Hot! The Pull Up To The Bumper Ensemble


Ladies grab your sunglasses and a cup of tea, pop on some Grace Jones-Pull Up To The Bumper because this post  is gonna loud. What’s On Trend? I’m not too sure, if I were to sit in my local cafe and people-watch over a soy latte or two I’d find leggings worn as jeans (jeggings) accompanied with a small grey sports hoodie, $5  tennis shoes, fake hair extensions and large amounts of makeup. That’s what the kids are wearing anyway. If I were to look at magazines and blogs for on trend inspiration? well, that’s another avenue altogether; I’d have to say that these days anything goes, mixing colours, patterns, mixing textures, genres, high-end clothes mashed with vintage, the thrifted mixed with high-end and let’s not forget handmade. It comes down to your own person style really. I like to see someone wear something eye-catching, chic with a helping of ‘what’s going on there?’ I’d definitely run up to the person tell them how smashing they looked and give them kudos for stepping outside the box.

I downloaded my copy of Paper Magazine, my eyes pounced on this fantastic fashion shoot ^ will you take a look at that? It’s as awesome as anything Mary Katrantzou has printed and sewn together, it’s a visual feast and not for the faint hearted either. I’m going to pretend Mena’s asked me to do a fashion shoot similar to Paper Magazine’s but for the very popular, most sought-after, ‘The Sew Weekly Magazine’. Here goes, try not to spit your coffee over your computer screen. | Mixed prints

Throughout the week heading up to my big sewing day (Friday night) I rummaged through my stash and took photos of all the bits of fabric I could potentially use for this challenge, on my coffee breaks at work I’d used this Diptic app to place fabrics next to one another mixing and matching until I thought I found a winning combo. Winning? well, that comes down to personal taste. I used Vogue pattern 8738, it was the drape on the pants and the half price pattern sale that made me say yes please. The pattern stresses two-way stretch fabrics only. I didn’t want to buy fabric this week so I cut the pants from this rayon and placed a zip in the centre back seam. They draped and sat just fine. | Mixed prints

The top is from the same pattern, I cut the back piece from black jersey and the front—as you can see, a piece of plaid cut on the bias. Sewing both the pants and top were a breeze everything has been serged, hemmed and pressed except for the bottom of the top it actually goes down into a point (my choice) but once I stood in front of the mirror the proportions were off so she’s tucked under for these photo’s. I felt I needed to take it just one step further to get this ‘mixed prints’ post across. I picked up this paisley chiffon for a couple of dollars to help take it to the next level, I can hear Tim Gunn say ‘Girl you need to edit’ but Tim I’m trying to make a point here… So, with that I made this long breezy coat thingy-ma-jiggy. There’s lots of gathering, gathering along the shoulder seams, across the front bodice and back, she ties up at the front and sits and moves just like I anticipated. The faux fur shrug I made a week or two ago; I’ve been living in my black one so I thought a contrasting colour would give me something else to throw over my shoulders to keep the chill off my back during these wintery days here in Melbourne. | Mixed prints

Now, would I wear this out? I’d wear the top two outfits, different turban though. I’d wear the coat thingy-ma-jiggy and shrug with a pair of black skinny jeans instead of these pants a different top and perhaps a different turban too, it’s all too much. But for this post, I think I’ve managed to get my point across. It’s kinda like that game you play when you’re having trouble working out what to wear? you say to yourself, okay! when I open my wardrobe door I will wear whatever lands on me. | Mixed prints

Voila! this is what landed on me but straight off my sewing machine funny faces and all. Oh it’s an eyesore for sure that’s definitely what I was going for. | Mixed prints

On trend? who know’s anything goes these days.

The Facts
 Fabric | Rayon for the pants, jersey and plaid for the top faux fur for the shrug and chiffon for the coat thingymajiggy.
Pattern | Vogue 8738
 Year | contemporary
 Notions |zip  and button for the pants
 Time to complete | Friday night & Saturday for the chiffon coat
First worn | for these photos
Wear again? Not altogether
Total price | No idea they were all from the stash.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Hang on, just need to make myself a coffee and grab some Grace Jones from my ‘Happy’ playlist….

  2. Ahhh, that’s better. Right which direction am I meant to spit this coffee?

    Only joking. Love the draping at the top of the thighs on those trousers, yeah, who needs two-way stretch when you can get them looking as good as this. And LOVE the red tartan, it really pops out at you. You should have told us that in honour of Tim Gunn probably telling you to edit, that the shrug was actually made of human hair (Season 4 Chris’s line for Fashion Week) and we’d have believed you. And the paisley in your smoking jacket (I’m going to call it that), seriously on trend. LOVE, love the turban too.

    OK, I’m off to practice my hula-hooping now for no apparent reason other than this: The woman is a goddess!

  3. Hot Diggity. Love it and would so jump into the closet or is that R Kelly in the closet. So much fun, I loved reading the post. Great back ground, did you see the Shwe Shwe skirt posting?

  4. I was waiting for you to take a stroll through the park in this…;-)
    It’s a little like listening to Chemical Brothers in a really, really good mood.

  5. Wow! This post is a feast for the eyes. Kazz, you are an artiste! You inspire me to be more daring.

  6. Kazz, your posts make me smile goofily like no one else. Love your crazy ass style. Thank you for continuing to remind me that one print is never better than 3++++.

  7. You are FAB! I completely agree, it’s an “anything goes” kind of fashion world. Nothing and no one is better than the other. I am seriously in love with your pants though. Love everything about them. I also envy you for being able to pull off turbans so well. I look like I’m trying to hide premature balding when I wear one. Your creative minds eye is a genius fro this fantastic post. P.S. I am a slave to your daughter’s blog. She is so rad.

  8. I love the tartan with African … haven’t been brave enough to use my African prints yet … just can’t figure out what to do with them … look like you’ve got them all sewn up (so to speak!)

  9. Oh my good lord! Perfect outfit and song match, beautifully outrageous photos. I’m relieved that even you wouldn’t wear all this out together. Not only did you prove a point quite enjoyably, you have three lovely new pieces.

  10. Holy gorgeous, Kazz! I love your “smoking jacket” as Tempest called it. With the furry shrug I can totally see some 40s starlet wearing it around her penthouse apartment. Fabulous job as always!

  11. Wow. What an eye catcher! Slightly dizzy after looking at those pics…but in a good way I seriously envy you for your coat thingymajiggy – what a fabric!!!

  12. Oohhh, I’m loving the tartan with the wax prints! You’ve already inspired me to order some Vlisco fabric, now I know what to pair it with!

  13. That’s something I always try to tell my clients. You can wear what you want (just watch the proportions please). I got the point and now have to buy that pattern. Love the pants and the plaid. Maybe Mena will come out with Sew Weekly magazine next-nice idea!