Hot! The Sweeet and Tender Hooligan Bralette

Pattern: Self Drafted

Fabric: strapless bra and mens shirt from thrift store $3

Notions: just thread

First Worn: Saturday

Wear Again: probably

Total Price: $3

This is me trying funny poses. We tried some of me throwing my head back in laughter but they look more like I’m trying to catch something in my mouth. There was another that was looking quite sexy but I didn’t want the pictures to be taken out of context. I have mentored quite a few young women and wouldn’t want to give them the wrong idea. Though I am technically wearing a bra on the outside of my top for the whole world to see.

So the trend I picked was the bralette. I love the way the models look in these on the runways and I’ve seen them styled in magazines looking pretty sweet. The only way I would ever wear this out is like this-over a top. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing it by itself-not even under a jacket. I wore it with high waisted jeans to run errands in the morning then put the skirt on to play my part as hostess at my friends’ place-The Pig ‘n’ Weasel.

I like to check out Chictopia from time to time for inspiration and that’s where I stumbled upon LIPGLOSSANDBLACK and their idea for this bralette. I made a pattern for the bottom part out of paper by tracing the bottom of the bra. I folded it in half and then took my measurement just under my bust and divided it into 4ths to get the length for the top. Then divided my waist measurement into 4ths to get the measurement for the bottom. The width is about 5 in. I wanted a panel in the middle with the stripes running horizontally so I cut a triangle piece out of the pattern and then added my seam allowances.


I made 2 pieces of each panel instead of just one like theirs for a little more stability.The back ends taper down like theirs and I used the placket pieces from the sleeve at the end for the closure. I made most of it using the sleeves and had to use leftover lining from my recycle challenge to line the back pieces. I wanted to keep the body of the shirt for another project.

The skirt is from the Valentine’s Day challenge. I almost didn’t photograph it styled this way because I mixed the colors the same way and didn’t want it to look like the same picture. I think it looks different enough though. The top has the same color green on it as the trim on the bra and I wore this necklace for Tempest so she could see it but I just noticed you can’t see it in the pictures I’ve chosen so here’s one of the “laughing” ones for you Tempest if you’re reading. Harper Finkle wears this necklace in an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place.

I did feel a little funny wearing this while I was running some errands at Target. I haven’t seen many bralettes around the North Shore. Maybe they’re big in Chicago. Have you ladies spotted any where you live?




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. This rocks!!!! I wanted to do something like this, but I am SOOOO lazy about drafting patterns. I love what you’ve done and I think it looks excellent worn over the shirt.

    As for your question, I live in NYC. Anything goes here. I saw a woman in a black bikini with a mid thigh length vest over it…..Wear your bralette proud baby!

    • I have some friends in New York who’d like me to visit so that I can be inspired. I don’t get much of that here. That’s what you all are for. The drafting was super easy. This week it’s a shorts pattern. I’m still dreaming of Lee’s shorts with the banded bottoms. They won’t look like that-I’m still waiting for her to get tired of her and send them to me ;)

  2. oh wow! I’m in love with this look! I’m sewing my first bra and underwear and this is totally inspiring me! I know you don’t think so but I think you could totally pull it off without wearing a shirt underneath!

    • I know I could pull it off. I just don’t think I’d be very comfortable. Maybe when it gets cooler I’ll try it under a jacket. I’ve made my own underwear but haven’t made a bra yet. It’s on the list though. Maybe you can post yours on your blog when you’re done.

  3. Hi Gina, Bra va voom, girl this is a hot outfit and I love the necklace, glad you included the last photo.

  4. I love your outfits, and this one is another winner! I know what you mean about the tshirt underneath, I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to wear it without either!

    • Thanks Rachel! I’ll have to try another more modest version using my bathing suit pattern sometime before the end of summer. We’ll see-

  5. Lovely outfit, I quite like the shirt underneath myself.
    May I ask why the reference to the Smiths?

    • Thanks! I’ll have to make a more interesting shirt to wear underneath it. I was going to call it Charlotte Sometimes which is (I’m sure you know) a song by The Cure. Both titles make me think of this particular version of myself. The colorful one.

  6. Wow, it’s beautifully made as always Gina. I get that it’s a lot of skin to expose – just wearing it alone. And I wouldent feel comfortable either. I too wanted to make a fitted bra style dress but was also too lazy to contemplate the patternmaking required!! Well done!

  7. I like it! I think I would even like it more without the teeshirt. You could definitly pull it off, being so young. What about a colored stretchy fitted camisole top with spaghetti straps underneath? Then pairing it with some of your very fashionable pants you’ve made? So awesome that you drafted this yourself!

  8. Wow Gina! fab bralette. Love how you’ve teamed it with the t-shirt and Valentine skirt, effortless styling. Maybe by the time Summer swings around in Melbourne we may have some bralette sightings. Love your hair too Gina.

  9. Very HAUTE!! We likes it, we do! Even made a little bet with myself who’d try the crop top or bralette trend….and I won my bet! You never disappoint, Gina. Thanks for setting the bar and knocking it down every time ;-) We love you and your awesome DIY fashion brain!

  10. I had to check out those website you listed, what fun! I love your top, you have the right attitude to pull it off. And your funny photos are cute, don’t stop doing those : )

  11. gorgeous! i’ve been trying myself to make a bralette! do you think you could explaine how you made the bra part? that’s the part i absolutely cannot figure out :S

    • Hey Vie-Just check out the link in my post. I bought a cute little bra second hand for about a dollar. Or you can use a vintage bathing suit top then just make the bottom part and sew it right on. Try it and post pictures-I’d love to see.

  12. Love the photos, even the catching something in you mouth one :) Thanks for the pic to show which necklace – I SERIOUSLY like that, it’s so quirky but pretty too. And THANK YOU for being the person brave enough/clever enough to do the crop top trend. I seriously love this, and am so in love with the Dolce and Gabbana ones this season but I didn’t think anyone would go for it….silly me not thinking about extending the torso part and wearing a bright, trendy, happy t-shirt underneath. I might have rethink including something like this in my wardrobe sometime soon…..over my Queen is Dead t-shirt ;) Hey, I’ve just realised, you and me have Smiths references in our posts on the same week….we are separated at birth soul sistas!

    Ps. embellishment doesn’t have to be heavy/expensive this week, what about a refashion reverse applique or applique or I’ve always fancied doing a modern day machine stitch sampler skirt….I’ve always wanted to be able to say I’ve used every stitch on my machine. But I’m sure your mega creative brain has got a plan already.