Alice in Wonderland teapot and my favorite double stuffed oreos – it was a very happy photo shoot.

I knew I wanted a more classic look, so I was drawn to the Sencha blouse.  Version 2 has these lovely tucks near the neckline, and I settled on using a sheer white poly so the tucks would show through.  I need to wear a tank top underneath for modesty’s sake, but since I’ve had this particular one since seventh grade (!), I added some lace to the bottom to lengthen it a bit to fit under the blouse properly.

The poly was a bit troublesome to work with – it didn’t want to lay properly, so there needed to be lots of pinning in order to get the seams to lay properly.  The sleeve hems are a mess because I stitched them by hand, but since I used French seams whenever it was possible, the rest of the blouse is glorious. I’m definitely glad to have filled the gap in my wardrobe that called for a classic white blouse, I think Her Majesty would most definitely approve.

Happy Diamond Jubilee, my friends!!


Meg the Grand

Megan Grandstaff was thrown into the sewing world in 2005. Ever since that fateful day, she has been eager to increase her skills and reduce her (quite large) fabric stash.


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  1. Oh yes, the magestry would approve. The darts are a great detail to show off with shear fabric. Great job.

  2. Dainty and ladylike, yet fetching. The skirt is a good match. Beautiful!

  3. Very pretty! I like the pleat details too.

  4. Very cute! Selecting a sheer fabric to allow the details to show was a great idea.

  5. Oooh…pretty! Great blouse, and of course, tea time is the best! Apparently if you get invited to personal afternoon tea with the queen during the summer, it’s served outside and there is an insulated hose running from the teapot back to the house, so the tea is always at the right temperature and just never ends… Or so people who have had personal tea with the Queen and are tacky enough to write about it after claim!

  6. So charming! Love detail of the tucks.

  7. That’s so pretty, I love those visible tucks and the way it looks so structured and precise whilst looking so dainty too. Really gorgeous, I want to make one now adds to sewing wish list).

  8. What a beautiful, elegant blouse. And it looks perfect with the transparent fabric. I had to put that pattern on my wish list after seeing this – I never really noticed that pattern before.
    And those skyscrapers in the background are extremely impressive…I have noticed these a few times already in your photos – is this the view from your apartment? Wow.
    Oh, and I just sooooo love your teapot!

  9. I tried making this pattern and version, too, but I had the same problem with getting it to lay right. I like it much better in this sheer fabric! Lovely job.

  10. I wasn’t grabbed by the sench a pattern but you have sold it to me. I am glad to see you are having biscuits with that cuppa!

  11. Oh how beautiful.. Looks fantastic on you.