Hot! The “Maxing n’ Relaxing” Dress

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

Vacation sewing became apropos when Madre Nature decided to lay the heat index smack down on my town’s candy a##. We had tropical island temps here in the Big Apple, today. Super Duper HOT! I could barely get my sister to stop and take these pictures of me, lol.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

The Facts
Fabric | Stretch Jersey ITY Knit :: $5.98 for two yards
Patterns | Lydia from BurdaStyle (again) modified into a maxi tank dress.
Year | Current.
Notions | Thread.
Time to complete | Less than an hour. Those were some long seams to finish with that triple row stretch stitch, but everything else (even cutting) was dead simple as ITY knits generally lie extremely flat and behave well during sewing. There was some fiddling with the neck and armhole facings, but even that didn’t take overly long.
First worn | Sweating buckets on the WRONG day to run errands! But, it was a great choice since it doesn’t show sweat and it felt pretty cool despite being made of polyester.
Wear again? | Yes, definitely. I love a maxi dress. Both grannies, my husband, kiddies and sister (and the bread delivery guy in the grocery store near my grandma’s house) were all fans of it, as well.
Total price | $5.98, the scraps left over might make a nice headband, but the bulk of that two yards were used on the dress.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress

Overall, not much else to say about this one.

Except IT. IS. AWESOME!! And it WINS!! I soooo needed some winning this week. Tired and stressed doesn’t even begin to cover it. Sewing this dress was cathartic and the feeling of accomplishment felt while wearing it out today is priceless. Thanks to those of you who expressed condolences about the loss of my Popie, or stopped by my blog to read my reflections on him. It truly helped to feel your care and support.

The "Maxing n' Relaxing" Dress



Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I love this dress! Your pattern placement is perfect – I love the way the “leaves” wrap around you. You are such a stunner, Nettie!
    And… I can’t believe you made this for less than $6. I think I’ve hit the big time when I find jersey for $9 a yard – but $3? Color me envious.

    • Thanks, Lizz!!!! This print is so hard to get wrong, I love it!! I believe was having an ITY knit sale the week I bought this but the regular price is still pretty good. I love that my account keeps a record of what I paid or I would have no clue, lol

  2. agreed. it. is. awesome.

  3. Awesome, totally awesome, you look fantastic and the fabric is off the radar! I was never into Maxi’s until I made my first one for the art inspired challenge. Gosh what a heat wave, makes me want to make more sun dresses.

  4. wow! the print is gorgeous! and the dress is so flattering! I hope you have the summer weather to wear it!! It needs to be worn!

  5. Fantastic dress and ohmygoodness I cannot believe you got that awesome fabric for such a steal. Awesome.

    • Thanks, Sara!! is a great place to buy fabric. Between coupons, frequent sales and deals of the day if you happen to visit on the right day you can get great stuff for really great prices.

  6. YOur dress is beautiful.. And looks fantastic on you. Wow– only and hour to make it..
    I love your fabric choice too.. Happy sewing.

    • Thanks, Judy!! I think ITY knits are the most forgiving to sew with. I’ve already made Lydia a dozen times, too. So that might have helped me power through it.

  7. i swear you’re going to sell 5,000 copies of lydia today. I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous, and you look fantastic in it!

  9. It’s always a pleasure to see you on Sew Weekly. The dress is perfect and I especially love the pattern. I heard on the radio today that the cold front passing through here would bring some relief to you all. They also said that the heat you experienced was not going to be the norm. I do like the heat though.

    • Thank you, Gina. That’s such a nice thing to say! I hope like hell that things cool off. This humidity has brought out a TON of mosquitos! I’ve killed at least 5 today.

  10. OMG! That print is so awesome! You look fabulous in it too. It might be hot, but so is the dress! hot, hot, hot!

  11. Gorgeous Nettie, LOVE the print on the fabric. Love that you went maxi too. I’m off to visit

  12. Love the diagonals of those leaves cutting across you, so flattering and like a comfy hug…hope the weather isn’t too humid for you this year….last summer was brutal, I was so hot one in day in NYC I didn’t have the energy to cross the road to buy a coffee….this is unheard of for me. Love all your pics, as per usual but that shadow one is ace! Glad the sewing and doing something practical with such great results was cathartic for you xx

    • Thanks, Tempest!! The weather was dreadfully humid yesterday (Friday) until there was a MASSIVE downpour in the afternoon. Much better out today.

  13. Nettie, I love your new Maxi! You did such a fabulous job. You look great too. An awesome contrasting turban style headband would look so hip. Your style most def. rocks.

    • Thanks, Bethany!! I did wear this great green beaded necklace with the dress, to provide a pop of color, but it was so hot I couldn’t stand to keep it on. I eventually removed my earrings as well.

  14. This print is soooo lovely! And the dress is so flattering. You look great! I’m so jealous you found this print for 3$/yd.

    • Thanks, Adri!! I have had enough duds from my $1.95 a yard section shopping to feel really good about the deal I got on this fabric, lol.

  15. looking fabulous, nettie! a dress like that is something we all could have used this past week in the city.

  16. Always good to make something as successful as this, great job

  17. Wonderful dress – so stylish and perfect for you. Well done!

  18. Oh yeah, awesome! Love the print and your speedy cheap sewing is inspirational. Let’s hope some real rain will cool things down pronto. So sorry to hear about your Popie.

  19. Beyond lovely! The print and your Lydia mods are just right, Nettie. I’m so very glad to hear the making and wearing of this gorgeous dress was a source of cheer up for you. What a nod to sewing as therapy!

  20. This looks gorgeous on you!

  21. The whole look is just stunning! I was sorry to hear about your Popie, I hope sewing helps. Keep up the good work, we miss you when you’re not here : )

    • Thank you, Loran!! Sewing really does help. It gives me something to focus on and clear my mind. I’m glad to have you all to share it with!

  22. You look so cool and relaxed in this dress. It looks great on you!

  23. This large print is amazing as a maxi dress! I *love* the way the leaves wrap around your side. Gorgeous job!

  24. Thank you, Liz!! This was such a lucky fabric find and I think I settled on the best thing to make with it.

  25. I love this dress! It really looks fabulous on you.