Hot! The “Paisley Multi Tiered Maxi” Skirt

Simplicity It’s So Easy 2412

FabricLight Weight Cotton
Pattern: Simplicity It’s So Easy 2412
Notions: Thread & 1/2″ Elastic
Time to Complete: 8 Hours – Lots of Gathering
First worn: On the Beach
Wear again? Yes
Total Price: $13.25 – $10 for Fabric, $3.25 for Notions

Ok, so this was the last thing I sewed up to take on vacation. I learned – planning ahead is a great challenge to coordinate fabric, pattern and themes. I’m glad Mena posted through August, I dropped down my ideas and then spent the weekend fabric shopping. The fun part was wearing some of the outfits back to the fabric store so the sales girls could see the finished garments. They were pretty excited to see and I also showed them the SewWeekly site. Which made shopping that much more fun because they couldn’t wait to help me find my next fabulous fabrics.

Paisley Fabric Up Close

All right, back to the skirt. I found this Paisley Green fabric which hit two on trends for Spring/Summer and also seem to match the feeling of the pattern illustration. Sometimes those drawings help me envision my own version.This sucker took hours to gather, tier after tier. I made sure to do each row in sections because I worried about the threads breaking as I pulled. I’m wondering next time if I could use a gathering foot to speed up the process. The bulk of time was getting the gathering even all around to pin to the next section but my rolled hem foot made it a breeze to finish off the bottom on a curve. I really enjoyed the length of this skirt, it made for a very relax fit. It was in the high 90’s in NYC this week, so I wore this skirt to work so I could be OnTrend!

The “Paisley Multi Tiered Maxi” Skirt – Side View

The “Paisley Multi Tiered Maxi” Skirt – Front View

The “Paisley Multi Tiered Maxi” Skirt – Front View 2



Krista started sewing at the age of 10, but got serious July of 2010 when she had to replace her old singer and got a serger machine for a birthday present. She lives in Manhattan -New York City with her husband. Reading the SewWeekly challenges last year motivated her to try new things and rekindle her love of Sewing.


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  1. Blimey Krista, that’s an awful lot of gathering…I tip my hat to you doing something so much work just before your vacation, and after that lovely maxi-dress you made a while back. I too love this style (and the softness of the green paisley) but perhaps we should invest in learning to use a gathering foot? I love that you’ve been proudly wearing your stuff back to the fabric shop and seriously glad the skirt came in handy in the NY heat/humidity.

    • Thanks Tempest, I bet it’s pretty hot in Phoenix. I think I’m definitely making this skirt up in white, I have some gauze that would be perfect to test a gathering foot. I’m a planner to a fault sometimes. I like to cut out a pile of patterns and then switch it up depending on how much of a time period I have to actual favorite time to sew, early in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee brewing. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I’m very impressed with all the gorgeous outfits you’ve been able to make and then model them for us in such great locations. Kudos to all the gathering on your lovely green paisley skirt!

    • Thanks Barbara. I can tell you how much joy my sewing has brought me and having my husband join in and take the pictures is just great. We have a great time together.

  3. This skirt is beautiful and looks great on you… I love the idea that you revisted the fabric shops and let the sales clerks enjoy seeing the fabrics made up, and helping you pick out more..KNow they enjoyed it.. Happy sewing.

    • Hi Judy, yesit was fun to shop fabric and the girls thought Mena’s site was great. The real bonus for me is they explain the different fabrics which I had been reading about. Which has broaden my horizon on what fabric to use. I know patterns make suggestion but I wondered why and now I have someone that doesn’t mind explaining it to me.

  4. Another wonderful fabric choice! Honestly, I’d use half of your fabrics for my own projects…I am crazy about paisly (actually used paisley fabric for this challege myself). It looks great as a tiered skirt. Oh, and regarding the gathering and possible thread ripping: I read somewhere that one can zigzag over dental floss and then pull at the floss. The floss won’t rip and it’ll be easy to gather the fabric. I haven’t tested this method yet (no major gatherings since reading this) but it may be worth a shot next time. I’d test the method before using it on the real thing.

    • Hi Djamila, I’m so flattered, thank you. And thanks for the dental floss tip, theoretically I think that gathering idea could work with the floss. I’ll definitely give it test and let you know.

  5. Wowsers Krista that’s a lot of work, all that gathering, what a fab skirt, perfect for the summer. Another fantastic shoot too, I’m so jealous of the location shots, I’m rugged up to the nose.

    • Yes it was but therapeutic. I watched episodes of the “The Big Bang Theory”. My husband and I are fans so it’s great t have th DvDsto watch without commercials. Did you see Djamila suggestion of using dental floss, I think it might work

  6. I want to be transported to your vacation beach every time I see your photos…..beautiful work once again, Krista. Your flawless planning to sew a vacation wardrobe blows my mind.

    • Hi Najah, yes I’m a planner to a fault. I already have our next trip planned in the end of November, so I’m hoping to sew for that as well. I’m having a lot of fun sewing, this year I have probably sewn more the several years p,it together. And I have to say, it really makes my very happy. I recently started biking to work, so I’m starting to think what can I sew that is good for bicycle riding but st gloss! Have a great week. Love your stars and stipe dress, it really fit nice.