Hot! The “Kerkovich-Way” Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Men’s dress shirt and men’s khaki pants hand-me-downs, free!

Pattern: None

Year: 2012

Notions: 7″ zipper

Time to complete: 4 hours

First worn: Cleaning the apartment over the weekend

Wear again: Yep!

Total price: Free!

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with television.  I spend most of my free time marathoning television series, often in embarrassingly short periods of time.  So this challenge was directly up my alley.  Most of my sewing is of vintage inspired dresses, but this year I am trying to sew more separates, which leads me to one of my favorite female characters in comedy today.  Jane Kerkovich-Williams from Happy Endings.

Jane Kerkovich-Williams is played by Eliza Coupe on Happy Endings and is a perfect ideal of the type-A personality.  She wears classic styles with lots of bright colors.  Essentially lots of blouses and skirts.  Also high-waisted shorts.  She loves some good high-waisted shorts.  I, on the other hand, do not.  Haha.

I settled on making some separates from hand-me-downs.  First off I took a pair of my husband’s old khaki pants and recut them into the skirt.  I tossed a zipper in it and called it a day.  Nice and simple.  For the top (an old dress shirt of my husband’s), I recut it into a more feminine style while keeping as many of the dress shirt details as possible.  You can see that the buttons go the wrong way and the large front pocket on it that are original details.  This fabric didn’t want to behave as it kept wanting to rip… I have to be really careful putting it on.  Toss it with some heels and a simple belt, and I’m ready to head out in my Jane Kerkovich inspired outfit!

Words to live by, by Jane- Don’t change for a guy, meet a guy and change him.


If you want to check out some Happy Endings, you can check it out on Hulu here.



Becky Bean has been sewing since she was in elementary school, including personal use, for other people, a mini alteration business, and a stint in a theatre costume shop! She loves vintage style and is hoping to find more time in her busy schedule to keep up the weekly sewing!


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  1. Nice separates, spot on with the inspiration photo

  2. Really cute! I have a shirt of my husband’s I plan on salvaging soon as part of the July 2 Red, White & Blue challenge. Your project has been good inspiration. I don’t think I would have thought about cutting the collar off. We’ll see what I end up with.

  3. Great inspiration and a really successful copy, well done

  4. Looks great and I love that show.

  5. Agreed, super spot-on with the inspiration. Great job!

  6. Fabulous Jane K inspiration, turned out great and you look great.

  7. I don’t know anything about that show, Happy Endings, but from the pictures, I see that you really hit the nail on the head with your inspired creation. I greatly admire anyone who does an ingenious and fashionable refashion. Kudos to you for that! How did you piece together that skirt? It’s so cute! And then on top of that, also a cute blouse out of a shirt? Well done.

  8. That’s some superb reworkings, especially the khakis. You’d never know they were anything but that skirt. Love it! And I am a fellow marathoner (the tv series kind not the running kind, heaven forbid). I often prefer watching series this way….whilst sewing.

  9. I’ve never heard of this show but, you do look to have created a perfect interpretation! Great job!

  10. Perfect interpretation, my friend! I guess I should start watching this if you love it so much :)