Hot! The “Mullet Skirts are Evil” dress

The Facts 
Fabric: viscose
Pattern: La Mia Boutique 07/2012 #716
Year: 2012
Notions: elastic thread
Time to complete:  About 3 hours
First worn: June 2012
Wear again? NOT A CHANCE

Total Cost: about 5 euros

I have litterally despised the hi-lo (or asymmetrical) hem trend all season, being proud of myself because I didn’t fall into this trap for fashion victims.
Then I saw this pattern on the latest issue of La Mia Boutique and I had a change of heart. Maybe I was wrong all this time?

Turns out no, I was right.
I blame the heatwave we’re having now, it’is giving me terrible headaches and probably made me lose my mind.

I am a proud person, so I wasn’t sure I wanted to share photos of this horror dress, because it’s hands down the ugliest thing I’ve ever sewn. It doesn’t help that the fabric I chose has a very -ahem- questionable print, but since this dress was so different from what I usually make, I decided to go with some very inexpensive fabric, so that I wouldn’t regret wasting money in case of a fail.
I figured I would share it anyway, so that maybe it helps someone to stay away from this terrible trend. It really is silly.

I don’t regret this project completely, mainly because I went out of my comfort zone and tried something different and because it allowed me to try a new technique (shirring).

So I’m sorry my return to the Sew Weekly after a long absence is with this monster, but I hope I’ll manage to redeem myself next week.



Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. I think it would be quite cute if it was a bit shorter.

  2. Ooh, Paunnet, I think I agree with you! I actually love the fabric, but I’m really not sure about that pattern either…

  3. Are you going to throw stuff at me if I say I REALLY like this dress? I thought about making an asymmetrical hemmed skirt myself this week, but I didn’t have a pattern or time to draft one myself. I therefore got quite excited when I saw your title in the pending posts. I think Diane could be right, that if it were slightly shorter (ie. with the high front being mid-knee) it might be even nicer……but I seriously like this dress, it’s pattern, print and how it fits you. Now, this could be that you’re being too hard on it…..or it could be my taste in fashion is highly questionable (I’ll let you be the judge and won’t be offended ;))

    • I’m actually glad that someone doesn’t think I royally f***ed up!
      I’m looking for someone to adopt this dress (probably my cousin), either like this or I’ll shorten it for them. Either way it has to go, I can’t stand the sight of it! :)

  4. Hi Anna, I love your fabric and agree with Tempest. But you could shorten and maybe not such a severe hem transition might be more to your liking. I really think the top of the dress is very flattering and it’s great to have you back posting!

    • Thanks, Krista! I’ll probably make it shorter and all one lenght, and I’ll give it to someone who likes it. It’s just not for me!

  5. I don’t think it’s as bad as you think it is, but I do love your pictures, especially #2.

    And you can always cut off the asymmetrical hem and have a breezy summer dress left over.

    • Thanks, Eli!
      I tried to have some fun with the pictures, but was so disappointed in what I was wearing that weird faces kept coming on my face!

  6. I love the fabric choice, but I must agree that either the hem has to come up respectively, or it should be all one length. Great that you tried something different and learned more about your likes and dislikes. Thanks for sharing and welcome back.

  7. Wow, I’m in the minority. I love hi-lo soooOOOoo much, I flipped out when I found a pattern a few weeks ago, and am about 1/2-way thru with mine! My curtains aren’t safe! I’d wear hi-lo all the live long day!! That said, while not my first choice in fabric, I think this is an utterly cute dress!

  8. Okay, I was totally with you on the hi-lo fashion victim trend. All spring and summer, I’ve been calmly walking right on past that trend. That said, I think I really do love this dress! The print works with it, and while I don’t think I would’ve picked it, I’m totally jealous at how awesome you look in this!

  9. Paunnet, I think the print suits you and think it doesent look too bad, and perhaps showing a bit more leg – would improve it. I think it’s a fun look for summer

  10. I really like it!!

  11. I like the fabric quite a lot. I think the hi-lo hem is fine just maybe a little shorter would look better. It isn’t for everyone that’s for sure. HOpe it finds a good home.

  12. Ha! I had the same aversion to this trend, yet I made a mullet dress for next week’s challenge and I actually like it! Maybe the heat wave got me too. I think you could easily change your hem to your liking and have a lovely dress.

  13. OK, that dress includes pretty much everything that I hate (except, as it happens, the slightly asymmetrical hem, which I love because it is oh-so-early 1930s), but I looked at your pictures and thought “Wow, that dress is gorgeous!” “So much better than the pattern would make you think it could be!”.

    Sorry you don’t like it, but I do think you’d have no problem finding someone who would love it!

  14. I like that trend! I guess this confirms me as a fashion victim. Listen-i think this dress looks very pretty. I;m sorry you don’t like it but I’m glad you learned something new and went outside your comfort zone. Next time will be better-

  15. I LOVE this fabric. I think it would look great belted. I do not like the hemline, but that is an easy fix

  16. This dress really doesn’t look that bad. Personally, I wouldn’t like it either but this has to do with personal taste (don’t like hi-lo either and the fabric print isn’t my cup of tea). I think there’s a huge difference between “so ugly that only Oscar the grouch would want it in his junk yard) and “matter of taste”. This here is definitely a matter of taste and there will be lots of people who would love to wear this dress and would look good in it. Actually, you do look good in it as well. But I see your point – it’s just not your style. ;) PS: Pretty pics btw.

  17. LOVE your very expressive photos Anna, you make me smile. I can see why you’re not a fan of this one but kudos to you for stepping outside of the box to try something different. 3 hours and 5 euros is not too much of a loss on this one.

  18. I really love that dress, and I am usually not one for bold prints.

  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I think most folks behold a pretty dress. If it was on a rack somewhere, I guarantee someone would buy it. But, I totally know what it feels like to NOT like something you’ve made while others do. Hats off to you for sharing something that thoroughly disappointed you to warn us all about the evils of mullet skirts. I say mullets of any kind should be sported carefully ;-).