Hot! The “Prepared for a Posh Picnic” Dress

This dress turned out to be one of those garments that can look a bit Marie Antoinette, Victorian, or even “New Look” (as well it should, seeing as the pattern is from the 1950s!).

I do love a shawl collar!  And big floppy sleeves!

The massive black and white print is perhaps a bit much for Queen Victoria, but the floral motif would work in a less bold fabric.  

I know that it is a costume, but I just love this image of Emily Blunt in The Young Victoria.  And it has a floral print, collar detail, and over-sized sleeves that make me swoon.

And if you would rather look at an actual garment worn by Queen Victoria, here is a fabulous collared confection complete with a pair of amazing sleeves.  My dress is certainly not a copy of either of these dresses, but it has the same flavor.  At least, I think it does!

It was an incredibly busy weekend making this one in time for a fundraising event this past Monday.  There was a whole lot of hand sewing, a bit of frustration, and a real scare after trying the dress on without a petticoat – it looked awful to me in the mirror, or perhaps that was just my lank hair.

But I am quite pleased with the finished garment, and I have future plans for this sewing pattern (thank you, Peter).

• The Facts

⁃ Fabric:  Rayon Satin; Silk Organza for underlining; Rayon/Silk blend satin for collar lining.

⁃ Pattern:  Advance 5470

⁃ Year: 1950s

⁃ Notions:  Buttons; Zipper; Hug Snug seam binding

⁃ Time to complete:  One really busy weekend plus a few hours last week tracing pattern pieces!

⁃ First worn:  June 4, 2012

⁃ Wear again?  Yes.

⁃ Total price:   ~ $35.00


Laura Mae

Laura Mae adores sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. She hopes to inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.


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  1. Stunning! I do think you captured the flavor of the Queen Victoria dress and Emily Blunt costume. It has a great silhouette! Congratulations on such beautiful work.

  2. THis is beautiful!!! And it looks so pretty on you. Happy sewing.

  3. Fantastic job! And your hat is so awesome with the dress!

    • I meant to make myself a hat, but time did not permit, so I borrowed this one from mom for the photo shoot. It did not actually fit on my head the way I was wearing my hair!

  4. Ha ha his gift/decluttering went to good use

  5. Hi Laura Mae, the dress looks beautiful on you and I think the fabric pattern design looks stunning. Great job in catching the flavor of the challenge and still adding something you can wear often.

  6. This is absolutely fabulous and I LOVE your muse Young Victoria too. I love the boldness of the print.

  7. Stunning! Don’t know how you keep turning such involved projects out.

  8. Charming! It does have a great late Romantic Era/early Biedermeier flavour, but the bold graphic print keeps it a bit modern.

  9. This dress is gorgeous! I love the bold print and the pattern that you used really captures the style of Queen Victoria. Your photos are awesome, especially the black and white one. So pretty! Love the hat with the dress too. Well done.

  10. Beautiful. Love the wide collar in particular.

  11. Very pretty! I love the bold print.

  12. Lovely work. I wish I had the gumption and skill to tackle a project like that.

  13. You look like royalty! Beautiful dress.

  14. I just love the way you style your outfits, and this one is a particular favorite! There are times I think “What would Laura do?” so thanks for the inspiration : )