Hot! The “Pretty Ways” Cropped Hoodie

I really really wanted to participate again in June, but my first skirt idea using some stashed wild floral fabric fell flat when I didn’t have enough yardage to do what I wanted.  Drats.  So, then I went rummaging through my patterns, and was reminded of this downloadable freebie from YSR (your style that I had come across a while ago when searching for a hoodie pattern. This pattern happens to be a cropped hoodie.  Yes!  Cropped is in!  Once that decision was made, it all came together.  I’d had this pale yellow t-shirt from my grad school days that I tried to tailor, but at that point, I still wasn’t confident with knits…

So, I hit the books and researched knits and elastic fabric, and lo-and-behold my “stretch” needle came back out!  The stash grey stuff is an interlocked knit (a thin drapey double-knit) and the t-shirt is knit jersey.

The Factoidals

Fabric: grey interlock knit (Ribas y Casals), and an ol’ yellow RISD t-shirt
Pattern: Our Own Pretty Ways – Style A (free w/registration on YSR)
Year: contemporary
Notions: snaps, fusible interfacing, some elastic
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: this week
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: about 8 EUR (for the grey knit)

Modifications to the pattern…

I didn’t have a ribbed band for the bottom edge, so I just used t-shirt.  I used 2 colors for the hood grey/yellow.  I omitted the drawstring – my eyelet/grommet maker was malfunctioning and wrecking the fabric I tested so I passed for now.  Instead of hook and eye closures I used snaps.  The sleeves were a bit droopy for me, but I’ll live with it.  I tried applying an elastic band w/contrasting yellow, but it just wasn’t working.  The shape just isn’t meant to be gathered…at least not yet by me. :D

I do feel that knit fabric is way more forgiving than I expected it to be.  I’m really pleased with the results!



Adriprints is an illustrator and designer by trade; a knitter, crocheter, and pseudo-seamstress by craft. You can find her work in typo-phile calendars, online knitting mags, and on random people's business cards, greeting cards, and websites. She currently lives in Munich.


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  1. Hi Adri. Love the hooded top, looks very comfy and chic at the same time. You’ll have a lot of options, those colors and be mix and match with a lot variations.

    • I’m liking the hooded top as well. I wore it all day yesterday and the knit fabric is nice to wear… I wish I’d snagged more of it.

  2. Very hip! I love the color scheme and the hood option. Great designing!

  3. I love how you put the pattern in the hood … another stealable idea!

  4. I love this so much….a trendier version of a shrug. WANT! Thank you so much for pointing us in the direction of YSR website, hadn’t stumbled across that before – checking it out right now! Love your colour combination here and the print in the hood – cool!

  5. Cool! I’m easing my way into working with knits, so it’s encouraging to see your success.

    • I found that I had to change my top tension just a little bit and also used my stretch needle to help with the knit jersey part.

  6. I really like it, so sporty.

  7. This is fab Adri, well done. I’d totally wear this out jogging, LOVE the lining in the hood.

    • Thank you, Kazz! It’s a really quick project with all the materials already on hand. I will also likely wear it out jogging come fall.